Once Upon A Love Episode 08

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  • Angel-luyanjun


  • Garren

    i find xue ye very pitiful. why they have to treat him like that? xue ye is more of a mature man. i like him! its not his fault!!!

  • nothing better to do

    hey guys, it is just like all those soap opera for entertainment, all they want is to get you all hooked on the story played by different actors. if you choose to watch this, just follow the story without personal feeling about their personal life off screen. the most annoying thing is the video format played here, there is no way to pause too long or skip certain parts… whoever did this for upload and rendering is out of touch…..

  • vv


  • guest

    suddenly…im on 徐燁’s side and i find sunny quite annoying and child-like

    • Nathalie

      same here!

  • king 29


    可是好愛王陽明啊.. =w=”

  • sl


  • Caddyshelly

    我覺得帶了個”小呆瓜”頭假髮的王陽明比較帥(在第一集出現的那個造型)! 他真不應該把那頂假髮拿下來的…哈哈

  • I really find mimi’s sister very annoying ._.

  • linlin


  • Revolbang

    what is the song at 24:00?

  • 0000000

    不得不說 楊謹華看起來好老

  • quen

    feels a bit like autumn concerto . mucheng and guang xi  :p just saying

    • Nicnic

      lol..hopefully in the end…she ends up with xu ye, like mu cheng ended up with guang xi 🙂

    • guest

      its just like ring ring bell 😀

      when teh 2nd male lead had no choice to leave,,,and 1st male lead come into the girl life,,, but the 1st male lead recognize,,,the girls heart still had a feeling for 2nd male lead……. ohhhhhhhh goshhhh,,,i like ring ring bell actor and actress better…
      in ring2 bell ,,, 2nd male lead more touching 😀
      and peter ho… hotter plus better skill in acting 😀

  • 1234

    poor guy, xuye. missed his kid childhood…

  • Weluvhouse

    mimi should be with xu ye so the child can have a proper family. Love is transient.

  • bubble

    密密跟徐燁一起!! 拜託!!

  • Xoxopps

    吴中天 is way better looking than the main lead! Wayyy better! 

    • nicole


    • guest


  • guest

    wow! So intense!

  • Pearl

    poor guy, seeing his child calling other guy dad….

  • 欣欣


    • uhhh what

      ._. he is so ugly, and emotionless when talking in this

      • Yamiami

        uh if you think he’s ugly, thats fine. everyone’s judgement is different. doesnt mean youre right. you really dont have to say it out loud. 

        • neither r u right… its none of ur business whether that person wants to say or not, jeez, mind people business too much, tut tut tut…. anyway, i agree with what that person said, he really is ugly and has bad acting skills…so emotionless….hav a problem with that?! gosh….

          • Pearl

            say whatever you want it’s a free country!

          • Pearl


        • ClanetE

          Well neither should you. You are contradicting yourself …….. ‘it doesn’t mean you’re right. you really don’t have to say it out loud’ Everyone can say whatever they want, reply to whatever comment they like. 

  • Jbear8

    “i love u”…..LOL!!

  • ah Man

    Oh wow! Lead #2 is sooooooooooo strong! haha! What a great ep! Is it me or does 蜜
    looks more compatible with 徐燁? Hm! And I loved that he always says goodnight whenever he leaves. Kyaaaa! Can’t wait for next week! =(

  • 看到下一集的預告了,我替勁陽感到心酸啊。他那麽愛蜜蜜 ,但卻無能爲力,因爲家人的反對,大家退一步不就海闊天空了嗎?還是這樣做就沒戲做了啊?

    • GIRL

      蜜蜜怎麼會選徐燁哩~~~  勁陽都為她付出那麼多了!

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