Prince + Princess 2 Episode 05

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The second princess refers to the second sibling among three sisters. Being stuck in the middle, she’s not adored by her dad nor loved by her mom. This is a cause to her weird personality where she tends to feel inferior to others and yet puts up a very tough and strong personality in front of others. Things start to change when she falls in love with a rich male (Dylan’s character). He is a rich man who is often pranked because of his innocence and obliviousness towards things.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • [YT] 好像是黃義達的.聲音像是啊.

  • [YT] I think she is pretty tall too.. When she stand by the side of Dylan she doesnt look small.. usually girls look smaller beside Dylan coz he is really tall

  • [YT] 司機:你怎么從那邊出來…..下次不要從那邊出來….=__=;;;


  • [YT] someone can tell me what is the song name from 7.06 ~ 9.40 ?
    please reply if u sawed this comment.

  • [YT] Anyone Know The song from
    00.01 ~ 01.00 ?
    Please reply if u hav sawed this message. Thanks

  • [YT] true

  • [YT] james leng zai

  • [YT] does nayone know the real name of james?

  • [YT] hahah ken so cute when he was looking for the phone

  • [YT] James喜歡男的!?

  • [YT] James真外放

  • [YT] 唉呦 羽幻啥時能承認自己是總經理阿 何必躲呢? 真是

  • [YT] i know~

  • [YT] 他讲电话的时候还是用广东话说喂的厄~好可爱噢~《3

  • [YT] i like the story for her dream~ when it comes to design its normally always the same approach on dramas and movies but this one’s good~ the individual stories of each attire~ its warming

  • [YT] that guy is hot!! james

  • [YT] damn dislike the mom and mu fan. annoying.

  • [YT] cant really catch what KIKI was saying in ENGLISH. -.-”

  • [YT] I mean by David Nin’s expression after.

  • [YT] 2:08-2:11 !
    So cutee lehh.

  • [YT] how tall is zhao ke rou? wiki says 175cm 0.0

  • [YT] this video is no longer available?

  • [YT] 心上面。。。 哈哈


    LOL love her english

  • [YT] if they are soo poor tht they can’t buy cloth, then y do they hv so many dogs…. weird

  • [YT] 那個BABA好好哦…

  • [YT] OMG how come ken has no clothes on XD lol

  • [YT] james is cuuuuute

  • [YT] cool show

  • [YT] James長的真美

  • [YT] 發現三人睡一起時候好好笑喔~

  • [YT] 洪卓立倒車那幕和james一起喝醉都可愛到~~

  • [YT] 楊丞琳~我的愛吊點滴

  • [YT] 7:41 that song really nice….

  • [YT] 片头曲是什么?

  • [YT] 洪卓立:你比較可愛, 醉成這樣~

  • [YT] ha ha, james said, “XIAMEN”.

  • [YT] So fortunate that she has such a understanding dad…

  • [YT] is it supposed to be like, james bond?

  • [YT] james bomb!

  • [YT] 2naked males on a bed. hard to deny xD



  • [YT] OOps it’s Zhang Qi…

  • [YT] Guess this Fu Qi has a crush on DAvid Lin….


  • [YT] first to watch ….thx…very efficient

  • [YT] james looks so much younger than kiki.
    isn’t it?

  • [YT] Hahaha they are so cute together!!!!

  • [YT] I wish my dad was like that :D!

  • [YT] nonsense!