Peach Girl Episode 09

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Xiao Tao is a young girl entering college. Things just don’t seem to be going right for her. She falls at the beach and spraining her ankle; she has unwittingly made the university’s reigning princess, Sha Hui, her enemy. Dong Si, her secret crush, doesn’t seem to know of her feelings, but she has the school’s most popular playboy and troublesome, Ah Li, showering her with his attentions! This may prove to be just too much for the tall, shy and athletic Xiao Tao until suddenly happiness comes her way: she and Dong Si begin dating! This happiness is short lived as the calculating Sha Hui is determined to be the number one girl, even if it means destroying Xiao Tao in the process. Also, standing on the sidelines is Ah Li who has made it known that the only girl for him is Xiao Tao. Can Dong Si and Xiao Tao manage to keep their relationship afloat? Will Sha Hui succeed in her devious plans? Or will Xiao Tao realise that the one that is truly for her is Ah Li?

Based on the shoujo manga by Miwa Ueda this is a story about jealousy, revenge, the powers of love and friendship and the ties of fate that bind people together.

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  • [YT] Wait… the anime and manga is japanese, why is this chinese/korean???

  • [YT] naniiiiiiiiii

  • [YT] ok….aaam…i don’t like the live action…kairi it’s ok and touji and the others are ok….but momo.. :S honestly i don’t like the girl who does like momo hahahaha xD

  • [YT] tell me about it, I am latino and I don’t even wanna look at a latino.

  • [YT] no shes not, she only wants him so Xiao Tao cant have him.

  • [YT] Really? I did not know not. Learn something knew everyday, I suppose.

  • [YT] obviously they arent chinese

  • [YT] yea but its the same language its like American English and England English

  • [YT] By the way, I’d like note that this is the Taiwanese live action not Chinese.

  • [YT] You know I’ve never been fond of Eastern Live Action Cinema (if you find a good one tell me. I would like to change) but there are too things I like about this show. Ah Li’s actor is very entertaining and has those same bursts of energy and gentleness that Kairi does. Plus, so far in any version,the anime, the english dub, and this…Sae has a great actress and cute too boot! The music is a favorite of mine too, the opening theme and the back ground music(though not used too often).

  • [YT] they sound fake i like the anime way better

  • [YT] hahah dis da chinese version oh peach girl?
    LOL he’z lik yell!!! haha

  • [YT] OMG, i wanT u 2 be my guardian angeL too… =)

  • [YT] Is that short hair guy supposed to be Toji, and the long hair guy Kairi? XD I like the original a whole lot better!

  • [YT] vanness is way too hot and such a great actor but it doesn’t stop there, he’s got the moves too. he is the only asian guy that i like. anyways hope he’ll try it here in US and im very sure he’ll make it big time 🙂

  • [YT] I swear Dong Si reminds me of Xiu…(X-family drama) The voices are so similar! 😀

  • [YT] This is why i LOVE Ah Li!!!!!!! <3333

  • [YT] 1. hold your breath
    2. go 2 a different video.
    3. leave this comment.
    4 if you do it without taking a breath then your a good kisser.

    did it!!!

  • [YT] 6:24 McDonald’s YAY!!^^

  • [YT] Wow, can’t believe there’s no snow in the ‘Xaou Tao (Momo) waiting for Dong Si (Toji)’ Scene. O.o

  • [YT] this is def. chinese lol xD

  • [YT] there’s a tv drama!

  • [YT] i like the anim better

  • [YT] ah li is so cute!! :))

  • [YT] isnt it taiwanese? :)) thats what i know 😀

  • [YT] god ah li has great arms =)

  • [YT] chinese

  • [YT] that is Chinese


  • [YT] 1:48 shes about to die yay!! she doesn’t havew any feelins 4 him shes selfs

  • [YT] is this is chinese or japanese?? i cant tell

  • [YT] i swear the guy in the blue wearing a girls shirt
    hahahahah i like the anime betterrr

  • [YT] OMG. All look so pretty.
    I love the anime, but I diont know, what gava a realfilm *___________*


  • [YT] Yeah pretty much! You should watch it, the acting is bad, but it’s nice to watch if that makes any sense. XP

  • [YT] Why didn’t they keep the same names that they had in the Anime series?

