Peach Girl Episode 04

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Xiao Tao is a young girl entering college. Things just don’t seem to be going right for her. She falls at the beach and spraining her ankle; she has unwittingly made the university’s reigning princess, Sha Hui, her enemy. Dong Si, her secret crush, doesn’t seem to know of her feelings, but she has the school’s most popular playboy and troublesome, Ah Li, showering her with his attentions! This may prove to be just too much for the tall, shy and athletic Xiao Tao until suddenly happiness comes her way: she and Dong Si begin dating! This happiness is short lived as the calculating Sha Hui is determined to be the number one girl, even if it means destroying Xiao Tao in the process. Also, standing on the sidelines is Ah Li who has made it known that the only girl for him is Xiao Tao. Can Dong Si and Xiao Tao manage to keep their relationship afloat? Will Sha Hui succeed in her devious plans? Or will Xiao Tao realise that the one that is truly for her is Ah Li?

Based on the shoujo manga by Miwa Ueda this is a story about jealousy, revenge, the powers of love and friendship and the ties of fate that bind people together.

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  • [YT] omg san chai’s dad…….lol

  • [YT] dong si is not cute or handsome at all..

  • [YT] ah li is cuter than dong si. gosh! ah li is soo cute! i love him MOST ^_^

  • [YT] is not that ,somebody say tha dong si is more cute or hot than ah li..
    and we say that person need GLASSES

  • [YT] ah li’s cuter

  • [YT] vanness so good in english but he doesn look that good wif glasses when having long hair style =.=” overall hes cool~

  • [YT] hahaha yep so cute ^__^

  • [YT] well maybe you really need GLASSES

  • [YT] too late….

  • [YT] and i think you need GLASSES.
    don`t be mad

  • [YT] OMG! friends! duh! y have to betray friend to get one thing or person… i hate person like that

  • [YT] sha hui suckss

  • [YT] this is why I always hated Toji/Dong Si…he always believed Sae/Sha Hui more than his own girlfriend…what a loser! Ah Li 4EVER!!! ^-^

  • [YT] holy crap he is really in her face gosh push him away ussually i hate drama shows but this one is addicting ^_^

  • [YT] i think dong si is so much cuter than ah li

  • [YT] and it’s so cute!!!

  • [YT] Vaness is so hot & handsome. the guy as Dong Si isn’t even hot. But I guess that makes it perfect cos Ah Li gotta be hotter. hehe

  • [YT] OH MY GOD! He read english so friggin’ sexy!

  • [YT] he’s english is really good..I like the way he speaks in eng ^_^

  • [YT] but his hair is nice… he’s so cute ^_^

  • [YT] agree on that ^_^ Vaness is so cute…!

  • [YT] Hey do you now how amyne episode it has? i really want to now…

  • [YT] Vanness likes to play with his hair a lot doesn’t he? he’s always swinging it around & making it dramatic =P

  • [YT] Oh gosh, seriously woman! Why are you just standing there & letting him talk to you like that?
    Jeez, they kissed before they even got together & Dong Shi is pissed… dude, you kissed another girl WHILE you were in a relationship… I’d slap you, then dump

  • [YT] Vanness is so cute how he has his arms open just ready to catch her

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    ___ ___ my username there is Hailey-lmeml chat soon 😉

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  • [YT] Nice Video lolz, my names Alyssa, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Alyssa-oaooz chat soon 😉


  • [YT] The whole class including the professor are idiots.The constant chanting of her name makes me want to punch them

  • [YT] i agree to F4fanforever1598 vanness know’s already how to speak english so don’t be redicolous about that. but for mr i like him the way he speak english than this language well just for guy’s don’t be get mad..

  • [YT] wow man.. the actress playing sae seems pretty accurate..

  • [YT] i tink d classmates r MADdddddddddddd..hw can a person rep her class for all the events??..crazyzzzzzzzzz..

  • [YT] i feel dat dong shi & momo reali cannot make a couple..n dis dong shi nev c sha hui smiling behind during their argument

  • [YT] ah li reaction when Sha Hui touched him was priceless. He like get off me crazy btich

  • [YT] This has got to be the worst movie ever!!
    And I thought the nana movie was bad…aparently not!

  • [YT] AHAHAH, yea…..

  • [YT] Hell, yea!

  • [YT] Oh, but the ah li dude speaks it sooooooo good!!!

  • [YT] wth is tht dude trying to say? if there wasn’t captions, i wouldn’t understand his english at ALL!!

  • [YT] I think the cartoon was MUCH better. The live action seems so fake

  • [YT] Oh my GOD, even her high school friend lied to her…

  • [YT] that english professor is sanchai’s dad in meteor garden right? lol

  • [YT] A Li’s so awesome in English!

  • [YT] wat a stupid Sha Hui human?

  • [YT] me too

  • [YT] yupz

  • [YT] so. just because he speaks english very well doesn’t mean that i get to hear him speak it often. thank you very much.
    *rolls eyes

  • [YT] Need to agree all the way with you!

  • [YT] Vanness already speaks English really well. He is a born USA citizen! HELLO!!!! If you like Vanness you should not die when he speaks English! Please(scoffs).

