Peach Girl Episode 01

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Xiao Tao is a young girl entering college. Things just don’t seem to be going right for her. She falls at the beach and spraining her ankle; she has unwittingly made the university’s reigning princess, Sha Hui, her enemy. Dong Si, her secret crush, doesn’t seem to know of her feelings, but she has the school’s most popular playboy and troublesome, Ah Li, showering her with his attentions! This may prove to be just too much for the tall, shy and athletic Xiao Tao until suddenly happiness comes her way: she and Dong Si begin dating! This happiness is short lived as the calculating Sha Hui is determined to be the number one girl, even if it means destroying Xiao Tao in the process. Also, standing on the sidelines is Ah Li who has made it known that the only girl for him is Xiao Tao. Can Dong Si and Xiao Tao manage to keep their relationship afloat? Will Sha Hui succeed in her devious plans? Or will Xiao Tao realise that the one that is truly for her is Ah Li?

Based on the shoujo manga by Miwa Ueda this is a story about jealousy, revenge, the powers of love and friendship and the ties of fate that bind people together.

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  • tessiekk

    only watching this show cuz vanness is in it!! =P so cuuuutteee love him! vanness all the wayy!! but the quality is not that good =/

  • [YT] haha..great falll nice shot man~

  • [YT] i love this drama, no doubt about that, but the corny music has got to go!

  • [YT] It did happen, you didn’t read ?

  • [YT] That’s a beautiful beach there, where is it and what is it called?

  • [YT] haha i watched the anime a long time ago and now i want to see what the live action looks like


  • [YT] Oh man!!! An loving this show….And now I am begining to see they love Chayanne music…This is the second song on a Chinese show I heard…cool..Man I am so proud of my latino heritage is not even funny and seen others love it too makes me happy…Go Chayanne, You rock man!!

  • [YT] wtf is up with the music lol

  • [YT] She needs to be tanner still…………..I still like the original anime WAY BETTER

  • [YT] Yeah I think she is too

  • [YT] that Xiao Tao girl, momo or whoever is really pretty

  • [YT] thai, according to anyone with a modicum of sense, refers to THAILAND.

  • [YT] it’s taiwanese, tard. they’re speaking mandarin. the names are the same chinese characters, just pronounced differently.

  • [YT] lol somehow A Li cracks me up sometimes


  • [YT] Does anyone know the song Vanness sings in English?

  • [YT] i love this drama. this is my 3rd time watching it lol.

  • [YT] there in college?

  • [YT] Surely you cant mean that EVERYONE is ugly. Do you really?
    Ah Li is friggin’ gorgeous to say the least!

  • [YT] Couldn’t agree more.

  • [YT] O_o Oh My God!! That song that they’re dancing… it’s Chayanne!!!! hahahaha I can’t belive that they listen that!!!

  • [YT] hahaha WTF was that at the disco hahahaha so uncool!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] Oh Ah Li I’d dance with you any night!!!!!

  • [YT] Avril really isn’t all that…

  • [YT] AH! im so use to japanese…

  • [YT] It’s so cute how Vanness becomes her shade! OHhh, I just love him here! =P

  • [YT] i know this is nothing like the anime

  • [YT] why didn’t she defend her self like in the cartoon video?

  • [YT] i think that the chartoon video was much vetter than this real one

  • [YT] sha hui is so irritating… trying to gain attention and to sabo xiao tao

  • [YT] Finally i have time to watch the live action of xiao tao! Hope that this can be as good as the anime…

  • [YT] I wouldn’t mind being kissed by Vanness. T_T xD <33

  • [YT] A Li is Kairi.
    Dong Shi is Touji.


  • [YT] lol they’re in college????
    i thought they were in highschool…
    in the anime they were in highschool. o.o

  • [YT] those gurls are annoying AH LI AH LI AH LI yes he is a hottie but give him some room please

  • [YT] these bitches need to hope off of Vanness’s _______ if you know what i mean. That desperate whining is annoying

  • [YT] sorry had to commment again


  • [YT] damnn I nearly fainted when AH LI asked her if she can have this dance…and at 4:31 the dude in the middle is KILLIN IT lolol

  • [YT] Number 1 those 3Gs are HILARIOUS and i Love love love Vanness

  • [YT] Why does the sign picture say “A Li” on it? Well the translation saysy it’s “A Li”, when it should say “Dong Si”.

  • [YT] It’s pretty much the same as the anime.