  • [YT] No, pero a mucha gente les gusta! Si no te gusta no lo mires y ya! =) Laters!

  • [YT] the manga version is so mch nicer~

  • [YT] I have only watched the anime…is the story the same?

  • [YT] When there heads turn is hilarious

  • [YT] Vanness’s knukles all cut up are so sexy1

  • [YT] i agree but i still feel bad for Dong Si

  • [YT] LOL, pity she didn’t die!

  • [YT] LOL.. I agree with you !!!

  • [YT] even so.. I still like Xiao Tao and Ah Li, Ah Li was always there for her even though she liked Dong Si, being able to let the one you love be free, I think that is TRUE LOVE…

  • [YT] I agree too… <3<3 ^_^

  • [YT] It’s official. Asian guys are hotter.

  • [YT] OMG i take back what i said =S…Xiao Tao and Ah Li looks way more cuter together than Dong Si…Dong Si and Sha Hui together are two stupid people who can burn in hell XD hahaha LOL Well my message is Go Ah Li n___n!!!

  • [YT] OMG sorry guyz, that purple shirt suits him well XD I don’t like the character Dong Si he’s dumb, but the actor Kenji Wu <3

  • [YT] OMG!!! This part was so romantic! I loved it when Ah Li carried Xiao Tao and when he almost kissed her! ~squeals~

  • [YT] OMG!!! I love it when Ah Li keeps flirting with Xiao Tao and he helped her when she got burned! ~squeals~

  • [YT] It was really violent when Dond Si and Ah Li fought! But did anyone see that Ah Li didn’t get hurt that badly and Dong Si’s face was all bloody! LOL

  • [YT] wtf’s a dong si lol jp but this does stink….

  • [YT] LMFAO!! the fakest fire I’ve EVER seen!!

  • [YT] I always love what Ah Li is wearing… such a hottie!


  • [YT] Aww, I just love Ah Li, so gentle and caring… & FIIINE! XD

    umm… blooperat 6:35

  • [YT] ah li baba. . .

  • [YT] no chingen no soporto eto ni en caricatura y lo asen real ¿que traen los asiaticos con aser el mundo de caricatura? tanto miedo les da el mundo real que tienen que fantacear con boberias?

  • [YT] I really sympathises with sha hui…
    she is crazy over dongsi but yet dongsi don’t understand her.

  • [YT] what the hell

  • [YT] If I was him, I would have walked over to the ledge and noticed that she wasn’t hurt then shout down, ” hmm pity…. you didn’t die crazy ass Bitch. Maybe next time you will strike gold”. But then again then is DUMB ASS’S part.

  • [YT] haha. headturning.

  • [YT] ah li so sweet to xao tao hayzzz.

  • [YT] set aside the fake fallinh scene..ah li is afterall sweet for his concern to momo

  • [YT] hahha.. d neighbour’s dog so hilarious..hahah..n vanness trying to make d dog shut it’s mouth so…. funni.. hahha

  • [YT] omg.. d clothes that ah li chose for momo is eh… abit out hor

  • [YT] i agree, but thats only convinient for short journies,(like to the bedroom :P) but he had to travel for a long time in the forest up and down hills so he used his head and chose the easiest method, lol.


  • [YT] hahaha Vanness has like the pillow chest you can just lean on and cry your heart out LOL

  • [YT] It’s funny when people look back and forth. 🙂

  • [YT] Sha Hui is a B***H

  • [YT] lmao that fire

  • [YT] lol

  • [YT] me too ^-^

  • [YT] omg, jump!jump!

  • [YT] of course is the sae la…

    i agree she sux

  • [YT] WHY DIN’T SHE DIE??????????????

