Once Upon A Love Episode 07

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  • Arielle

    Its just not right that Jinyang takes yixiang. The real father has to be with his son. I won’t like it if the drama shows otherwise cause it would be sending the wrong message to others. Often the person you marry may not be the person you love the most in your life. they can’t just disregard xuye since he is his real father. xuye has no fault. rumi and him has to be together.

    • I just find that Love and having a child is different. Imagine if the person was rape and had a child does that mean they should get married? I think NO. To get married is to tie the knot of two person in love not because of them having a child. Many people divorce cases now a day despite most of them already had child but if they have love there won’t be divorce any more. Thus, a marriage should be done for the sake of love not monetary or other purposes rather should be base on who they love. This drama is about the love of them two has nothing to do with who take the child. if the father want the child he could just come daily or take turn taking care the child. Just because the mum love someone else does not mean the biological father lost the chance to take care and love the child.

  • CuteAlice

    He was sent to Englad to continue his education. But why did he get his master degree and PHD from US? It doesnt’ make any senses. But I love watching this show anyway.   

    • shoetalk

      uh .. why can’t he go elsewhere to take his (even) higher education? you don’t make sense. 

      • CuteAlice

        Did anyone see XuYe’s education history?( John Lee checked from the website) Of course, he could go to study in England first. Then, went to US. Finally got his Master & PHD from there.  But if I remember correctly, he was forced to England right after high school or a little older than high school age.  Can this “shoetalk” person explain how he got his Bachelor degree from Taiwan’s University even he wasn’t in Taiwan? Don’t forget one thing, he told mimi that he was in England all the time before he returned to Taiwan. 

  • Sophia

    I love Reen Yu’s character in this, she’s really nice (so far) as the girl who likes the main guy. Usually they are evil and do everything they can to break up the main couple but she’s a good friend.

  • Kiwi

    不過最後希望娟娟會和耀銘在一起! 他們倆蠻可愛的 !

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  • Kuso

    totally in love with this series, love all the characters so so much 😀

  • CC

    Yi Xiang is so cute!!

  • Orientalpurplemoon

    Wonder if chin chun n yau ming can end up together… 🙂

    • Ray

      they wont… is in the preview

  • Shenanigan

    Can anyone tell me why I can’t play the video on my iPad?

    • Dolcecupcake

      It can be played on mine! I think you have to wait a little more after clicking the Play button!

  • Blossom

    Thumb-up! very nice drama……hope they don’t drag it too long.

  • noodletheory

    no matter how great sunny’s character is…it’s hard to compete with mom and dad and kid.  it’s hard not to want the family to be reunited. especially when the dad clearly seems to still have feelings for the mom and vice versa.  

  • noodletheory

    good storyline…very realistic. cheryl is a great actress.

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    • 安貞


    • Crystallin363

      NUP!!! NO WAY!!! to be honest, i really dont think they suit….it seems to me that their age difference is really big altho their only 1 year apart but still…plus, he’s from a rich family and won’t it just be betta if he and nicole get married? His family would be happy, nicole would be happy and mimi would be glad as well!!!!!

      • Crystallin363

        Oops nvm, i thought u were talking about the other dude…sry!!!!

        • Crystallin363

          Ah fuck!!! sry, i take that back, ignore my second comment and read my first!!!!

  • Xoxopps

    psycho woman. Run!!

  • guest

    娟娟 好矮。。。

  • Guest

    Mimi has psychological problem that she has to get through. Bad at communication!

  • Gyil


  • Fu6ufu6945


  • charlieeeee

    im touched

  • guest

    Nicole 读错。重音在后

    • guest :)

       也有可能是字幕打錯? XD 也許他叫Niko~ 哈哈哈

  • 妮可_Nicole

    徐燁is so good looking..hehehe 

    • star_dreamer

       I really don’t think so….李徑陽 is so much better!

      • 欣欣

        sure 勁陽 is good looking but so is 徐燁! 🙂

  • Eleeroshambo

    so good so good oh my god!!!

  • Joannism222


  • Angelis14


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