Peach Girl Episode 07

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Xiao Tao is a young girl entering college. Things just don’t seem to be going right for her. She falls at the beach and spraining her ankle; she has unwittingly made the university’s reigning princess, Sha Hui, her enemy. Dong Si, her secret crush, doesn’t seem to know of her feelings, but she has the school’s most popular playboy and troublesome, Ah Li, showering her with his attentions! This may prove to be just too much for the tall, shy and athletic Xiao Tao until suddenly happiness comes her way: she and Dong Si begin dating! This happiness is short lived as the calculating Sha Hui is determined to be the number one girl, even if it means destroying Xiao Tao in the process. Also, standing on the sidelines is Ah Li who has made it known that the only girl for him is Xiao Tao. Can Dong Si and Xiao Tao manage to keep their relationship afloat? Will Sha Hui succeed in her devious plans? Or will Xiao Tao realise that the one that is truly for her is Ah Li?

Based on the shoujo manga by Miwa Ueda this is a story about jealousy, revenge, the powers of love and friendship and the ties of fate that bind people together.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • [YT] sha hui with long hair is so weird hahaha

  • [YT] everytime the scary music came out for sure something bad is about to happen..
    sha hui is so disturbing!


  • [YT] i want to do bad things to that girl…….

  • [YT] i liked ah li and xiao tao better 🙁
    i love vanness so much

  • [YT] oh man!
    it’s better if ahli and xiao tao were the once who are kissing with each other.

    where’s ah li? i miss him 🙁

  • [YT] arff??

  • [YT] i hate her gutsss T.T

  • [YT] if i was xiao tao i would slap the sha hui b**** into next year!

  • [YT] OMG Ah Li’s SUCKER PUNCH ROCKED!!!!!!!! 8D

  • [YT] OMG Ah Li!!!! Finally…i was getting a little lonley!!!

  • [YT] someone give me a knife to kill sha hui!!!!1

    and where is Ah Li?

  • [YT] why is she so desperate! i dont think there’s anyone in the world who’s attitude is like hers! GOSH! :)) lol

  • [YT] yup. it would be more intresting with ah li :)) lol.. yeah!! she is getting on my nerves!

  • [YT] yahooo!!!! xiao tao and dong si finally kissed!!! but if it was xia tao and ah li that kissed it would be more interesting………. Sha Hui has really gone too far!!!! grrr…She really gets on my nerves!!!

  • [YT] i thought ah li is the leading man here? isnt he not?

  • [YT] that waz kinda funny when they were fighting

  • [YT] Ah LI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] Did she gat raped in the Peach girl anime?!…I never got to see this episode…

  • [YT] me too!!

  • [YT] wow this is better than general hospital

  • [YT] OMG i really would kill that Sha Hui!!!

  • [YT] OMG i really want to slap her that stupid bitch!!!

  • [YT] aaaahw that’s soo cute Dong Shi and Xiang Tao <33

  • [YT] yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Xiang Tao and Dong Si kissed each other finally…I’m so happy,happy and happy XD But i still have the feeling that i want to kill Sha Hui !!

  • [YT] OMG!!! I hate Sha Hui so much! That bitch! She really get’s on my nerves! But it was funny when they faught and Ah Li punched him really hard! BTW Ah Li is so hot!!!

  • [YT] It’s soo funny how he’s just sitting there watching down on them, “Let them fight” lool
    I half expected Ah Li to jump in & be like… MY TURN!! which kinda happened =P

  • [YT] IIII WANTTTTTTTt toooooo slap sha hui that hoe soooooo badlyy

  • [YT] i want to slapppp Sha Hui so muchhhhhhhh!!!

  • [YT] this show is way better in anime

  • [YT] com’on they r not the same height ….

  • [YT] Sha Hui got a big ass forehead

  • [YT] sha hui very look annoying. i hate her.

  • [YT] why isnt she happy with her own boyfriend. why does she need to screw over sae hui?? i reckon she’s messed up

  • [YT] as i said before, phones always ring at the wrong times!! though im glad that this time it messed up the evil sae plot. she’s messed up, who would dress as some1 else and even wear a wig and the perfume just to get some nookie! she’s either messed up or evil, pure evil.

  • [YT] damn the phone always rings at the wrong time. SWITCH IT OFF or dont give sae ur number. u know wat she’s like!!

  • [YT] Ah Li look so cute just watching ohh man!!!