  • [YT] i dont like Gwen

  • [YT] those songs aren’t so good. LOL, chinese ppl should hear the songs we actually lisen 2 in north america!! XD GO GWEN AND AVRIL AND YEAAAAA

  • [YT] was this actually a TV show?!?!?!

  • [YT] A Li is so silly!!
    “we’ve kissed before” ¬¬

  • [YT] TOO TALL?? OMG this isn’t a problem!!!
    She isn’t too tall… she’s OK!
    I’m taiwanese and I wonder if I were taller!! (I have 1.60m)

  • [YT] “princess Sha Hui”… Wow that’s really stupid…

  • [YT] that dong shi guy looks like yao ming! lol

  • [YT] that guy on the green shirt.. isnt that ching ha (shanchai’s sidekick) from meteor garden?

  • [YT] whoa, that other guy with the black shirt looks thin as a pole. is he the other main star?

  • [YT] Xiao Tao’s much better than Sha Hui..u can tell Sha Hui’s me!

  • [YT] Xiao Tao looks so pretty!

  • [YT] so much different than Peach Girl in Anime!

  • [YT] Wait, I’m confused. Which one is Kairi and which one is Touji? (sp?)
    Is A Li Kairi? ):

  • [YT] lol “我真的有这么厉害吗?”

  • [YT] exactly

  • [YT] WTF..she didnt even dress like a slut…..

  • [YT] thanks

  • [YT] yea! 13 epis.

  • [YT] actual episodes

  • [YT] Yea

  • [YT] is there anybody in this show [[ peach girl]] from mars? fyi: mars the thailand show

  • [YT] i love a li <3

  • [YT] that looked painfull it looks like he smashed right into her.
    i want her to be with A Li (vaness)

  • [YT] vaness needs to be in this more!!!!!!

  • [YT] a kiss and a slap … on that pitiful face…. wow

  • [YT] me neither…. kinda cool i guess

  • [YT] Heh heh. It is a pretty good song. But I just find it a little weird. I had no idea That Thing You Do permeated overseas that deeply.

  • [YT] hey its a good song

  • [YT] why are there names different in the anime? but omfg those guys are so smexy -droops-

  • [YT] then you should watch marmalade boy it has one of the f4 guys is the lead male role in it

  • [YT] i think its boom by chayanne or torero….i cant remember…..but its from chayanne

  • [YT] yeah thats him…his name is vaness wu

  • [YT] lol i noticed that too….lol i love him

  • [YT] Sha Hui is not as pretty as everyone thinks.

  • [YT] Hey, you can’t blame them feeling the urge to cut her dress down to barely anything. They need a plot and conflict don’t they?

  • [YT] sha hui is such a bitch!

  • [YT] Hey, I actually like this version of Peach Girl, despite the occasionally soap-opera-like music!

  • [YT] Why isn’t her skin darker? That’s what makes some of the hatred and misunderstandings that she’s a slut arises! Still, so far, I like this better than the anime! Also, this actress is really cute once you get used to her X3

  • [YT] is this the first episode???? help! and who many epis?

  • [YT] OMG, that sha Hui seriously is a bitch. It’s like obvious that she’s lying in order to find out who Xiao Tao likes. I hate those ppl but I admire they’re wit.

  • [YT] that girl (Xiao Tao) is really really really ugly

  • [YT] Are these just clips or are they actual episodes?

  • [YT] omg they made her so slutty

  • [YT] lmao hahaha. seriously though. thats true

  • [YT] i love this show.though i like the anime better!! it’s cool for them to make it a live tv show:) i love when they do that.why don’t they do that to all anime’s. oh yeah cause a lot of anime’s are to crazy and don’t have simpaler things that we do in life.

  • [YT] Waiiiit……. what happened inbetween ep 2 and 3 – did I miss something?

  • [YT] If they think she dances slutty, I hope they never come to a typical dance in the U.S….

  • [YT] am i watching the right peach girl or is there supposed to be one before this?

  • [YT] that guy, the main character is kenji !! woots

  • [YT] the main character is really ugly.

  • [YT] omggg please someone tell them that their clothes are really really tacky and ugly

  • [YT] sha hui’s a bitch

  • [YT] God, they’re so shy!!! lol. Say something guys!

  • [YT] oh my gosh! two hot singers in one drama going for one girl.. waaahhhh sooo lucky!!! vaness & kenji are so kawaii!!!

