My Secret Garden II Episode 18

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Jhan_jhen

    oh gosh look for new talent please shes not worth to value with 

  • Jhan_jhen

    poor guy waiting for unprofessional talent who only knows good time flirting with boss dah…

  • Jhan_jhen

    oh my having a psycho friend in the work place losing job is not a bad call at all esp if you have psycho and traitor friend like that better 

  • Jhan_jhen

    ah I always skip this traitor friend line including not worth to watch with… 

  • Jhan_jhen

    oh god what a poor attitude of a woman… 

  • [YT] 我覺得耀輝不因該在喜歡小梅
    因為她都一直欺負他 而且她都沒有在為他找想過他到底在想什麼…

  • [YT] Since this is such an important presentation, how can Wen jin not taking time to check her the file on her disk first? She also trust others blindly. It is natural someone would do anything to protect their job opportunities, although it is too low to betray friendship like that.

  • [YT] how i wish there is english version…

  • [YT] How can he still love her. there is no way anyone can love her.

  • [YT] what a bitch…

  • [YT] lol ying wei’s awesome
    long sheng long
    feng sheng feng
    xiao mi sheng de hai zi mei you yong
    *some sort of hokey pokey dance*

  • [YT] ugh! that fu**ing bitch!

  • [YT] i hate that girl they were best friend when they were young and this is how she treats her long time best friend..if i were there i would beat her butt up and yeah so on..hehe

  • [YT] ya lor… how can she treat her friend like that .. so evil ..

  • [YT] the girl is soo evil!!!!

  • [YT] rated awesomee! =D