  • [YT] FINALLLY AH LI oh god…I was goin through Ah Li withdrawal


  • [YT] actually in the manga she becomes REAL friens with xiao tao in teh end…and no she never has a boyfriend!! XD

  • [YT] & tht sounds so wrong…”what i should have touched, i touched” like, OMG……SHA HUI THT BITCH. T.T

  • [YT] and dong si is like "come with me to the motel" AHAHA, tht sounded so wrong.

  • [YT] in the manga ah li likes the nurse. and he luvs her and wants to …..uh. nvm =_=

  • [YT] Dong Shi is so offense! Xiao Tai looks so pretty!

  • [YT] That bitch should get killed over and over again! So with you all!

  • [YT] whoa why is ah li and the nurse still together late in the night.. must be doing something naughty.. lol

  • [YT] whoa.. every character in this series is a fool except for sha hui and ah li.. everybody gets easily fooled by sha hui except for ah li..

  • [YT] i hope she gets her ass kicked

  • [YT] i feel so bad for her. thats a girls worst nightmare

  • [YT] agreed

  • [YT] yeah vanness was born in california

  • [YT] Haha! Yeah, she’s just plain evil. xD


  • [YT] sae sux mannnn! she is such a bitch such a slut!

  • [YT] i’m wif u tooooo!!!

  • [YT] right … i reallt hate sha hui !!!

  • [YT] sha hui look like ghost lor when she put on the wig

  • [YT] i think that the sha hui is a good actor.she knows how to act as a bad guy.some actor act untill the audience dunno if he/she is good guy or bad guy.

  • [YT] this dong si is so dumb Ò_Ó he still listens to what she says?! slap her already!!

  • [YT] god shes so stupid the guy loves her but she just turns him down what a slut lu is stupid if she cant see how much that guy loves her shes just selfish

  • [YT] omg how could she do that what a bitch some one kill her alredy

  • [YT] sha hui is such a freak!!

  • [YT] ew sha hui= disgusting!

  • [YT] that it world war 11 take that bitch!!!!

  • [YT] still world war 3 on her!!!!

  • [YT] world war 10 on her!!


  • [YT] woww…it so much harsh when you see it in real life…

  • [YT] Yeah she did put something on the drink..
    I know eh.. Little ass!

  • [YT] no prob

  • [YT] LOL! ^_^ thnx for replying!!!!! 😀

  • [YT] well even the ugly model has a nice body

  • [YT] yes… me too

  • [YT] im with you on that!!!!!

  • [YT] hahaha

  • [YT] wow…everything she saysabout xiao tao totally herself

  • [YT] WO0O0O GOO AH LI!

  • [YT] sha hui has really some problems…


  • [YT] I actually feel sad for the guy. i mwan, he just wanted the one that he “loved” to be happy. But I still think that those punches were fair. He didn’t have to do it.

  • [YT] That Sha Hui is going to end up with nothing and I just hope that in the end her reputation is trashed, no one stands next to her, and she lives a miserable life. I don’t think that she will die, but I know that Xiao Tao won’t be mean to her. Xiao Tao is so nice compared to that bitch. And I know that the photographer from a while ago has to have something. DAMN THAT NASTY WHORE!

  • [YT] hehehe! yup!

  • [YT] Ah Li’s punch kicked ASS! XD I was all tense and impressed with Dong Si, and then POW XD

  • [YT] Holy crap, what the hell, woman?? This is going one step too far! And why the hell can’t Dong Si tell the obvious height difference??

  • [YT] That explains how his english is so good!

  • [YT] I’ve always wondered if the cameramen every get dizzy during one of those spin-around scenes XD (LOL the look on the girl on the bike’s face at 9:10 is hilarious XD) But poor Lu Wu Lang, being used like that!

  • [YT] She already is! Can’t you tell? XD

  • [YT] how tall is Sha Hui?

  • [YT] Ah LI is Hot! GO VANESS!!!! WOOOT

  • [YT] i see. im gonna try to find vanness speaking english.

  • [YT] haha Ah li’s face at 00:51 is priceless its like WTF!


    i know Xiao forgives her in the end but i hiope its not before something REALLY painful happens to sha hui

  • [YT] he has an american accent

  • [YT] OMGOMGOMG! I am like getting fed-up with sha Hui. She’s just one of those ppl who doesn’t have enough of self-confidence. I mean, she copied what Xiao Tao was wearing. She even wore a wig! How low can you go? Ever heard of personal style? And how could she do that to XiaoTao?!


