Peach Girl Episode 10

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Xiao Tao is a young girl entering college. Things just don’t seem to be going right for her. She falls at the beach and spraining her ankle; she has unwittingly made the university’s reigning princess, Sha Hui, her enemy. Dong Si, her secret crush, doesn’t seem to know of her feelings, but she has the school’s most popular playboy and troublesome, Ah Li, showering her with his attentions! This may prove to be just too much for the tall, shy and athletic Xiao Tao until suddenly happiness comes her way: she and Dong Si begin dating! This happiness is short lived as the calculating Sha Hui is determined to be the number one girl, even if it means destroying Xiao Tao in the process. Also, standing on the sidelines is Ah Li who has made it known that the only girl for him is Xiao Tao. Can Dong Si and Xiao Tao manage to keep their relationship afloat? Will Sha Hui succeed in her devious plans? Or will Xiao Tao realise that the one that is truly for her is Ah Li?

Based on the shoujo manga by Miwa Ueda this is a story about jealousy, revenge, the powers of love and friendship and the ties of fate that bind people together.

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  • [YT] XD such an overacting OMG

  • [YT] mas da best pah rin ung manga series ng peach girl………sana palabas ulit sa pinas………….

  • [YT] I’m Glad i have a bf like ah-li 😀

  • [YT] no, si ya pues cometela dios q beso mas asqeroso XD

  • [YT] wth?! so laaaaaame……

  • [YT] buwhahaha! I love how Sha Hui says she starved herself for the commercial lmfao1!

  • [YT] I love how Ah Li’s hair is always flipping around from the wind! hahaha!

    This is just getting sweeter and sweeter since Dong Si somewhat got out of the picture…(and Sha Hui)

  • [YT] agree, agree, agreee!!!! Vanness come back i miss you!!!!

  • [YT] The EX is not cute at all and thoes kind of girls are suppose to be so gorgeous….yeah right.

  • [YT] In the manga they kiss so much more, Kairi/Kiley/Ah Li is always stealing kisses from her. At one point she confesses that she likes them, even though she shouldn’t

  • [YT] They were in high school in the manga and anime series. Not in this version.

  • [YT] I just realized that OD is the guy in Meteor Garden who really liked Shan Cai.

  • [YT] have you noticed that both girls who come between her and her boyfriends have short hair and really pale

  • [YT] Wow, the nurse sure look shot in that pic

  • [YT] The nurse is such a sweety

    LMAO!!!! “heard todays the day you discharge your eggs” BAM!! BEATEN BY THE NURSE!! LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!

  • [YT] It sounds SOOO much like Ah Li said “What happened”… he probably did too

  • [YT] maybe di ko alam eh..andito ako sa US..pinapanood ko lang ito kasi ang ganda ng story.

  • [YT] palabas to sa pilipinas?

  • [YT] waaaaaaaaaa..mamamatay ako sa subrang kilig!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] Bitch #1 and Bitch #2 are going to tag team… I just know it because both BITCHES are psychotic. The Funny Farm needs to take them away.

  • [YT] actuali is dis sha hui reali in love wif dong shi lei?

  • [YT] omg, his ex is sooo nasty!

  • [YT] nooo u idiots, they are in college!!

  • [YT] what do the text messages say???

  • [YT] omg its 430am! wtf!!

    damn it, im addicted..

  • [YT] ummm sweetie. it is not cute to be braggin how you were AH LI ex-girlfriend THEN go and say you were also his Brothers Ex girlfriend, we call that HOEishness in the states

  • [YT] rofl poor dong si wants to kill himself

  • [YT] oh shytt now i remember where i saw that girl from…you she a straight HOE. she cheated on ah li with ________..just watch the next episode it explains it all

  • [YT] this is kinda pissing me off. Why do people keep such SIMPLE secrets from Xiao tao. Like she not a weak person she will be fine. just tell her the truth so she doesnt have to go through all this drama. But then i wouldnt have a show to watch OK NM

  • [YT] Serious the Nurse is the prettiest girl in the whole series. Xiao Tao is pretty too. lol poor Vanness he is gettin beat up so much in this series

  • [YT] Ah Li you are the best. It takes a lot of guts for Xiao Tao to say what she said to him about her feelings and it takes a really strong guy that is willing to wait. wowsa

  • [YT] It is so sad that someone as talented as Vanness had to leave America for him to appreciated. Sure he was featured in a RunDMC video but i can say he is 10x more talented then the morons that we have here, and yes he speaks perfect english. I want Vanness BACK IN AMERICA.!!!!

