Peach Girl Episode 06

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Xiao Tao is a young girl entering college. Things just don’t seem to be going right for her. She falls at the beach and spraining her ankle; she has unwittingly made the university’s reigning princess, Sha Hui, her enemy. Dong Si, her secret crush, doesn’t seem to know of her feelings, but she has the school’s most popular playboy and troublesome, Ah Li, showering her with his attentions! This may prove to be just too much for the tall, shy and athletic Xiao Tao until suddenly happiness comes her way: she and Dong Si begin dating! This happiness is short lived as the calculating Sha Hui is determined to be the number one girl, even if it means destroying Xiao Tao in the process. Also, standing on the sidelines is Ah Li who has made it known that the only girl for him is Xiao Tao. Can Dong Si and Xiao Tao manage to keep their relationship afloat? Will Sha Hui succeed in her devious plans? Or will Xiao Tao realise that the one that is truly for her is Ah Li?

Based on the shoujo manga by Miwa Ueda this is a story about jealousy, revenge, the powers of love and friendship and the ties of fate that bind people together.

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  • [YT] really? is the title of the manga peach girl too?

  • [YT] what the that girl could get away with murder it pisses me off so much!!!!

  • [YT] OOOOO!!!! That must have been….arousing!?

  • [YT] omg dong si and ah li kissed! xamechanx was right .Oh man it seemed Ah Li leaned in for them to actually hit then you can see the smile forming on both of them xD Also when they were yelling and coughing you can see a small laugh from Dong Shi

  • [YT] i miss ah li 🙁

  • [YT] i miss vanness 🙁

  • [YT] i miss ah li. where is he? OMFG! i want to see Ah Li.

  • [YT] lol she kisses mickey the doll for pratice!

  • [YT] what’s the name of the song at the beginning (theme song)

  • [YT] hahaha the kissing scences funny ^__^ also vanness so cute ^__^

  • [YT] where in the world is ah li.

  • [YT] omg thats kissing scene was amazing!!

  • [YT] ahhh te chinskie literki xD (ahhh this chinese words)

  • [YT] correct me if I’m wrong…college campuses are huge….how the hell did he know where to find her?

  • [YT] you can tell that sha hui is trying to make xiao tao jealous by telling her what lu lang bought for her.

  • [YT] OMG where is Ah Li? 🙁

  • [YT] Dong Si has guts!!!!!!! But that was really sweet! <3333333

  • [YT] OMG the kiss was uber funny! They stayed there for like 2 seconds!!!!!! 😀 XD

  • [YT] this show is really beyond words…so cheesy

  • [YT] xiao tao is so ugly

  • [YT] isnt the lu wu guy the one who acted as dau ming su’s fake cousin? lol. im not sure

  • [YT] Hahahaha every time this Lu Wu guy comes in techno plays…hehehehe

    Ah Li is so much cuter tho!

  • [YT] Hahahaha when they kissed! Oh man it seemed Ah Li leaned in for them to actually hit then you can see the smile forming on both of them xD Also when they were yelling and coughing you can see a small laugh from Dong Shi

    SO funny!

  • [YT] merci ^_^

  • [YT] me too

  • [YT] same here 😐 ^_^ <3

  • [YT] omg i can’t stand this anymore, i want to kill sha hui….hahaha lol XD

  • [YT] omg what a bitch a sha hui, i can’t stand her!!! and Lren1888 you’re right Dong Shi looks cute with that new haircut <33 !!

  • [YT] hahaha thats ah li first kiss XD by dong si XD i couldn’t stop laughing XD

  • [YT] You ahould all read the manga, it’s way more frustrating there… also has a better ending

  • [YT] omg… college women screaming like emelantary girls…
    My ears hurt… x_X

  • [YT] When reading the manga & Dong Shi does the “L”… it’s SOOO funny!!! I remember laughing really hard when I read that =P
    did he really thing a bomb was gunna explode if he did that?? LMAO!
    Soo cute! XD

  • [YT] aww Vanness is such a cutie!! He’s always flipping his hair around!
    umm… that’s not Ah Li’s first kiss… he had it with the girl

  • [YT] LOL, her face

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    ___ ___ my username there is Alexandra-vnaujklnn chat soon 😉

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    ___ ___ my username there is Savannah-rqnmzzlhggkp chat soon 😉

  • [YT] Xiao Tao is so pretty

  • [YT] I don’t think sha hui is really that pretty

  • [YT] hmm im guessing that she slapped him because even tho she told him not to see that evil woman, he still did.

  • [YT] if you guys are angry at her in this version, wait till you check out the manga… that will make you want to rip the page.