  • [YT] omg, he lived in u.s.a for 18 years, WOOAHHH, so his english…how does it sound?

  • [YT] she looks nothing like xiao tao

  • [YT] she’s just so fake how the hell does anyone take her seriously

  • [YT] someone should say that to Dong-Si

  • [YT] according to IMDB he’s Chinese American and was born in LA but moved to Taiwan when he was 18

  • [YT] why are all the men [except Ah Li] in this show complete idiots

  • [YT] OHH-MYY-GODD!! im disgusted with SHA HUI!! SHES SUCH A LITTLE BITCH! poor xiao..its her b-day and that’s whats gonna happen to her! shes not worth it..she doesnt deserve to be treaten like this! but guess who deserve to be treaten like this? THATS RIGHT! SHA HUI!! SHE SHOULD DIE AFTER ALL THE BAD THINGS SHE DID TO XIAO!

  • [YT] YAAY!! there comes the cuttie AH LI!! to the rescue!! lolz! XD


  • [YT] Ah Li is just a hottie!! He looks better than Dong Si! why didnt Xiang tao fell in love with him! hes way way way hotter than Dong Si! XD

  • [YT] Sha Hai is such a bitch. blowing off her bf like that AND making him do that to Xiao. (there is a reason im not blaming the model guy)

  • [YT] Dong si is DUMB! Doesn’t someone know if someone doesn’t feel right in your arms? lol.

  • [YT] did vaness live in u.s.a or something?

  • [YT] yeah ah li s so whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] this chinese singer and actor

  • [YT] i guess there always have ta be a good and bad person ta make da story worth watchin LOL

  • [YT] lol shes taht dumb…dont accept drinks or food from ppl that u hate!!

  • [YT] Please tell me sha hui gets hit my a semi-truck! I want her to DIE!! *_*

  • [YT] OMFG they gave her so many fcuking chances to change.. and she uses them to try and ruin it for people! That girl deserves to be alone, or something horrible should happen to her- and I hope it happens soon! God, why can’t she leave Xiao Tao & Dong Si alone?! And Lu Wu Lang is worst for even doing as she says like wtf is wrong with him? Can’t they see that she’s just gonna keep using them over and over again? God.

  • [YT] omfg that bitch strikes again!
    hurry go find Xiao Tao, Dong Si before something
    bad happenens!

  • [YT] wow, that girl just never knows when to stop..

  • [YT] when he threw that punch, I was like”ooohh!! He got told SO bad!” LMAO!!

  • [YT] hahaha!! “if you can’t sing, don’t sing” I like that! lmao!

  • [YT] I know!! Hes a total moron! Id wack her to hell myself! GGRRRRRR!!!

  • [YT] man xiao really is a nice person after all that stupid girl did to her xiao stills gonna end up forgiving her…

  • [YT] poor dong si…. x[ & that meanie bobeanie girl :! and xiao…got what she didnt want..

  • [YT] i have to admit its not as good as the anime…but its still good :] but its the same thing xD

  • [YT] lol! dies and go to heck. 🙂 i’m on your boat. 🙂

  • [YT] OMG…I KNOW..I WANT TO KILL HER!..oops…caps on…

  • [YT] I am so mad at Sha Hui…

  • [YT] Epiloge = <3.

  • [YT] ah li rocks! he HAS to be with xiao toa… he is WAY better for her. so sweet and awesome! i hope i’ll be lucky enough to meet a guy like him :]

  • [YT] she had so many FREAKIN chances and she just NEVER CHANGES!! i hate her guts!!! damn it!!!
    but i’m so happy! i miss ah li so much <333

  • [YT] that girl just never gives up and it pisses me off…

    i want to kick her…
    and that model is so STUPID! gosh! i want to knock some sense into him too!

  • [YT] they both are real cute to gether and all…

    but i REALLY miss ah li T_T waa

  • [YT] no, he shooed them away for some poo-tang.

  • [YT] ah lin is sooo HOT!!

  • [YT] I luv vanessa Wu!!! He’s soo hot!!

  • [YT] God, that stupid Sha Zhi. Someone needs to put her in her place. I wish LWL would’ve slapped her, or punched her, or whatever.

  • [YT] Heh. One hell of a birthday huh. What a present.

  • [YT] lol. It get’s so much more interesting about those two later on. >.- lol.

  • [YT] Where are Dong Si’s parents?

