My Secret Garden II Episode 19

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  • Jhan_jhen

    ah I start not to like this series… dah how many woman have this kind of attitude too low profile one stupid, one psych, one 2 traitor friend, one 2 frank who used mouth first instead of brain, two blind who dob’t how to value true people round ah disgusting I CAN’T LEARN ANY MORAL here can’t let children to watch this 

  • [YT] Xiao Min eats like a pig….gosh…that’s why she is chubby

  • [YT] if i were yao huai…i would dump that bitchy xiao min…who doesn’t know how to respect people esp someone who could devote everything to her…be there for her under all circumstances….

  • [YT] hey, what happened to wen jing’s first boyfriend, from My Secret Garden I?
    they fought a lot but i thought they still loved each other; they were going to get married!

    but i think ying wei and wen jing is very cute!

  • [YT] the way yaohui’s colleagues all say ‘xia ban le!’ and moving across in all sorts of vehicles and trolleys are super cute!

  • [YT] dun tell me wen jing fell for xiao min’s sis exhusband.

  • [YT] she’s getting a retribution she used to ditch her BOyfriends like that too!

  • [YT] was that like a contract that ehn ehn riped up. o_O

  • [YT] this is weird.. =/ how come the video just played a little than it ended and when i tried to play it again, it’s still the same? can someone fix tht..