  • [YT] omg…it’s a universal rule after all…all english professors are dorks!!!

  • [YT] In the book Sha hui(sai in the manga) told toji that he could practice kissing on her but actually it really was her that kissed him even though he was about to say no

  • [YT] Kiley is sooo cute!!!! LIVE-EVIL ROX’S!!!!!!!

  • [YT] omg i bout died when vanness spoke in english

  • [YT] lmfao
    poor dong si
    but ah-li and Xiao Toa (or what ev) should be together
    does anyone else get seriousely bothered by her long braided pony tail always sticking up?

  • [YT] ai ya! stupid girl! too caught up in the high school drama. move on lil mama and just focus!

  • [YT] Dong Si’s an idiot. &he’s ugly.

  • [YT] lol when she fell.. that was the most retardest thing ever x] who doesnt look where they’re going?

  • [YT] true thatt. the window thing is going too far –; dumb girl.

  • [YT] come on, you’re a big girl. . why let people picking up on you. . if i were her, i would kill those annoying little bitches lol

  • [YT] aHaha practice yea right:P

  • [YT] First, of all Dong Si is not worth dying over, I would not have gone that far with the window thing. I would forget him, but I will tell the slow poke why in the world would I lie about that girl, you knew me longer than her. and etc, she just better breaking off with him.

  • [YT] Vanness was born in california for those who dont know… so duh he knows english perfectly because he lived in the U.S. until he was 18
    I luv him.

  • [YT] Ah LI is fine I luv you Vanness Wu

  • [YT] xiao tao is so stupid and naive believe everything other ppl say her and dong si are like the ultimate couple seriously… -_-

  • [YT] i think thats cuz he grew up in america for a little bit when he was young

  • [YT] Poor girl, left behind to pay for all that food XD; Hopefully her boyfriend will come soon… And dammit, this show is making me sacrifice hours of sleep!

  • [YT] AGREED! 😀

  • [YT] o.o *waits for proof as well*

  • [YT] Why the hell did she not say that she slapped him afterwards?! (And, OMG, she almost admitted to the fact that she had enjoyed the kiss XD) But… GOD! And Dong Shi is so stupid! And I say again- she’s really lucky she has 3G watching her back

  • [YT] I swear to god, if Xiao Tao doesn’t say exactly what happened…. D<

  • [YT] They’re on youtube now =3

  • [YT] omg vaness aka ah li is soooo hot. and his english is great there is no accent when hes speaking it.

  • [YT] If I were Xiao Tao, I would act that I wasn’t even bothered by it. That way, it would not give the satisfaction to ShaHui

  • [YT] I would just say, “Well, didn’t you kiss Sha Hui as well?!”

  • [YT] AHHH Ah Li is so sweet

  • [YT] manipulative little biatch

  • [YT] Ah Li is actually sweeter than Dong Si! she could’ve broke up with Dong Si earlier then go out with Ah Li

  • [YT] funny but still cute

  • [YT] beautiful song

  • [YT] lol i cant believe she actually said it was for practise how redundant is that line !

  • [YT] d acting here s a bit weak………

  • [YT] i duno bt i preffer d anime one…….

  • [YT] ARRRGH i hate Sha Hui

  • [YT] i dont think she’s ugly just kind of plain looking

  • [YT] Vanness sounds sexy in both languages, that teacher has…issues, Vanness should be the one teaching the class.

  • [YT] how is she prom queen? shes so ugly lol

  • [YT] If Dong-si and xiao tao end up together in the end, I’ll be rly pissed! He is so *&$#W dumb!!! I really don’t like him. He’s cute but that’s all there is to his character. He’s also easily fooled while Ah Li is a lot smarter and he’s sweet! Go AH LI!! 😀

  • [YT] Dong-si really is stupid. How can he not consider that a freakin’ kiss??? And he got pissed at xiao because A Li kissed her before they got together and she felt a twinge of something?? He really is a piece of work. I want A Li and Tao together. Dong is to stupid to deserve her. let him get played.

  • [YT] xiao tao is such an idiot. She knows that she slapped him right afterward but she acted all guilty. Plus it was before they even got together. Sha hui may be telling all the lies but tao is stupid for just sitting there and taking it.

  • [YT] OMG. I am so glad that A Li didn’t fall into her trap! He’s a good guy after all. I was getting worried there for a second that he would actually do it since he really likes xiao tao. But he’s one of the good guys. wooohoooo! 😀 😀 😀 He rocks!!!

  • [YT] this was actually made before the manga was

  • [YT] SHA HUI is such an evil bitch..
    and ugly too

  • [YT] omg!! I hate them I just feel like breaking their leg and saying “swim on this!”

  • [YT] I Wish someday i can meet vanness
    it would be sooooo coool to meet him
    good thing he knows how to speak english
    cuz i dont know how to speak taiwanese but i want to learn how someday that would be cool!