  • [YT] they are in high school!!! it’s tht ah li knew the nurse when the nurse was in college. XD

  • [YT] LOL, yes they did have a past…in the manga at least. 😀

  • [YT] looks like sha hui’s gonna get a tag team partner.. lol

  • [YT] lol, he planted a fake plant to fool xiao tao XD

  • [YT] oh ok thank you =]

  • [YT] ya i know that…. but seriously…it’s been 4ever….& i wrote this like 8 months ago…

  • [YT] did you forget your ex-girlfriend? Inkow Chinese! Please and your welcome!

  • [YT] everything Ah li does is cute!

  • [YT] but vanness you get to watch alot(A li)

  • [YT] yea i think

  • [YT] if you were paying attention when you were watching he’s doing it to protect Xiao Tao!

  • [YT] spolier

  • [YT] nah its fine .,,, thanksz ,..,., i♥anime .,!!

    pocari sweat tastes horrible, though.

  • [YT] the girl said you havent forgotten your ex girlfriend have you?

  • [YT] WAIT what did that grl say when she first arrived out of the car it wasn’t translated

  • [YT] pffft
    he’s prolly just worried about her
    don’t make crazzy assumptions

  • [YT] is it just me or did in the begining did dhe look like she was limping(the nurse)

  • [YT] you guys know that this isn’t the first time they’ve kissed.
    well it is the first time she’s kissed him back though.
    im ssooo happy for them
    they are trey cute together<3

  • [YT] i wish all guys were like Ah-Li
    *heart totaly melting right now

  • [YT] err im american and i love this stuff.
    i didn’t much care for crouching tiger and that was only cuz i would always get to it at the end so i just gave up but i actually love subttile movies.
    My favorite is house of flying dagers.

  • [YT] AH LI <3 is so cute omg i just wanna hug him

  • [YT] omg thay finly kissed yays go Xiao TO thay look so cute together AH LI & Xiao TO

  • [YT] omg i wanna hug AH LI so much right now ^^

  • [YT] AH LI is so cute and sweet ^^ i whish i was Xiao TO shes so lucky to have suck a sweet guy thay realy shuld be together

  • [YT] i dont get it…was kairi the one in the blue plaid going to the bookstore?

  • [YT] who is ‘he’ and ‘she’u referring to?

  • [YT] wait…they’re in college right now?? i thought they were in high school??

  • [YT] LMAOO 00:43 when ah li as chasing sha tao! ITS SOOO CUTE. SHA TAO IS SOOO LUCKY. =’]

  • [YT] nope he is in love with her xD sorry i already seen the anime and read the mangas. i love this show,

  • [YT] lol me to

  • [YT] discharging eggs..hahaha so funny yet so unexpected/akward

  • [YT] He’s so sweet~~~

  • [YT] Has anyone else noticed that EVERYONE drinks the same canned drink? Product placement, perhaps? XD



  • [YT] So cute. Dong Shi is so AUGH! Ah Li is such a sweetheart.. :] I wish I was Xiao TO/Momo. ;___;

  • [YT] Ah Li, is sooo sweet
    Xiao Tao can’t have at least 5 mins of happiness with either Dong Si or Ah Li without someone ruining it.
    It’s either thatbitch Sha hui, or Ah Li’s ex.

  • [YT] LOL is anyone else counting how much times Xiao like hurt her hand, it gets burned, it gets cut, she gets bitten by something I think.. whats next?

  • [YT] Oh. my. God.

  • [YT] hmm I wonder..
    is she pregnant?

  • [YT] I laughed so hard when she hit him!! LMFAO
    How dare he mention her period?! O.O
    😮 what did Ah Li mean by that?
    Was Ah Cao Jie pregnant? Or did she lose a baby or something? Hmm maybe Ah Li and Ah Cao Jie had a past guess I have to wait for the next part..

  • [YT] *sigh* I wish that was me..
    Xiao is so lucky to have Ah Li!
    That’s so sweet of him! OMG LOL!that kiss was just so sweet (:

  • [YT] It’s so nice of Xiao to tell Ah Li the truth like that, saying she’s uncertain about her feelings, wow talk about honesty. And Ah Li is so sweet to understand and comfort her, even if she still loves Dong Si.