  • [YT] totally argree with u <333 vanness

  • [YT] oh……my……….god.
    im sooooo happpyyyyy<3333
    i really love Ah-Liiiiii

    thats right!!!!
    kicked his asssss
    it was so fake but who

  • [YT] I love the fight scene… so fake xD and when everyone else tries to break them up Ah Li just starts punching them.

  • [YT] what headturning? o__0 and LOL the fire was soooo fake.

  • [YT] aww AH LI is so sweet the gaurdian angel thing was so sweet ^^

  • [YT] who who who

  • [YT] aww he’s such a nice friend!

  • [YT] IN THE anime she is never raped, but believes she is, and ah li tricks sha hui into going to a porn video, and then xiao tao saves her before she is hurt. nice person, huh

  • [YT] haha, he does

  • [YT] Yep I did shout jump lol i’m honestly who likes her? shes a manliputive (can’t spell) heart breaking, destructive biatch!

  • [YT] ohh tht’s what you meant for the headturning =]]…but my question is…how do you make it more realistic??

  • [YT] i’d do it myself if i could



  • [YT] OMFG AT 5:45 when ah li poked his head out and said “sha tao” THAT WAS SOOO CUTE.

  • [YT] yes. LMAO


  • [YT] gezzzz… she looks like she a zombie trying to eat his flesh….. chill out BITCH….

  • [YT] me too…. though he doesn’t have to be so mean about it though…..

  • [YT] i absolutly love you vanness (Ah Li) i really hope the girl gets wit him cuz he is soo cute. He reminds me of my ex. except he wasnt asian…but if he was damn i want him to be as cute as vanness

  • [YT] Aww, I really like Vanness’ portrayal of Ah Li (b.k.a Kairi in Peach Girl), he’s the best actor in this series.

  • [YT] I hope my gaurdian angel is that hot…I love Ah Li!!

  • [YT] watch out for the fake fire of DOOM!!!

  • [YT] run Ah Li Ruuuuunnnn!!!!

  • [YT] OMG I laughed so hard when i saw that!!

  • [YT] Push her off.

  • [YT] NO NO NO all the romantic liques demand that he carry her back bridal style!

  • [YT] couldn’t they have made xaoi taos fall a bit5 more realistic

  • [YT] 2:03 does she look cute

  • [YT] Ah Li looks simply scrumptious today i could just eat him up

  • [YT] did any one else shout jump when she was standing at the edge?

  • [YT] i know what you mean. i want her to get with Ah Li but i feel bad for Dong Si because even though he is a complete moron for agreeing to go out with Sha Hui he’s only doing it out of love for Xaoi Tao

  • [YT] Achaa~ he’s so good! I really hope she just forgets about Dong Si (though does manage to clear things up) and gets together with Ah Li!

  • [YT] He’s so good for her and to her… He’s just an amazing person, and she’s lucky he loves her!

  • [YT] It’s you again! You don’t really care about spoiling it, do you? XD XD

  • [YT] Argh, this is so frustrating! I totally root for Ah Li, but it’s so clear that Dong Si’s and Xiao Tao’s feelings for each other are so strong, that I can’t think of how it can posisbly turn out the way we want in just a few more episodes (for that’s all that’s left)

  • [YT] XD Ding dong! That’s perfect for him! But yes, Ah Li all the way! He’s the one with the most sense in the entire show and, relationship-wise, is right for Xiao Tao

  • [YT] lol if you do ask him if he has a brother

  • [YT] AH Ah Li is so sweet

  • [YT] i actually feel sorry for dong si even though he is a complete moron

  • [YT] Oh the end of the video’s cute ^-^


  • [YT] lol ding dong

  • [YT] THE HEAD TURNING IS SOOOOOOO FAKE! they shoulda made it for realistic!

  • [YT] OMG! I LUV AH LI! finally a man with good taste!

  • [YT] well..Ah Li and Xia Tao actually ended up together! ohh..umm..oops..for ruining it for you guys xD!

  • [YT] ah li s so cute n nice…

  • [YT] ah li s actuali reali gud lukin…………….

  • [YT] yeah d punchin….is it coz of d bad technology or wot?!?!?!?

