Once Upon A Love Episode 03

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Tipster Rednimer
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    到目前都蠻好看的~ 繼續追。^^

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  • Guest

    Stop judging on appearance although that is a discussable topic in almost all dramas. I know that me myself also never resist to look at appearance of main roles for dramas. Acting skills should come in priority. This is my first time feeling that I’m starting to like the main roles not because of appearance but because of the focus and professionalism in their acting! Should we come to realise that we need to shift our perception based on acting and not by its mere cover. Cheers!

    • Cnchook88

      based on acting and not by its mere cover! You’re absolutely right! 🙂 She really did a good job~

  • Meh Meh

    wat us the title of the starting song?

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  • Lbrandy46

    I love this drama so far, but does anyone know where I can find the English subtitles?

  • Sophia

    Did Sunny get a haircut? Or maybe it’s styled different? It looks slightly shorter than last week’s episode.

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    really enjoy this show so far! i love cheryl 🙂

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  • 我第七XD

  • Ya

    he is 10 and still sleep w/Mom

    • Pearl

      lol they probably couldn’t afford another bed: don’t judge

    • Findthebee

      lol… oh no, then you’ll judge me too. I used to sleep between my parents till I was 11… cos I had night terrors occasionally. 😀

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    second ^^

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