New My Fair Princess Episode 89 S3 Ep.15

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36 thoughts on “New My Fair Princess Episode 89 S3 Ep.15

  1. Why must they return to the palace. That’s the most stupidest choice that they have ever make. Along those roads, hiding away those soldiers, making wise decision. But now? Choosing the most ridiculous route – Returning to the Palace? Are they stupid or what?

    • sigh they just miss the people there…I agree it’s not a right choice and in the end, it really wasn’t especially for yong qi and xyz too..but it’s ’cause of their love for their family that they went’s kind of their home afterall so I don’t think they’re stupid. I wish the emperor had a better way of dealing with yongqi and his mom tho…

  2. whenever they wanna say who who who’s lover they will use “erkang”
    like when yongqi confess to XYZ he said: 你知道紫薇心里有个尔康,而我心里有个你呢?
    then now huangshang use “难道是晴儿的 【尔康】 吗?”

    love erkang. 

  3. 天哪! 好捨不得蕭大俠一個人寂寞的簫聲><…
    忍了這麼多年  真的很不容易~~~~

    面紙可能得準備好幾包… 可憐的燕子ˊˋ…

  4. i’d rather them not go back! gawd why must you go back!! once you go back you’ll once again be tormented by the restrictions of the palace. Stay away from the bird cage and fly away freely to wherever your heart desires!!! don’t go back

  5. 簫劍雖然失去阿瑪和額娘  永琪紫薇被他這麼一說不也是見不到阿瑪了嗎
    失去阿瑪  大俠將心比心阿

  6. Awww…this episode is sooo touching…:’) *wipes a tear away* =) I like how the emperor bought along xyz’s fave servants, and he also bought Benji’s master along with him, as well as dat one doc. ^_^ everyones all re-united again..yay! 8D I’m happy for xyz and the others…=^o^=

    • but we really cant blame him. He wanders alone all those years by himself and finally found a family that he can rely on. Anyone would be selfish like him, who doesnt yearn for people to love them and forever by their side.

  7. poor xiao jian 🙁 hes so upset!!! but im really happy theres qing er whos so supportive and understanding of him. and chang shou and lang jiao shi is so cuteeeeee!

  8. 劇情裡的男歡女愛什麼的我都很心平氣和的看待,

  9. This is real love arrr.  Too touched lar.  Ching ar and Xiao Jen is my favorite…hands down, from all the dramas that I’ve watched.   (please excuse my ping ying, my Chinese is not good). 

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