Once Upon A Love Episode 06

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Tipster Rednimer
  • guest

    the plot moves extremely fast – 0 –

  • Guest

    pooo…Daniel wu is very macho not like that darn idiot

  • Sophia

    I really dislike Cheryl’s hair in this drama, messy and poufy and looks a little burnt

  • 121212121


    • Summer

      I absolutely disagree! He is better looking than the main actor.

    • Yamiami

      為什麼一定要率才能當演員? 拜託 很多厲害的演員 都不是靠外表的

    • guest

      拜託,他算是靠演技的好不好? 你有沒有看過他其他的戲啊?

  • ah Man

    43:09 scene … wow! It’s such a simple slow motion/walking away but it has so much emotion in it! It’s getting juicy now the plot! Can’t wait for next week!

  • Blossom

    Sorry, I meant clothes.

  • Blossom

    Why the actress always wears the same cothes?

  • jt

    abit weird to see him kiss her when she crying. thought a hug would’ve been more suitable / more touching ><

  • guest

    sumtimes ,,,sunny looks like daniel wu 😀 haahahhaha


    • A1333k

      who’s daniel wu??

      • Thuchen

         One of the hottest HK movie actor hehehe…just google him and you’ll see!!

    • Thuchen

       Exacly what I thought the first time I saw him in ITWY^^ Cutie!

    • Miko

       YES!! Lol i keeping thinking he look like someone but couldnt think of it!! yh he does remind me of daniel wu ..

    • Sophia

       I never noticed before but you’re completely right! He looks a lot like Daniel

  • Guest

    episode 4 download file is still not up 🙁

  • Guest

    The plot moves weirdly fast

    • Julieycf

      could it be that the ratings no good?

    • guest

      I enjoy this..so many asian dramas are like 50 episodes + DAFUQQQ end already!

  • Mery_ya0w

    Yes,this week shorter because they have to showed olympic LIVE 😉

  • TOPismylife


  • Lyhang81


  • guest

    奇怪, 楊謹華的臉跟以前是不是不太一樣?!!在25:30的那些鏡頭, 總覺得很想要幫她畫上國劇的臉譜, 會很合適的感覺. Sorry……

  • guest

    is this week shorter? only 48 minutes…

    • Mery_ya0w

      Yes,this week shorter because they have to showed olympic LIVE..

  • yumiko

    omg another week!!! this is like a torture chamber! lol

  • Julieycf

    have to wait another week…….so terrible

  • yeeeeeeah

    really loving this drama so far!!!! <3

  • w0lley

    i thought each episode is 2hours? why is it only 1hour now?

    • USA

      It’s even less than an hour!

  • Why only 13 mins?

  • alice


    • apple


  • linlin


  • That girl is xiao gui’s sister in Sweet sweet bodyguard! 

  • 23rty

    people change so don’t promise eternity at drop of hat….

  • Guest

    yay!!! I love sunny!!!

  • Lkk850109

    so fast !!!

  • Gliter891


  • Cnchok88

    Finally! 🙂