  • [YT] I wish they would have kept the origional names… but other than that, this is awesome!

  • [YT] aaww poor girl 🙁

  • [YT] wtf???lolz….

  • [YT] yeah… but the manga and anime dont have the ‘kiss’…. that was soo unexpected… i nearly wet my pants… poor a li….

  • [YT] AH LI you are sexxxy PERIOD no questions asked

  • [YT] arg where is my ah li

  • [YT] no way thats ah li first kiss stop playing

  • [YT] i know

  • [YT] Sha Hui keeps trying to impress xiao tao but it’s not working XD
    and she can’t make her be jealous

  • [YT] but sha hui looks so innocent and cute and pretty in 2:00 (around tht time)……but we all noe she’s not. =O

  • [YT] “Schedule” “supermodel”?????
    i think it’d do these ppl better ratings if they didn’t try to attempt to speak english. except for ah li LOL

  • [YT] Yea!!!!!

  • [YT] xiao tao ends up with ah li in teh manga tho…..i dunno about here….

  • [YT] cute cute gesture lol lovee it

  • [YT] Lu Wu Lang? Hah!
    Ah Li is MUCH better!!!

    where’s Ah Li?? I miss him!! =(

  • [YT] why didnt Dong Shi kiss it cuz what Sha Hui said affected him? i dont reallii get tha part when Xiao Tao slapped Dong Shi..wat was that all abou?

  • [YT] how evil can Sha Hui be?

  • [YT] i too!

  • [YT] lol.. why did she slap dong si?! she saw dong si reject the bitch.. kinda got lost there..

  • [YT] that lu wu lang looks like a fag! lol!

  • [YT] oh no! sha hui is back!! ;p

  • [YT] lol its the most funniest thing so far in the series.. it came out of nowhere and i cant stop laughing! hahaha!

  • [YT] is Sha Hui tryin to get popular again by beiin on tha gurls magazine?

  • [YT] was funniie when Dong Shi made tha ‘L’ sign thingy! =]

  • [YT] if i were to be Xiao Tao..i’d rather not let Sha Hui in ma group..since i knoe wat kinda person she is!

  • [YT] i meant to say aznnvhai93..gomenasai!

  • [YT] shut up would ya..anime and live action is both good!

  • [YT] tha two guys kissin part was funniie!

  • [YT] true buh Xiao Tao is good too..i like momo!

  • [YT] Xiao Tao is so forgiving.

  • [YT] lol yeah the anime is better and lol the kissing part was funny

  • [YT] momo is better in the animie

  • [YT] ohhhh bitch slap!!!

  • [YT] i hope she ends up with vaness in the end, they make a better couple, seriously

  • [YT] hahaha, its turning into bl, lol

  • [YT] anime better den tis lorz,all d characters so kawaii

  • [YT] Vanness is soooo hot.

  • [YT] wtf …. tt girl still is evil!

  • [YT] ending is xiaotao wid ah li or dong si??

    later sae got do anythinq to stop xiaotao and dong si??

  • [YT] anime sae is more attractive..

  • [YT] That “famous” model guy looks like Mario Lopez XD

  • [YT] Oh HELLLL YEEAA yall see vanness punch him!

  • [YT] sigh
    vanness isn’t in this ep enough

  • [YT] when is ah li coming back!?!?!

  • [YT] if you all like this then you will really love the anime for this series its called Peach Girl. i absolutely love the anime and it is better than this live action series. the anime is longer but i think it has more detail and the plot flows better.

  • [YT] sorry but i like to go both ways…but in real life it looks kind of better…=]] i still like the anime version when he does it though =]] EITHER WAY IT’S STILL ADORABLE!!!!

  • [YT] dang~~
    this is so gayyy~
    the manga is wayyy better~~!!!
    if taiwan want to make it a dreama make the character prettyyyyyy~~!!!

  • [YT] Dong Shi looks hott with his haircut that way…..!!!!!!

  • [YT] he’s ugly…. actually he’s fugly…. gross

  • [YT] What is this charm she is talking about?

  • [YT] well the so called little angel gave him that thing that sopposly looks like a stomach virus pill something something and then he threw up

  • [YT] Yay, she’s finally letting her manipulative side do her real good XD She and that model are perfect for each other

  • [YT] Yes, with that secret code, she’s MUCH better suited for Ah Li, who would either get a kick out of it, or come up with something better XD

  • [YT] i still think vaness aka a li is hotter and nicer in this show! better thatn that lu wu lang if thats how you spell his name iono.

  • [YT] CHARM? LOL! she thinks she has charm? wow……

  • [YT] OMG! im embarrassed for her and him! can’t believe she came up with a CODE!

