New My Fair Princess on Behind the Story 2011-09-11

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10 thoughts on “New My Fair Princess on Behind the Story 2011-09-11

    • The hostess is too weak!! She totally ignored him!!! How could she didn`t notice that there is a person sitting right there?! Disappointing!

  1. again.. benji didn’t talk -__-
    I mean if they promote him THAT much in NHZGG then at least let him speak.
    Not that I really care that much for him in NHZGG.. but still feel sorry for him, for appearing then don’t even have a chance to talk :<
    should show him some respect anyway in RL.

  2. Sso touching!!! I miss this show !!! I want it to continue! And benji nv talk from the previous ep till now y? So biased. Although his a new character but still can talk about his character in the show mah!

    • 現場應該是有講話的.事後都被剪了. 不知道什麽原因.  可能電視台也看到網友抱怨太多班傑明了. 哈哈哈

      • I think its due to some new media law in China, where non-China artiste are not allowed on shows cuz they want to promote mainland artiste more… this applies to everyone like those frm Taiwan or even like Lady Gaga.. So for those pre-recorded shows, they had to cut out all those non-mainland artiste.. this has happen to quite a few shows.. some even got 马赛克…

    • 应该是有讲得,否则现场也会很不自然。还是出于一些原因被剪掉了,好可惜,反而影响了整体。

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