Once Upon A Love Episode 06

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42 thoughts on “Once Upon A Love Episode 06

  1. 43:09 scene … wow! It’s such a simple slow motion/walking away but it has so much emotion in it! It’s getting juicy now the plot! Can’t wait for next week!

  2. 是人红是非多吗?为什么每当女演员出名了,变漂亮了,就说人家整容?再说了,就算整容了又怎么样,她又没有整个脸都变了。如果以后每集出来都要评论她整没整容的话,我真看不下去了,烦死人了

  3. 奇怪, 楊謹華的臉跟以前是不是不太一樣?!!在25:30的那些鏡頭, 總覺得很想要幫她畫上國劇的臉譜, 會很合適的感覺. Sorry……

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