Office Girls Episode 16

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Shen Xing Ren is not the best or the hardest worker, neither is she the worst. She enjoys working because it gives her the money to enjoy life. She loves a good romance but will not bend over back for a man. She is the new generation of office girls.

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101 thoughts on “Office Girls Episode 16

  1. I thought this would get boring… with xing ren going to leave and all, but shi te long and qin zi qi really made this hilarious:) but i smell trouble for next episode!! *sniff… sniff.

  2. 應該把杏仁喜歡秦子奇有那些優點的劇情寫出來,在工作上幫忙她好像是助理就應該要做的事吧,背後只是個有錢小開,用身份來解決問題,不然好像是秦子奇在泡杏仁而已

      • 戲拍久就一定會有人說拖戲,一部戲要合乎每人的胃口當然是不可能的,就好像史經理梗用多了,也會讓人產生反感。其實我覺得敏娜那段請子奇杏仁演戲那段就是多餘的,而且還把史特龍拖下水,接下來又有凱兒準備反攻,最怕就是這種愛恨情仇的三角關係,只是這部不會像那些灑狗血的戲啦,感覺是有拖一點。

  3. 秦子奇媽媽下一集回來了!
    討人厭的鄭凱兒走遠一點行不,最好是放整年的無薪假! 死了都要霸佔子奇不放過!!!!!!!!

  4. 秦子奇的英文果然顯示出他到紐約沒有認真讀書!

    邱澤說幾句英文還蠻溜的,說一整句就真的不行了,可是他還是很努力學好發音! 認真有佳!!!

  5. This is the first time for Roy to play comedy, isn’t it? It is a great challenge for him. I like the drama, which makes me laughing. Thanks.

  6. 感覺因為受歡迎了有點在拖戲
    我贊成其他朋友說的 史特龍演的太多了 硬搞笑 看了有點膩 
    台灣劇就是這樣 不懂得什麼叫見好就收 一切利益走向 雖然還是總的來說還是不錯的戲 節奏目前亂掉了 這一集的內容拖一集演完 真的很拖

    • yeah! Very contagious laughter! I like the vibes they have with each other. So natural and entertaining. They could turn out to be BFF in real life 😀

    • probably they are restarting the server when you are trying to load it, it only took me 20secs to load the whole clip. speed is like 5mb/s haha

  7. 直接從信用卡退費就行了,哪需要這麼麻煩打電話。現在退付費機制這麼好,這個劇情有點太誇張了些。

    • 這樣做客人並不知道商品有問題,之後會有責任問題,如果信用卡公司不提供電話,就請信用卡公司聯絡客人刷卡有問題回來處理

  8. Yes! The hilarious factors are all back! I thought the last two eps were lacking in that department. This ep had me laughing like an idiot. LOVE this drama!

  9. Love Mina’s character here.. she’s usually bitchy but in this show, she’s so cute and innocent inside. And she’s so pretty too.. ! Lao Yu is so lucky that she’s fighting to keep him as she can do so much better!

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