Once Upon A Love Episode 04

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  • Uknow_hyojimiin

    why ‘s no sub ?

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  • Vivian


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  • Crystallin363

    just wondering but is the main male actor like american bron chinese or smth? coz his english is pretty fluent…or is it like voice over thing….

    • Nikki

      He was born in Taiwan but raised in the US…so it’s not a voice over

  • Sweetcutely Rainie


  • kelina

     Love this show and the main characters ! I’ve been a fan of cheryl’s since love queen, although I don’t find her particularly pretty, I think her acting skills really make her shine.
    I hope my following request won’t be too much of a bother, would it be possible to upload episode 4 for download as well? Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing with us, it’s a really great chance for people like me who live overseas! Cheers

    • Crystallin363

      to be honest, i think cheryl is actually quite pretty~ but i do agree that the drama is really good~~~

  • abc

    版主今天10pm上映,请你upload..millions thank

  • 阿嬤還是好可愛~

  • Cnchook88


  • Lisatiu98

    the download file for this episode isnt up yet 🙁

  • Poplar5188

    Enjoy watching this show.. 🙂

  • Hand up for Sunny and Cheryl. The acting is this drama is well played. 

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    • guest

      我倒覺得是有進步… 另外一部裡面的他,感覺就真的只是公子哥。

  • Pearl

    dragging a little

  • CC

    This is getting more and more interesting!

  • RL

    結尾好感人 哭了

  • viviatan

    how come no ep 4 download link? .. i want download link~~~~

  • viviatan

    This time ah ma really admitted hospital

  • Blossom

    But Cheryl always wear the same outfit…..

    • YIT


  • jas

    This drama is really much better than I expected!!! Although the storyline is not the most creative, it is quite enjoyable to watch.. it gives a heartwarming feeling…most characters are not overdone like in some other dramas…. I wish the future episodes continue to put a smile on my face 🙂
    Really like Cheryl’s performance…Sunny is quite charming too 😀

  • gogogo

    thats dumb why is mimi telling him to give up on his dream  and chase his dream at the same time…-_- if they truly love you, they need to support you. not like he’ll never come home…just not now..why can’t they get it

    • Tenten

       how many people can really do the “if they love you, they need to support you?” most of the love is mixed with an amount of selfishness.

  • guest

    ahhh i cant wait for the next episodesssss!!!!!

  • nue

    Oh, my God ! The real father is coming back?!

  • Kisa

    Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jungles_powers


  • Ecno


  • Angelawenn

    Very touching

  • Aalleenn180


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