  • [YT] arrrrgh, what is this? It’s princess Sha Hui, PRINCESS I’m telling you! You’ve got it all wrong… 🙁

  • [YT] whats dong shi’s name, he’s really erally cute!

  • [YT] grr whats her face!! sha hui (Sae) is such a bitch.. grr can’t stand people like her, they annoy me to a great extent >.>+ dude if i was xiao tao i would’ve seen right through her… it’s so easy to tell that people like that don’t just suddenly be nice… it just doesn’t happen unless its some sort of miracle >.>

  • [YT] ok so maybe sha hui’s not as ugly as i thought… im just expecting her to do what Sae is expected to do… be a bitch and spread nasty rumors and have everyone under mind control and blargh someone PUNCH HER before it happens!! Xiao Tao (Momo) is cute though i like her O_O i would be her friend too lol… then again with me being wierd, i’d probably go up to her at random and try to befriend her in a what she would find “strange” way lol cant help the randomness

  • [YT] this series kinda reminds me of meteor garden..and i really wanna see her slap a bitch

  • [YT] Yeah but they leave out important parts that have to do WITH the story. I understand it doesn’t have to follow it word by word but when you take out important parts that it almost changes the story in a different direction. Momo is supposue to be a little dark. It’s gets her into trouble alot and people always assume she was a slut or whatever because of her dark skin. That’s an important part of the story.

  • [YT] They never wanted to COMPLETELY follow the manga/anime…just the basic plots and some twists…

  • [YT] The princess girl she’s acting too cute that it looks so fake and so I hate her wahaha

  • [YT] Ah Li is SOOOOOO fine… and a little foreshadowing… he gets finer & FINER! & is really a sweet guy

  • [YT] umm… this didn’t happen in the anime/manga…

  • [YT] I love this show. I know this will be going into my collection of Drama’s.

    Thank you, again.

  • [YT] I think it’s a lot better if you watch the live action before you watch the anime. I watched Nana, the anime one, and then the live action, and it was akward, lol. So I decided to watch the live of Peach Girl and then the anime. :D.

    And thank you, Sym, for the Drama’s, I really like them and I wished they showed them on American T.V., since they are a lot better than Soap Opera’s.

  • [YT] HAha that guy in the middle at 4:31 dances the best^^ besides Vanness of course. Actually for a dance or even a party that one is pretty gay T.T

  • [YT] That was my first thought too! Or they could have given the girl a tan. It’s not that hard to get and the fake ones don’t last forever! Come on at least TRY to make it like the anime/manga!

  • [YT] nooooooo
    Dong shi!!!!!

  • [YT] If i were that girl, i would choose ah li! He’s more cuter and hotter than that other guy!

  • [YT] they act just like middle schoolers…

  • [YT] it isugly

  • [YT] is she serious? she could’ve took all 3 of them. that’s pathetic!

  • [YT] are they in middle school? weird behavior….

  • [YT] man a li is so hot i’d let him shad from the sun and anyone know the ending song i mean what it is called? can you please tell me i dieing to know

  • [YT] hm. dunno… this version is quite different *shrugs* still good tho

  • [YT] cough, aint Xiao Tao just lying to him to make him get off her case? no ‘guy’ lifeguard would wear a bathing suit… cuz you see the person’s back when they bent down to do CPR. lolz.

  • [YT] oh please see let those 3 lil girls beat her up she’s like 7 foot and their like 2 feet see’s a wimp..grr this drama is borin in the beginning

  • [YT] hey thats that one boy frm meteor garde.. qinghe

  • [YT] they are extra conservatives ^^~

  • [YT] I only say one thing…
    if vanness is in…
    I’m surely in!

  • [YT] dude stupid annie wu is very cute! ok? by the veness not that great, heck him, acting like cools and everything, i hate those people

  • [YT] dong shi is gorgeous

  • [YT] who is the actor playing dong shi?

  • [YT] vanness just flows when he moves… i could watch him all day! 🙂

  • [YT] Is it normal for her to get her first kiss in college?

  • [YT] omg sha hui belongs to that class of girls who i so totally CANNOT stand. URGH!

  • [YT] ugh sha hui is just the kind of girl i hate… acting innocence!!! gawd…

  • [YT] “I’m shading you from the sun” Lol:) Is a Episode 1 hour long?