  • [YT] Omg I love Ah Li <3

  • [YT] AH LI is such a sweet heart <3333333333

  • [YT] aw.. I would love to have a friend like
    Ah Li, he’s such a sweet heart <333

  • [YT] Agreeing with Renee,
    but Sha Hui is still a bitch!

  • [YT] Aw its so sad how they’re both crying, and Dong Si is trying to hold back his tears but he can’t

  • [YT] I honestly feel bad for Dong Si- this all hurts him so much. D=; He really does care for Xiao Tao.

    And I dont think people can blame him for not telling her. After all Sha Hui so it seems isnt so easy to decieve. I mean you make it all sound so easy.. like Dong Si can just tell Xiao everything, Sha Hui as much as she is a bitch… isnt so dumb.

  • [YT] shoot that hecka reminds me of me and my friend except there is no dong si….but everytime my friend says something weird to me ..i always push his chair and squish him into the deskk…..i felt guilty xD

  • [YT] MAN OK…..Ah Li :] is hella nice :3 i have a friend like that i actually used to kinda have a crush on him…but not anymore, were just friends now :] i asked him what he would do if i died and he said ill find the person who killed you and beat them up xD…that was kinda creepy ;P

  • [YT] eh….that was kinda sad when ding dong…*cough cough* Whoopsie i mean Dong Si tried to hold his crying in.. I also root for Ah Li…well…yea…ugh,,,i dunno

  • [YT] Lucky Xiao Tao >.>

  • [YT] Yes.

  • [YT] gwash~ ah li is such a great guy! :]
    i’m so jealous ^_^

  • [YT] aww, i love ah li so much. that sweety <3
    i wish he was my friend >.< man... she has it so good ^_^ i hope they end up together

  • [YT] Uwah! I’m so jealous of Xiao Tao at the end, being carried by the hot guy! >o< Such a lucky girl she is!

  • [YT] I would have let the bitch jump.

  • [YT] dong si is just a ding dong.
    he could’ve avoided hurting whatsherface is he had TALKED TO HER and devised a plan against evil bitch.

  • [YT] ding dong lololol oh well, im rooting for ah li anyways.

  • [YT] because his name is acutally ding dong.

  • [YT] HAHAHAHA! Dong Si looks like he has a MUSTACHE when he’s opening the door at 6:19 XD [haha..he looks like an old man…o.O]

  • [YT] in the beginning, did they kiss?
    if so or if not reply to this cmt plz!!

  • [YT] same here his just so caring.
    and well alot, you know
    his like your mr.right <33


  • [YT] no, but then i’m really only watching this bc vanness is in it… i’m 1000% a vanness wu fan and like a 20% peach girl fan. that and the only character i really loved in the manga was the character vanness plays.

  • [YT] the punching noise sounds so fake
    if you really listin to it

  • [YT] huh, then im gonna try looking for the manga.
    have you watched the anime??

  • [YT] lmao. i never knew that when you reply that person gets a msg that someone replyed. but umm now i know yay, ill keep that in mind [[:

  • [YT] i watched all of them and i still think the manga did a better job w/ah li’s character background, but then, i can’t complain about watching vanness! 🙂 he was perfect for the role!

  • [YT] i think the director didnt do that cuz..
    he/she wanted her and ah li to become closer.

  • [YT] sorry for cmting so much;
    but i just plain old like ep NICE the most [:
    then ten comes second. :DDD

  • [YT] lol; but i found that part funny yet cute of him [:

  • [YT] .. no its still in there. just wait

    and i like ep NINE AND TEN the most.
    [9 7/8 – 10 8/8] <<<<---

  • [YT] sha hui is such s bitch sorry for my bad lguea and spelling haha

  • [YT] well i think a li is just soo nice in this part i would love to have a boyfriend like him :]

  • [YT] well shu dont allow dong si to be friend with xaio tao
    if they were friend then dong si would have told her everythig already ok

  • [YT] Ah Li is always flirting with Xiao Tao

  • [YT] i think dong si should like just pretned to break up with her and they see each other went no one is arounld so no one would know are sitll dating

  • [YT] ney u guys r right she is a dumbass and xia tao should just give up and move on like me if we break up we break up and move on and still be friends

  • [YT] how sweet. i wish i’ll have a boyfriend like him. he is just to sweet. love him. but dong si is trying his best to protect xiao tao

  • [YT] man y don’t dong si just tell her wat’s goin on

  • [YT] i agree a li is just to sweet for words,i too am single and would love very much if every boy was like him…life would be good!!