  • [YT] wow..
    sha hui has such an ugly smile

  • [YT] OMG! It was so funny when she hit him!! lmao! I cracked up big time! 😀 ^_^ She moves pretty fast. lol

  • [YT] omg…if Dong Si keaps that sulking look up, its gunna sink into his face perminantly. I swear….*mutters*

  • [YT] And Im a bit of everything…not kidding. Though, to make it easier, I go with french.

  • [YT] T_T NOOO! ah li… dont tell me u like/liked the nurse!!! >_< waaaaaaaaaaaa

  • [YT] nya~~ they’re so cute togehter <3
    i love ah li ^_^ <333

  • [YT] And I’m polish so?? :/

  • [YT] this is the only time they became boyfriend and girlfriend right.. not anytime before this?? please reply

  • [YT] some please tell me, what ep. they got togeter!
    cuz there talking like there already together!!!

  • [YT] OKAY ; i have come from the future to say
    i like ep TEN and NINE THE BEST [[[: so enjoy.

    -meaning i watched all the ep. [: –

  • [YT] im nervous to see the next chapter. [ep]

  • [YT] wasnt she wit ah li for 2 months.
    she was happy for all those 2 months.

  • [YT] D: i feel so bad for her. but this does have alot of drama. in the beginning there was so much that girl [i forgot her name that is now dongsi’s girlfriend] caused that it got on my nerves. now the drama is different and i like it this way. i hope she xiao ends up wit ah li in the end of the movie. 🙁 and not dongsi.. sorry to all the ds fans.

  • [YT] wow, i totally didnt see that coming.
    -that they use to be together.

  • [YT] it does seem like she pregnet.
    it seemed like it from …
    from when the nurse got worried about her.

  • [YT] okay.. im only posting cmts during the video.
    so i dont really know what happened…
    but is she prgnettt??? 0.o

    and sorry bout if there related or not cmt
    omg, ah li has a brother. lol

    what was the real reason that they broke up
    -the nurse and ahli’s brother..
    i guess ill find out in the next ep ?? 0.o

  • [YT] where did you get the idea that there related? 0.o
    but i think she more in love wit ds but
    she much more happier wit al

  • [YT] thanks for tell me what the text said. [[:

  • [YT] but she like older then him but i hear date older girl hahahaha lol hahahahalol

  • [YT] i don’t get y he got hit n y the nurse walked out like that

  • [YT] HAHA you tell her ah li XD

  • [YT] Its kind of funny, evertime they make a manga of these kinds of dramas they make them as if there in High school, but when its a real life drama, its in College..ether way its still pretty cool..I can’t wait to see what Ah li’s brother looks [email protected][email protected] XXD

  • [YT] Is anyone counting how many times Xiao Tao’s hurt her hand? Her hand’s been cut about half a dozen times already in 10 eps… -_-

  • [YT] You know, you can actually stop watching right here. Dong Si and Sha Hui seem alright together, and Xiao Tao and Ah Li are happy… lol.

  • [YT] ‘How do you feel today?’

    and her reply was… it’s really blurred, but I think she said ‘Very busy… What are you doing now?’

    And I think (really blurred) his reply was: ‘I love you, miss me?’

    lol. ^.^

  • [YT] Aw… that is so sweet!


  • [YT] oh my god.. that kiss was gorgeous 🙂

  • [YT] O.o is she pregnant?

  • [YT] oooh the way he lay on her stomach was so sweet and intimate…oh my! the dreams……….

  • [YT] “ah li, where are you?”
    “I’m in your heart.” cheesy but still cute!!haha XD

  • [YT] lol i would love to play the nurse’s part in the movie. lol!

  • [YT] lol ur cool. i cant live w/out subtitles if i dont know what the langauge means.. hehee^^

  • [YT] I’m pretty confused… are the nurse and ah li related??

  • [YT] I’m German … and i loooove these dramas xD

  • [YT] LMAO!!!! “heard todays the day you discharge your eggs” BAM!! BEATEN BY THE NURSE!! LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!

  • [YT] Why is Dong Si(sp?) STILL WITH THE BITCH!!

  • [YT] LMAO!! it DOES sound like that!!

  • [YT] I’m Canadian and i love ANYTHING!! Hollywood, Bollywood(sometimes better than hollywood), and anime and asian drama(THE BEST). i don’t care about subs, i just wanna understand whats goin on 🙂

  • [YT] lolol

  • [YT] yuh! and the worst has to come

  • [YT] nope

  • [YT] The girl only wants to see Ah Li’s brother…

  • [YT] O_O;; no…but he !!SPOILER!! loves her though

  • [YT] I know, but don’t spoil it

  • [YT] I could’ve sworn Ah-Li said “What happened” in the beginning

  • [YT] what happened to the last couple of episodes? i love this comic story so much!