  • [YT] This whole episode was so funny lol I like it! the parts with A Li and Xiao Tao lol A Li’s so funny!:) I <3 Him:D is his brother going to me in this series? Ryo? or (Some other name) Lol I guess I'll just have to watch!

  • [YT] The girl playing Sha Hui is a good Sae… lol
    and I would be Xiao Tao’s (Aka- Momo) friend! I think she nice, Hehe:)

  • [YT] omg wth dong shi doing wen gurls practicin swimmin?? takin pic or checkin gurls out in swmming suits??

  • [YT] omg..the bag n dong shi…so ugly y peach gurl care ab ab vanessa instead// or he ll be MINE

  • [YT] hahh THE drama ll be better if dong sing handsomer…nyway it good so far..hheeh

  • [YT] agreed

  • [YT] okay I’m going to disregard this being called peach girl since this is NOTHING like Peach Girl everyone is ugly and the story sucks. However, I’ll still give it a try

  • [YT] he looks like that ugly korean guy from harold and kumar! they picked the ugliest people for peach girl with the exception of Vanness

  • [YT] The pose he held on that stone wall was pretty cool, he just seemed to fit there….

  • [YT] where i get ep 3?

  • [YT] the dude and the chick are cute together=]] and her friend is a biyotch=[[

  • [YT] what a cute and funny blooper…Xiao Tao was wearing sunnies when she sat on the chair by the pool, but after she turned the chair to avoid A Li, all the sudden her sunnies is gone (and there’s no hand movement towards her face after she turned the chair)…hehe.. ^-^

  • [YT] LMAO!
    “Am I really that powerful?”

  • [YT] Y r girls so mean…

  • [YT] Sha Hui’s acting cute and all is getting ony my nerves

  • [YT] haha bai chi!

  • [YT] dude, is peach girl in the movie have the other version of the boook in here too? the one peach girl; change of heart.

  • [YT] oh god. what a bitch


  • [YT] that bag IS tacky

  • [YT] oh, so the lifeguard DID do the CPR in this version… first ep made it like Xiao Tao lol oh dear, and A Li spazzed just as much XD

  • [YT] *nods* thats right. Japan is the same way, and i think a lot of other asian schools are. middle school there roughly translates to high school here, high school to university, etc. “real” college is grad school i think

  • [YT] cute bus scene, but whyd he sign it “A Li?” o_O or is the translation funky? i dont know taiwanese hehe

  • [YT] poor girl gettin snubbed like that on the first day of school… *winces* gotta hurt. all cuz of an accident and jealousy >_< ugh. and Sha Hui is dang good in her role. shes even better at deception than her japaneses counterpart IMO

  • [YT] wtf. the caption for his “signature” is wrong. =P

  • [YT] this is so cool! vanness is hott!! even better than meteor garden although mg is also good..n he is the most handsome bartender i have ever seen!

  • [YT] that didnt look right when A Li helped shade Xiao Tao lol xD

  • [YT] Dong Shi looked pretty hot with that outfit when he was playin basketball lol

  • [YT] aww so cute. they got stuck together at the bus. i wish that can happen to me and my crush xD

  • [YT] man those guys in the beginning are funny

  • [YT] lols ohkay haha tht girl is obviously the bad person in the show LOLS omg. she lied! =O

  • [YT] omg…Sha Hui the one with the short hair…is so ugly..she does things by acting all cute..but she’s not cute at all….gosh…

  • [YT] sae is really ugly! how can they think that she is cute?

  • [YT] o she will.

  • [YT] xiao tao looked really ugly in the first ep now she looks kind of pretty.

  • [YT] yea that little short hair girl looks like trouble. i have a feeling she’ll find out who Xiao Tao likes and go for him >=( grr

  • [YT] They did real good with the height in comparison to the books for Sae and Momo. The hair too.


  • [YT] dong shi doesnt look anything like the anime toji

  • [YT] wow…this university had a nice pool

  • [YT] eesh…poor acting

  • [YT] if momo doesnt want to be seen as a slut..quit wearing the tight clothes

  • [YT] “beautiful mistake”..i liked that =] that short girl is so ugly..grr..she looks old for some reason… and i wonder if its vanness wu singing that “peach girl thing” song?… its funny how hes playing basketball… cuz everyone knows hes good at it… =]

  • [YT] this rox thanx

  • [YT] man that one guy is always in shows with the f4 guys

  • [YT] ditto! great series! 😀

  • [YT] thank you soooo much for updating them!