Once Upon A Love Episode 02

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  • Colinhx


  • roxanne moore

    Can’t find Enigsh subs anywhere for this series.

  • sandha utami

     please make this video in another web, i mean dailymontion that was suck ever, i cant see anything because the internet so so and even if fast cant see a fluently. please order to youtube for example and make the movie easily to watch

  • Eagale23

     can we eng sub ples thank you

  • can I know how to watch this with the eng subtitle?

  • GK

    Help!. Why is episode 2 and 3 not playing smoothly. Keeps freeezing/stopping every few minutes? Thanks. 

  • guest

    王陽明長好棒!  (:

  • stookie

    i thought there were english subs but I don’t see any

  • 121212121


  • 121212121


  • missanita

    pk dice que esta en ingles…cuando le pondran sub in english?

  • Dd

    who is this sister, so ugly.  like that yu-mei-ren.

  • Chastity869

    i true hoe someone can eng sub this one. I wish I could but i can bearly wright in eng. I thank all of you that do sub these ep thank you.

  • TOPismylife

    他跟Elva真的很配,为什么要分手呢? 柯镇东太年轻了啦

  • Wretches

    I love ROCKY! 

  • lalagirl

    what’s the song at 63 minutes?

    • Ellecathy

      星星 曾靜玟

  • Anonymous

    the little kid is annoying.  precocious kid.  

  • Ya

    good show

  • Kaolu1231


    • sh

      看見 王宏恩

    • Sunny820208


  • Kids6019499


  • vv


    • Guests



      • vv


        • 是六歲哦 六歲就可以上一年級了

          • vv


          • Guest

            呵呵 那個人大概搞錯了吧

  • Angelzheng987

    I got hurt n disappointment in love forward, I’m seeking comfort in the once upon a love, lol

    • Pearl

      love forward was a disappointing drama in general=.=”’ stopped in like the first 5 minutes=.=”’

  • Linmary76

    Did anybody notice that girl’s hair was braided with a ponytail at first at the end it was just a regular ponytail ?

    • Pearl

      yea, but she could have took it off on the road b/c it was too hot , whatever they make mistakes all the time in dramas ; and  it’s not just one or two either

  • wuliao543


    • Jae

      He got the number from the bus. It was on the design on the bus, he was going to take the number to get the designer fee. 

    • Euni_girl_127

      被趕下車說要告她的時候 巴士上面抄的

  • Guest


  • Cons794


  • Texan

    好劇本! 好演員!

  • Texan