Once Upon A Love (原來愛就是甜蜜) Episode 01

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  • asd

    男主角真的很不孝 飛機票要錢 就算沒事 回家看親人難道這個錢不能花!? 十年沒回家看親人 真的很不孝

  • Ave

    how rude of him to pick up someones drawing and doodle on it haha 

    • Judy Chao

      not really rude its sonny hehehe =)

  • Ttrzhao


  • Racheltea29


  • Duixinlisandha

    why i cant see it? pleasee make a part of movie more and please dont use daily montion because loading to late but others movie quick good, can pause the download but this i dont know fucking slow that i ever seen.

  • Joan

    It’s not subtitled please sub.

  • Joy7495


  • plumeriapassion

    i love taiwanese actors who speak perfect english!

  • Very promising plot. Gonna watch this!

  • sydlala

    sunny wear his I.T so much in everything = =…

  • Sweetcutely Rainie


  • 戴眼鏡那一幕拍得最好~

  • Jen

    his family are so annoying, just let him to get on with his life for god’s sake!!

  • jt

    with cheryl yang’s age, her looks now is…. omg. envious.

  • lisa

    huwaaaaa, where i s the eng subtitle??? i can’t understand what are they talking about, hhhu

  • Jtlt

    The premise and plot of this show looks promising. The pilot was also very watchable. Having been spoilt by another good show (In Between) recently, am looking for another show to replace my addiction… this is another show that falls under the “mature” category. I love Cheryl Yang and Sunny Wang has vastly improved since In Time With You… leading man material! Can’t wait to watch the rest of the series, having seen the dramatic turn of events in the preview… 

    NAISE one. 

  • guest


  • guest


  • Wan Yee


  • vv


    • Wan Yee


  • おうようめい、きもい!


  • bananafluff

    Sunny looks like a completely different person with his wig and glasses. So geeky as a high school kid yet so hot as an adult! 
    Very good costume arrangements. =) 

  • Pearl

    a lot of in time w/ u actors and the drama title has the same font and same song too

  • Pearl

    lol their english is pretty good but the girl’s kinda annoying: you just killed the moment =.=””’ it’s his grandma! come on!

    • Nycz

      sunny is from New york, that’s why he is fluent in english but idk about the girl

    • ab

      yeah…sunny is from the states. that’s why

  • Guest



  • 路人丁

    哈哈 那些老外演員怎麼可以那麼搶戲  在巴士那段都會不小心一直看他們

  • Yu77


  • anabel

    Great to see a Taiwanese actor who can speak English properly. The scene on the bus where he was talking about the rose princess was very funny!

  • Aigoo

     Cheryl’s characters always make me laugh for some reason. She has this comedic appeal in some of her gestures (esp. when she goes “huh!” when arguing with someone)

  • anonymous

    finally a Taiwan actor with English skills worth showing on screen plus his superb Chinese ability!  

  • M19890612m

    王陽明演技進步! 看前導感覺很悲耶!!

  • Mini

    I’m liking this drama! so excited for next week’s episode!

  • Cons794

    Sunny & Cheryl really is fabulous.I really like and will continue to support so good!

  • guest


    • Guest


  • Jo

    niiiice, very great episode 🙂 i’m definitely going to keep watching this! cheryl’s characters are always fun to watch! “small heart..” LOL

  • Anqi1234

    sound doesnt match =/

    • ha

      only the beginning, after it goes back to normal! 🙂

  • Eunicejackyworld

    hair style for sunny very fun …

    • XOXO

      THINK SO !! SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

  • Febanonymous2012

    Can’t put up with Sunny’s wig so “COOL”….lol 

  • Sweety32530

    王陽明 <3

  • Devil-master94

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  • ada


  • Kelly


    • 17


  • Geust


    • Kelly


  • San

    first !