  • [YT] aww..ah li is so sweet..DX o-o..I wish i could be held…>< I'm going to be 18 and diden't even have her first kiss yet..nor boyfriend..- cries -

  • [YT] It was sexual abuse…he should go to police :D:D:D

  • [YT] aww god… Ah Li is so amazing 😀

  • [YT] haha head turning.

  • [YT] hahahaha you’re right!

  • [YT] this part of the story is so lame -,- dumbass touji/dong si

  • [YT] omg – Harry Potter Advertisement in 00:32. That is so funny. ><

  • [YT] That can be true but its like that saying “Looks attract but personality captures the heart”

  • [YT] Lol, yes he does!

  • [YT] wat a fall!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] sha hui is beyond normal.she has a lot of issues that needs to be resolved.she needs to see a psychologist.dude i wouldn’t jumped for a guy because he likes another girl.i would just get over him.what a dumbass.

  • [YT] agreed.people say that it’s waht inside that counts,but sometimes you can’t help but also look for the outside.if you are good looking but u have an ugly persnality then screw you.

  • [YT] she needs to get over him.this part is too overdramatic in a bad way.


  • [YT] The funny thing about it is that there really are people like Dong Si and Sha Hui in the real world. Well maybe it’s not so funny but…yeah. I hope I can find a guy that has similar traits to Ah Li…that would be wonderful.

  • [YT] i CANNOT believe se jumped…she doesn’ even look hurt!!

  • [YT] “she’s like a dog that’s been abandones by her owner” I CANNOT BELIVE THOSE WORDS CAME OUT OF HIS MOUTH!!!

  • [YT] the punching effects made me laugh!! *sigh* i wih guys can do that for me!

  • [YT] Ah Li looks HAWT in that red muscle-shirt type shirt!!

  • [YT] Well who blames him? Sha Hui WAS Xiao Tao’s best friends so isn’t it right for a girl’s boyfriend to ask her bestfriend for advice?

  • [YT] Poor Dong Si!! Can’t express his feelings and has to hold it all in. It kinda reminds me of myself.

  • [YT] I don’t think she cares about whether he likes her or not. I think she just wants to feel superior by stealing other people’s happiness.

  • [YT] haha… the acting is sooooo bad. I find it funny. I like it 🙂

  • [YT] he is so weird can u belive that dong si is so immatuer he is supprse to pich sha hui

  • [YT] yeah, true…although we should be happy they broke up lol, now she can be with Ah Li <3
    Although, i'm a little sad this isn't in Japanese and the Japanese names...

  • [YT] agreed, I like the caracter Ah Li, or in the anime Kairi, also, he’s cute in both versions ;3

  • [YT] I think shes suffering a lot more then if the photos were released. Because then she would know at least the one she loved the most was there for her. And you can oblivously tell that shes not awake in those photos!

  • [YT] okay story is starting to drag! BLEH! gross!

  • [YT] lols vanness looks hot w/ a hoodie c[=

  • [YT] It doesn’t bother me to see him pained. He deserves it, he doesn’t know how to be a boyfried and he and Sha Hui deserve each other. First he believes SH over his own girlfriend and now he can’t be honest and tell his girlfriend what is going on instead of dumping her, he’s an idiot.

  • [YT] Yeah, I agree. She should have just been friends with him. its better than being enemies.

  • [YT] T_T

  • [YT] ahh.. he’s so sweet..
    it really hurts to see him so pained 🙁

  • [YT] T.T