    Did he shoo them away for the birthday? O.o

  • [YT] Ugh, I’m glad Dong Si is FINALLY trying to help/find/whatever for Xiao Tao. Before he would have just stood there and believed Sha Hui.

  • [YT] I think it’s kind of weird everytime those two kiss (Dong Si and Xiao Tao) it seems so awkward, no passion, just nerves.. completely different when Ah Li kissed her, even though it was out in the blue..

  • [YT] this model is DUMB.

  • [YT] she needs to see how she is treating everybody.gosh she needs to experience what she is doing to momo.that little ……

  • [YT] what a whore.gosh she is getting on my last nerves.she has a twisted mind.

  • [YT] is this supposed to be like the anime peach girl (didn’t watch this yet..xD)

  • [YT] hahaha woah its a bit wierd when he’s singing happy birthday.. it comes out of nowheres and the way that he comes out is all like “heh heh im gonna get you little girl” XD lol just my opinion lol

  • [YT] vaness was hot before peach girl, and hes hot even IN peach girl… whatever, Vaness is sexy, talented, and he can dance too… GAH hes gorgeous *obsession over such hot talented asian guys O.O*

  • [YT] omg so gonna kill that bitch so much time to lose on the others geez

  • [YT] i already know that she is gonna end up with ah li in the end,but i’m just gonna try and watch all the ep until the last one.i didn’t want to read the manga cuz i wasn’t a big fan of the drawing.

  • [YT] yeah that right its going to be a very happy ending

  • [YT] Why is ah li and the nurse together? haha 🙂

  • [YT] So Ah li and xiao tao will end up together right? 🙂

  • [YT] Oh I love Vanness! I rewatch the Scandal video again and again, he is so gorgeous!!!

  • [YT] O_O;; Who would let your worst enemy be raped by ur boyfriend..Really really low…

  • [YT] ;p

  • [YT] AH LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Woot Welcome back Vanness ;p

  • [YT] O_O;; you just didn’t asked that..Vanness Wu is the extremly hot Ah Li! ;p

  • [YT] Ciough. Who isn’t obsessed with vanness? Although I never heard of him before I watched Peach Girl, I’m obsessed ;p

  • [YT] who the hell goes to save their enemy on an important day?
    AND accepts drinks!

  • [YT] u r obessesed wit Vanness lol

  • [YT] who is vanness?

  • [YT] something bad happens to shahui later right? something that makes everyone hate her right? something BETTER happen to her. i hope she dies.. no wait then ppl will feel sry for her.. no i hope she gets ugly then ppl kill her cuz they hate her so much. yeah.

  • [YT] yes it is

  • [YT] Ahhh….Vanness would have sang it soooo cute!

  • [YT] wow…this is such a compliacted thing….how does Sha hui think of all these evil things.

  • [YT] yeah wait til you see what happens to shahui later

  • [YT] agreed! like he’s gonna kill her or something

  • [YT] he sings horribly!

  • [YT] I agree and knowing him he would probably sing it in English.

  • [YT] he has a weird voice.

  • [YT] its xiao tao

  • [YT] it’s rape if you do it w/o a girl’s permission!!!!

  • [YT] isn’t it rape if u violate a girl when she’s unconcious

  • [YT] Awe, I thought it was sooo cute. But Vanness would have sang it better!

  • [YT] she got uh thing put into her drink…so she might be drunk still


  • [YT] man its so creepy when he sings happy birthday

  • [YT] OMG She’s freakin’ Crazy!!! and such a stalker!

  • [YT] this can’t be good ! ah ayiiii

  • [YT] yeah u soooo right but still we already hate her , she is ugly and mean plus she is short

  • [YT] Peach Girl ep 7 (8/8) and ep8 (1/8) is missing!!

  • [YT] wahh!? vanness’s fine buff arm could break the door with one hit?

  • [YT] xiao tao is sucha dumbass why doesnt she say anything to that model boy at first?

  • [YT] whos the main charater ? Ah Li or Dong shi ~

  • [YT] Yo calm down Everyone Offend the character not the actress

  • [YT] she’s not just a bitch but such an ugly whore(have to admit though,the actress act so well playing the character,successfully made us all hate her so bad)

  • [YT] AH li!!! Ah LI!!!! AH LI!!!! Yeah!

  • [YT] Vanness is back!! I was having some seirous withdrawl!

  • [YT] ohh.. gogogo! ah li!!