My Secret Garden Episode 20

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  • [YT] 帥 =ˇ=

  • [YT] he did not die, he’s in another hospital haven’t wake up yet after the injury

  • [YT] how i wish there were subtitles here: (

  • [YT] hey can anyone tell me wat it says in the note? thanx 🙂

  • [YT] hana kimi has a part 2???

  • [YT] yup u said it right now its time to watch part 2 of secret garden

  • [YT] Everyone after you finish this drama you guys should watch It Started With A Kiss starring Ariel lin and joe cheng. ISWAK OWNS! i recommend it.

  • [YT] you mean do they have it? no they haven’t filmed it…i dun think they are filming it =(

  • [YT] ii watch no sound sia

  • [YT] youtube have hana kimi part 2

  • [YT] eww he have snot when he was his acting is so [email protected]~

  • [YT] me either! i don’t get the ending… where is that going??

  • [YT] did that guy die? i don’t get the ending…

  • [YT] i cried!!!

  • [YT] he didnt die… he just go for the operation which might cos him to die or coma… he dont wan xiao min to be sad so he secret go for operation…

  • [YT] I think he did because the miracle didn’t happen.

  • [YT] can someone please explain the ending to me?

    did yaohui die? or just left xiao min to some other place?

    im blur! =X

  • [YT] sad ending…

  • [YT] hana kimi has a part 2 and this show also good lol… if u dun like,dun see lah!

  • [YT] the scene in the classroom very touching… ariel sure can act and the guy also very ‘chi qing’ , few guys now a day r like that lol

  • [YT] dun think anyone has sub this show as not many plp watch it although it is a great show, some other ariel’s shows also roxs ,u can go watch them. some user sub the show…

  • [YT] is der any english sub?

  • [YT] sad ending

  • [YT] which crying part lol ther tooooo many crying in this ep. lol

  • [YT] omg i luv that song, i never new it my fav singer
    “潘瑋柏 – 我不怕” lol

  • [YT] Thank you very much!! ^.^ but did he die or no??

  • [YT] dude this is so sadd..

  • [YT] omggg hahahah i criedddd when they were in the classroom . X[[[[

  • [YT] damn u ariel lin…ur so mean to that guy… but pretty gud ending though and the guy is ugly too

  • [YT] so sad…

  • [YT] T~T time to watch the second one… /.\

  • [YT] waaa so saaad!!! T-T and why did he have to leave during her confession?!! so stupid!!!!!! >_<

  • [YT] ending not bad..not all dramas have to end up with the girl and guy together…

  • [YT] i think they are both just as good…there’s also a part 2 to this drama too! hoping hana kimi will have a part 2 as well =)

  • [YT] i wonder,does he really die??

  • [YT] aww hes so sweet. I feel so sorry for him..

  • [YT] eww…hana kimi much better! this show is gross!

  • [YT] eww snot lol

  • [YT] damn…hate endings like this!

  • [YT] the ending is… like no ending like that

  • [YT] thank you for sharing…rumiko has part 2. Hope they’re back together

  • [YT] jasmin here is Jeannie in It started wth a kiss

  • [YT] sobs…

  • [YT] thanks already saw iswak and loved it, been trying to make time to watch tokyo juliet.

  • [YT] i dont think anyone has subbed this drama yet but maybe u could try watching another drama first? ariel lin also acts in tokyo juliet and it started with a kiss and there are eng subs for them! (iiL0VEYUUx333) has tokyo juliet eng sub and (booklvr1256) has iswak eng sub! hope it helps!

  • [YT] when she was turning around and smiling i thought yao hui came back.

  • [YT] so dark i cant see his face

  • [YT] /find secret garden with english subs
    ‘unable to find : secret garden with english subs’

  • [YT] does anyone know where i can find secret garden with english subs?

  • [YT] omg dankz for uplaoding i like this seris veri mych

  • [YT] it’s sometimes really difficult to say “i like you”.

  • [YT] can someone tell me the songs in this episode?

  • [YT] I also wanna know why!

  • [YT] thank you for posting all the videos…it was a good drama!

  • [YT] aww i like the songs in this part of the episode.

  • [YT] whats the music when they started crying.

  • [YT] ahhh. last episode alreadyyy?

  • [YT] come to think of it, i kinda feel sad for ying wei.. his character isn’t really explored here.. kinda like he’s reduced to just being yao wei’s sidekick. hopefully, we’ll see more of him in the sequel.

  • [YT] ewww!!!! hahaha!!!

  • [YT] lol he’s so funny

  • [YT] why did he have to do dat.