  • [YT] WHAT.

  • [YT] what the heck did ShaHui do to that guy?!

  • [YT] yeah he got bitch slapped

  • [YT] hahah she looks like a fish


  • [YT] i think xiao Tao comes across as bing a lot more mature in this part

  • [YT] that bitch acting like the cat thatgot the cream….all be it very nasty looking cream

  • [YT] omg..she’s so childish..~

  • [YT] oh god a slow mo kiss could it get any cheesier

  • [YT] this guy loves him self

  • [YT] at 5:59 i kept expecting to hear that ping sound effect

  • [YT] he’s butt ugly any way

  • [YT] yeah i agree that guy looked kinda sleazy

  • [YT] spoiler i think

    doesn’t she redeam herself in the end though

  • [YT] i think i just realised how childish Xaio [sp] tao is i mean come on a secret code to say i like you??

  • [YT] when she put her lips into the air to practice to be kissing dong si was really…EMBARASSING!!! HAHA..OMG..yet funny!!

  • [YT] OMG..WHAT A FCKING BITCH..she still want dong si! she’ll never learn! i cant imagine how hopeless she is!

  • [YT] he was the guy from hana kimi. omg. well, hahaha, a li is soo right. besides, i like guys to got famous for something other than modeling. lol. like something hard working? well, anyway, hahaha. that guy…he is soo old looking, and way to built. i hate guys like that. lol.

  • [YT] hate gurls lyk dat

  • [YT] lolz…me bad it wasnt him at bad….

  • [YT] d model s d guy frm meteor garden…d one who acted as dongmin shi’s cuzin i fink……

  • [YT] lololol….lyk d whole secret code fing bt i preffer it in d anime one…much cuter n sweeter lololol

  • [YT] omg if this is exactly like the manga…u wont like wat happens to her later

  • [YT] Why the hell didn’t he just walk the F away?? He stopped every time she said so. What a punk!!

  • [YT] wow there she went.. ruining things again..
    good! He pushed that bitch off!!
    I’m so confused..

  • [YT] wow.. that Sui Hai is still
    acting all high and mighty
    what a bitch..
    she’s never gonna learn.

  • [YT] wow some people never change..
    that sha hui is still a bitch!

  • [YT] I know, I know!!

  • [YT] I know! when I saw him I was like “oh my–oh my god.”

  • [YT] yeah.. for me too!


    No, I’m not happy about it.

  • [YT] XD, LOL at Dong Si XD



  • [YT] OMFG..SHA STILL A B****!

  • [YT] LMAO.. IT’S THE ALMIGHTY “L” OMG..I can’t believe there was victory music in the background! LOL! xD

  • [YT] because he went to meet her there in the first place and he took the bait.

  • [YT] i hate that girls GUTs… I WANT HER ALONE AND SAD!! :[ i really hate her…

  • [YT] Sha Hui should drop it… dang.
    god why she gotta bother the nice girl still after she was kind enough to help her when she had no friends… god!
    I HATE HER… she never changes!! >:B

  • [YT] i cant believe he did the “L” thing xD that was funnny, but sweet

  • [YT] lol I feel sorry for the model guy, he’s like 🙁

  • [YT] haha L is for loser though…. i guess they don’t know that! LOL! OMG!

  • [YT] lol just like the manga XD

  • [YT] she so crazy!

  • [YT] wow she is so evil…………wheres the cutie ah li?

  • [YT] dong si is so ugly.

  • [YT] Ohmigod -,-;; Modeling is not her thing -,-;; She’s not even pretty -,-;;

  • [YT] if that wulang guy smiles for a long time..he’s butt ugly..XD>.<

  • [YT] *sigh* I wish Sha Hui would stop being such an idiot.

  • [YT] Where’s the paparazzi?

  • [YT] Aw. She’s such a faker. I can’t believe he fell for this b**ch

  • [YT] lol! They’re all like… f************k! I can’t believe this! Heh. Still, I wish Sha Hui wouldn’t be so much of the b***h she’s about to become. Poor LuWuLang!

  • [YT] Too bad she’s not gonna change because of Xiao Tao’s kindness

  • [YT] that weird phorographer from hana kimi is here….he looks better with shorter hair but he still looks like a mafia hitman o me

  • [YT] well compared to dong si,lu wu lang i guess is much better looking.sha hui is really evil.she should just stop it cuz she is annoying me.

  • [YT] is it me or lu wu lang looks so familiar..ah never mind.he was the photographer in hana kimi.the one who was gay.not really attractive.

  • [YT] she is such a liar.he said no such things like her being pretty and falling in love.

  • [YT] should i believe sha hui.she could be faking everything.

