Once Upon A Love (原來愛就是甜蜜) Preview

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  • Tamafriends1998

    Whens the ending? 😮

  • Lorettacheungwy

    点解只有7集架?可以upload 嗎?

  • Kuso

    5th time of watching preview 😀 love it so much

  • 121212121


  • Hoho


  • for some reason, some parts reminds me of Autumn Concerto (下一站,辛福) Might watch this once there’s more episodes out! 

    • Tenten

       i think the characters in Autumn Concerto are prettier. but yes, they are both single mom and the didn’t know about the kid …. but the difference is i think the dad did not get the mom at the end in this one… at least i hope.

  • grrr

     Who gets a headache from the spinning pictures!!????

  • bananafluff

    Wow Sunny Wang can act. This is only his second drama isn’t it? Impressive. 

    • Yong L.

      Considering that this is his second drama I find that his acting skills has slowly improved compared to his last drama. However, I think that compared to the other actors he often overacts making many scenes seem awkward. Nevertheless, thumbs up for the effort!! I can’t wait to see him improve. 

  • guest

    easy solution. let Xu Yeh and Mimi have joint custody for the son and Mimi can select to go with the man she loves. Mimi doesn’t have to be with XuYeh. This kind of situation is very common in western countries….

  • LH

    Preview演太多了 這樣看就好少了好多驚喜 🙁

  • 123


  • Cons794

    Funny funny also touched plus sad and happy, this is a great idol
    Really like and will continue to lock expect ~ ~

  • Fiona

    are the dvd available now…..
    i really want to buy it….

  • VIVI

    小孩子太可愛了!!!! 我好喜歡他

  • Loveanna811125


  • guest

    1) 小孩子為什麼又那種髮型?
    2) 女主角不漂亮

    • bimbibap


      • Sigh…

        why do u have to watch a show where all the actors are good looking (good looking actors of cuz is a plus)… if they are common looking, wouldn’t it be more closer to the hearts off ppl like us who are watching them? Its the story line and acting skills that are more important, isn’t it?

    • Ohhiho

      i think his hair is naturally like that. I think he said so on a variety show or something

    • 女主角不美?你說楊謹華嗎?她哪裏不美啊?

  • Oh Darn!

    吳中天 never gets the girl in his dramas. Sadness! 

    • bimbibap

       Right? But at least this time he gets a decent drama role. I am sorry he ever had to be in the mess that is 男女生了沒.

  • Miisy

    is it me or does it seem like theres alot of dramas lately with similar plots? hmm im a fan of cheryl yang so ill give this drama ago when it comes out 🙂


    This storyline seems similar to ming dao’s upcoming drama called Angel’s Happiness/Happiness of an Angel. (天使的幸福). The single mother plot and the real father of the child returning.

    • SunnyDays

      明道演的天使的幸福是大陸翻拍韓劇的!! 韓劇的劇名叫謝謝~ 所以跟這部是不一樣的喔!!

  • LI DA REN <3


  • Evelyn

    Sunny’s acting seem a lot more mature in this drama. Female lead is known as a great actress.
    Plot is touching and definitely looking forward to this drama!

  • Pearl

    yay! some singers and actors in this film are from the ones in in time w/ you XDDD haha a lot of dramas these days are trying to mimic that successful drama! XDDD

  • Yixuanpearlzhang

    yay! some singers and actors in this film are from the ones in in time w/ you XDDD haha a lot of dramas these days are trying to mimic that successful drama! XDDD

  • Herliny

    I love this story n look forward to watch this drama…..

  • heyo



  • qwerty123

    looks good