  • [YT] that looks more like a duran (spikey outside) seed

  • [YT] hahaha… sha hui got ripped

  • [YT] I’m an American and I love movies and shows from all different countries, especially ones with subtitles!

  • [YT] OMG if my boyfriend said that to me i whould be so embaresd

  • [YT] I thought that part was so embarassingly funny. I haven’t watched this in a while. maybe i should watch it again hehe.
    have a nice day : )

  • [YT] lool

  • [YT] It’s getting interesting. It seems like Ah Li & Ah Cao Jie used to be in a relationship.

  • [YT] It has something to do with his brother

  • [YT] i think it’s good that xiao tao told him she was uncertain about her feelings. Shes finally being honest with her feelings. And Ah li is so sweet to comfort her even if she does still love dong si.

  • [YT] If you will notice I put ‘look like us’ in quotations, meaning what most American people seem to think you have to look like to be on tv. For the most part, white, and cut from the same cookie cutter mold as the rest of the people on tv and movies. Not too dark, no slant to the eyes, no character.

  • [YT] DAMN! She is so ugly!

  • [YT] no it’s not it just all sounds the same. I promise I checked into this matter thoroughly

  • [YT] lol! i like how they mention the f4 dish because later vanness is part of the band(to come) f4(this show was from the 90’s)

  • [YT] what do you mean look like us? americans are not a race! it’s a culture.

  • [YT] i think part of the problem is cultural. americans don’t like to read and most of them hate subtitles. even when a film like crouching tiger comes out, ppl complain about the subtitles. the other thing is that americans tend to like easy. having to think and translate the culture into american is hard work. you have to some research, etc. the third big thing is that media in america is still very white. being asian and in tv is difficult. we are starting to see more and more gain recognition.

  • [YT] Great!! I have tried to get my friends and family on board with it but no one is interested so far. In fact they are all downright hostile about it. Maybe one day. I figure if I can convert enough people maybe we can actually have a market for it one day! I know I’m dreaming.

  • [YT] i think the reason y is because most taiwanese actresses/actors play in dramas n most americans dont give a crap about other ppl problems unless it is related to them in a way so they dont watch azn dramas since it is like watching other ppl dealing with their problems. n since they dont watch azn dramas, most of them dont kno about azn celebrities.

  • [YT] but how come on wikidrama it says that peach girl has 20

  • [YT] It’s so immature, it’s unbelievable

  • [YT] i was waiting for this part!! she dumped him for his older brother- how wrong is that????

  • [YT] so sweet and kind
    he is so cute

  • [YT] man i bet u da 2 bitches gonna work together and make a super evil fantastic bitch team

  • [YT] gosh. xiao tao has a sad love life.

  • [YT] cute
    vanness ur so sweet

  • [YT] goshness! ah li is so HOT! he’s hot lyk woah!

  • [YT] oh.. never mind..

  • [YT] i don’t understand what went on between a li and the nurse

  • [YT] haha.. i let an AWWW too..well more like an AHHHHH! when he said “I forgot, the peach blossom is here.” and planted a little kiss on her forhead. 🙂

  • [YT] Wow the boys love xiao tao
    But xiao tao can’t have more than 4 days happiness , the devil has ruined it.

  • [YT] Yes , xiao tao never own happies more than 4 days! the bithches always around her!

  • [YT] Ah Cao…AHH! is Ah Li ‘s Girl Friend LOL =DSDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd

  • [YT] xiao tao and ah li is funny

  • [YT] he’s really cute

    Ah Li: Xiao Tao, heard that today you disharge your eggs(as referring to her period)

  • [YT] omgoshh ah li.. ! so amazingly CUTEEE ^^

  • [YT] lol im so sad

    i just realized that the background music is the same from MG LOL

  • [YT] Ah Cao…AHH!

    That sounded so fake. But if make me laugh for ten minutes straight 😀

  • [YT] xiao tao: why are you so thirfty?

    a li: because i have to treat my girlfriend to dinner!

    he leaves me speechless everytime.

  • [YT] why are all the short-haired girls in this story bitches?!

  • [YT] a li and xiao tao are so cute together :]

  • [YT] That girl needs to back off! Thanks for up-dating!

  • [YT] Thankoo 4 sharin this video wit me!!

  • [YT] vanness look so nice