  • [YT] would you just stop with all the japanese and chinese thing.

  • [YT] Wahahah is the gay photograph from Hana Kimi live action >_<

  • [YT] hey what happened to ah li?

  • [YT] lmao!!! when he did the “L” OMG there was like, victory music in the backround!! it made me laugh so much lol

  • [YT] She just looks like a slut while having the photoshoot…she looks like taking pictures for fhm or something

  • [YT] its a good show but there no hawt guys in it XD but man this show gets u into it so much drama n evil ppl hahah

  • [YT] Japanese copied the Chinese language.

  • [YT] If u havn’t seen the anime then you won’t get it. . .in the anime before she met the model she was in chibi form as in like lower then others but when the model kissed her in the anime she goes back to normal. . .and yeh thats wat the make up is representing. . .i think anywayz

  • [YT] Spoiler warning?

    Xiao Toa will probably date Ah Li soon enough…If it’s the same as the anime..

  • [YT] aw nvm ppl i figured out where i’ve seen him before…he’s Formula17…god i couldn’t think of it…actually he’s pretty short to

  • [YT] omg what have i seen that model guy in before…he looks formilar can anyone help me??? its bugging the crap out of me agh

  • [YT] OMG the model is butt ugly! I love Mike He better, DEVIL BESIDE YOU features Rainie Yang and Mike He, its better done no offense…

  • [YT] dong si is annoying.. sooo naive

  • [YT] shes stupid. just TELL someone especially sha hui about ur secret code. key word: SECRET

  • [YT] the model is really ugly. and is it just my imagination or after he kissed her it looked like she had more make up on.. lol

  • [YT] haah it looked like dong si kissed xiao tao on the neck haha

  • [YT] loser sign!!

  • [YT] You watch it?! Shame on you!xD Ok, ok, I watch it too 😛 Sae is so… arghh

  • [YT] is lu wu lang the guy in hana kimi the photographer

  • [YT] L for loser or love?

  • [YT] thank you

  • [YT] cause shes jelouse and nothings enough 😀

  • [YT] nothings enough for her, and that model guy is such an idoit! youll give him a fricken doll and he’ll fall in love with the same way he has with sha hui

  • [YT] me tooo lol

  • [YT] Y da heck is she still talking 2 her

  • [YT] “L” means loser over here!

  • [YT] she looks really pretty as a model with her hair like that

  • [YT] she’s dumb! that’s a backwards “L”

    hey! sha hui had a wedding ring on. or engagement ring

  • [YT] waah…i lyk vaness better…

  • [YT] Really I woulden’t get pissed about him not using the sign whenever I did. I meen relationships are about giving and taking. And you could see he was happy when she did it. So then it would be okey if he didn’t return it all the time.

  • [YT] Hah. I’m gonna laugh so hard if this model dude ends up falling for Momo…or…whatever her name is in this.

  • [YT] Dayummmm, i want my boyfriend to do that.

  • [YT] Why be so nice to her? She’s going to get her confidence backkk.

  • [YT] o yea, mars is gooood… lolz… well kinda… i dunno… there’s some content that’s freaky… well not freaky… well it has vic… well… yea… MARS is great… good topic too

  • [YT] is MARS good???? i don’t know if i should watch it.

  • [YT] that was ugly model everrrrr !

  • [YT] she is sooo copycat!! copying Xiao tao for the “L” sign!!

  • [YT] hotel? what the heck

  • [YT] aaah…I’m even more convinced now that “sha hui-bitch” hasn’t changed at all, and poor this “Lu Wu Lang” guy, it seems that he’s just gonna be used by Sha Hui to get back at Xiao Tao

  • [YT] i agree with everyone. i just wish to kill her ai ai ya. and i also think that xiao tao should go out with ah li. he so hot.

  • [YT] Oh my god… sha hui isn’t worth of the love of this lu wu guy… she should meet a mental-health doctor

  • [YT] I understand that your being nice, but really your playing with fire.

  • [YT] can someone there just slap her! and ah li is so cute! and i think xiao tao should go with ah li NOT dong si!

  • [YT] sha hui only looks good with her mouth shut

  • [YT] yo i really thought it would be in japanese i mean i dont have anythin aganist chinese its just that if there talk and im doin somethin else i can understand wat there talk about awwwww chinese is 2 hard to learn likey japanese better

  • [YT] She has problems.

  • [YT] sha hui is so show off.!

  • [YT] ok then i deffinatly think it took lots of work but they arent as good as the real thing just stateing my own opion thats all im no hater!

  • [YT] that IS kinda childish. but shes right, if he really liked her, it wouldnt matter how embarresing it is.