  • [YT] xiao tao is pretty and nice the other one is barf

  • [YT] the three guys that she lives with r like her brothers
    their nice to her and they care thats kool
    also i hope she realizes soon that Ah Li and her were meant to be…

  • [YT] Ah li please dont fall fo her dirty tricks!!!!
    Sha hui is such a (B*E*E*P)

  • [YT] Sha Hui sux and is ugly in the manga/anime/dorama i mean look at the other girl shes goregous and nice in the manga/anime/dorama

  • [YT] was he planning to catch running with his hands out i tought that i was hilarious but i feel bad he really likes her hope they end up together

  • [YT] OMG!!! Sha hui is such a slut i mean she imagines all those things about her and Dong si is just nasty,and I hope Ah li don’t fall for it.

  • [YT] i hate tht biotch sha hui

  • [YT] mmmm is the opening chinese?

  • [YT] Really? This was actually made before the manga was? Can I see proof? o.o

  • [YT] Dong si is a stupid asshole jerk thats reallly gullible. Ah li is where she needs to be^_^yum

  • [YT] Xiao left behind to pay all that food!

  • [YT] i hate all those evil stupid stuck up girls… damn it…

    ah li is so sweet~ >.< nya~~~ i just cant stand it. gwash he makes me blush

  • [YT] ah li is so cool… his english is hella good :] WOW! he is so amazing~ *smile*

    oh, also, that evil girl and her little friends SUCK D:<

  • [YT] omg! so unfair! he kissed her!! D: noo!!!
    stupid evil girl! D;

  • [YT] OMG…Sha hui…GOSH! SO MEAN!

  • [YT] i dont want Ah Li to work with that stupid GIRL!! NOOO >.< WHAT IF THEY END UP TOGETHER?? nooo! he is too good for her! he is suppose to be a good person!! rarr!!! T_T

  • [YT] omg. evn though i hve watched this and am watchin this again. i’m cryin ='( WAAAAA.

  • [YT] i dont like the guy in the hospital.
    ah li is hot 🙂

  • [YT] I love the song inbetween this part 0_0 Can someone tell me the title, please? 0_0

  • [YT] man shan hui is such a bitch. i hella hate her. the dude in the white is kinda funny. shan hui is so ugly the other girl is prettier.

  • [YT] if my boyfriend did that i swear.. i would chop his dingaling off!

  • [YT] Ah Li is so Cute!

  • [YT] wow dong shi is such a retard. he would practise with a another girl

  • [YT] he just left all that food.i feel bad for the girl who has to pay for all the food that ah li ordered.that was a lot.

  • [YT] if it was me.i wouldn’t show up at all.i don’t think it’s worth it if it is just done by force.

  • [YT] goodness.xiao tao should be with ah li.he’s so much better.he actually cares for her unlike dong si who seems to listen to what sha hui says.that idiot.

  • [YT] she is just plain evil.ah li don’t team up with her.

  • [YT] different language different name….different meanings

  • [YT] this is really sad for xiao tao coz her best friend in high school lied to her coz she also likes dong si..and now her ex-best friend in college did the same thing..hmph X(

  • [YT] I love the 3G…are all so sweet…I wish had friends like them… 🙂

  • [YT] He will be.
    At the end.
    Don’t worry.

  • [YT] It is Chinese.
    Deal with it.
    If you don’t like it, go create a ‘Japanese’ or /whatever/ it’s called drama yourself.
    If it doesn’t look good; don’t watch it.

  • [YT] Please. I’m not going to say you can’t do better; you should stop insulting.

  • [YT] aww a li is so cute. he looks rly caring for her wen her friend is like i lied to u. hes like sick of it too

  • [YT] kinda confuse isn’t her name like momo-ish @[email protected]

  • [YT] Yeah same here! ;_;

  • [YT] I find what’s his name the one in the hospital his soft voice a little annoying!!! But the drama is getting good!!!

  • [YT] ahh i wanna watch the anime but i cant find any of the episodes.. it makes me sad.

  • [YT] haha yea i noticed that too. he just ran out of the resturant without paying. he just dropped his food and left. so the girl is stuck paying. haha

  • [YT] come to the dark side of the force .. ^_^

  • [YT] Noo, Ah Li don’t turn to the dark side! o>.

  • [YT] I don’t know who she ends up with but I hope it’s Ah Li. I mean, Dong Si sucks. Unless you’ve given him a reason not to trust you, your boyfriend should always take your word over anyone else’s without question.

  • [YT] Iyahhh.

  • [YT] That sick guy seem to me sometime hansome and ugly

  • [YT] lol xiao tao’s friend needs to pay for all the food ah li ordered =P

  • [YT] ah li is sooo hot when he’s speaking in english O M G.

  • [YT] she’s so stupid why wouldn’t she say something they weren’t even together at the time and he stole the kiss from her anyway so it’s not like she kissed him back!!! GRRR!! Girls are so stupid

  • [YT] have you ever seen anyone get served that quickly in a sit down restaurant?

  • [YT] I hope this movie has a twist, and she end up with vaness.ehehhe

  • [YT] in d-addicts ^^

  • [YT] i dont feel right if vanness is goin be a bad guy..stupid, y wud u ever team up with Sha Hui??

  • [YT] ahlis so sweet.. cant wait til the ending.. hope it turns out just like the anime :-d

  • [YT] ahhas, its becoming more exciting (:

  • [YT] oh snap.
    here comes the drama.