Once Upon A Love Episode 10

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47 thoughts on “Once Upon A Love Episode 10

  1. MM not fair to JY …..Yes SY and MM they know each other 10 yrs ago n hav a child but now they do not belong to the same world….

  2. SY and MM belong together 10 years ago, their love didnt grow with them it is still at the 10yrs ago. It is different when u change as an adult, what u thought was the world a decade ago changes…life happens…

  3. After each episode, I still find the old love better suited for her. Mi Mi needs to realize that Shu Yue is better than Jin Yang. SY loved her for 10 years, and based on the beginning of the drama, she still loved him too. I still don’t get how the drama makes it seem as if Mi Mi loves JY more when he’s so immature, annoying, and easily outraged! Does she really want to deal with him forever when Shu Yue is so caring, patient, and gentle with all her needs as well as those of Yi Shang.
    I hope the ending of this drama is not the typical main lead gets the main lead (MM with JY), but rather comes to face with reality and allows MM and SY to overcome all of their obstacles and be together with the blessings of everyone around them! (Nicole has already backed down, so 1 down!)

    • I agree. Shu Yue is better suited with her. Of course, let’s not forget that he is the real father. But I don’t think the ending will be like that mainly because this is not how dramas usually turn out. 

  4. cheryl face looks weird and unnatural. She went for plastic ? her nose, cheeks and lips look different from before and when combined, she just looks sooo weird. She was much much prettier before.

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