Once Upon A Love Episode 09

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  • ssssss

    i hate the sister om

  • Foggy

    勁陽有一點像小太保…too immature

  • Me

    i like how they cue the stalker music when jinyang saw mimi in the car LOL

  • Azu

    有一集 勁陽上網查徐燁的資料他是MIT畢業,但是劇中一直說他去英國,MIT是在美國呀!!!

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  • Vivous


  • lilill


  • Jjj


  • vv


  • Blossom

    the best solution is to remove his mother & his grandmother….everything will be perfect! 😀

  • fiolin


  • Daliah2u

    there’s no english subs :(( want to watch but no subs. pleaseeee upload with english subtitles. pleaseee

  • linlin


  • Guest1

    Only JingYang can pronounce Nichole’s name right lol 

  • 勁揚爸講台語比較投入~也很親切~

  • Guest

    Mimi should follow her heart. If she is not happy in the relationship then eventually the little guy can sense it too.

  • alien

    xu ye is so mannnnnn!!!!!!

  • Pearl

    the dad is so mature! I like him better than the fake dad lead! XDDD

    • Pearl

      i never rejected anything you wanted me to do because i know you were trying to protect your dad, now, I want to protect mine XD nicely said 🙂 hopefully they will change the ending like they did in i love you so much XDDDD

      • Pearl

        lol the kid is like so innocent XDD Ifeel bad for the kid  XD being dragged in the middle of this XD

        • Pearl

          lol she is like mocking her own child’s voice XDDD that’s so wrong XD lol

          • personally i think its cute and funny~ how is it so wrong?! 

        • Pearl

          why does the little sister have to be so annoying! like MINDyour OWN business!!!!!!! like let the family BE!

          • Pearl

            hated her character in love buffet too! so annoying!

          • Pearl

            how the heck does everyone know where they live in taipei?!?!?!?!!?! is that place really THAT small =.=”” like Iknow it’s the capital of a small city but still=.=”’

          • Pearl

            of a small island*

    • 寶鈴

      I have to agree~omg, it really isn’t 徐燁’s fault he went to England, he still loves 密密. he has much more class and courage than 勁陽. the chemistry b/w 徐燁and易翔 is so cute 🙂

  • Guest

    天啊 为什么密密要离开。。。徐烨不要最后还是选nicole要不然密密真的很可怜。。。

  • ah Man

    Wow… is it me or is the 2nd male lead so strong nowaday!?
    Xu Ye from here, Duncan from What is Love, LP guy from I Need Romance 2012.
    <3 *thumb's up*

  • drean45

    sunny is behaving like a small boy whose fav toy has been hjacked. If he has her best interests in heart, he should respect her decision.

  • 1234

    Jing yang should back out. It is a happy ending for them to be reunited as a family. A man whom she waits for 10 years… I don’t see how a few months relationship can be more important than all this… 

    • Phonix

      but you have to realize shes happy with jing yang and that’s her past..moving on is good 

      • etrey

        with his child, one can never truly move on so to speak. and her happiness with Jing Yang is so transient. Jing Yang is immature and childish. Love today can fade so ever easily…what mimi sister says is so very true. 

        • Yeah.. and she waited 10 years for the dad… i think she should end up with the dad! It’s more realistic and touching! 

          • anon

            Even so, the plot writers will make it so that mimi ends up with jing yang. The female lead seldom ends up with the 2nd male lead, sadly. 

          • Eeo


  • Shiryleeun

    thank you(: