Prince + Princess 2 Episode 07

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The second princess refers to the second sibling among three sisters. Being stuck in the middle, she’s not adored by her dad nor loved by her mom. This is a cause to her weird personality where she tends to feel inferior to others and yet puts up a very tough and strong personality in front of others. Things start to change when she falls in love with a rich male (Dylan’s character). He is a rich man who is often pranked because of his innocence and obliviousness towards things.

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168 thoughts on “Prince + Princess 2 Episode 07

  1. [YT] cuz 瞿友寧表示,因為與製作人柴智屏意見不一,亦因為有人指他拍攝進度過慢,最後促使他辭去導演,而此劇的導演最後由林合隆換上。

  2. [YT] i LOVELOVELOVE this show! =D and gee i find i can’t help but watch this part over and over again teheh

    okay, so i know that everyone has asked about the song when they kiss and there have been answers, but its all in boxes!
    someone PLEASE put it into english letters so i can find it. PLEASSSEEE!! i am going super crazy trying to look for it and the girl’s voice is way too nice to be missed out on =)
    i know that it is called “na tian” (that day) but sadly i can’t find the singer =(

  3. [YT] Winnie is the original director for episode 1-6. Qu You Ning, nickname WInnie (as in winnie the bear) you’ll know why if you look at his photo. google it. He’s the director of It Started with a Kiss & They Kiss Again & The Rose & Sweet Relationship. (All My favourite shows)

  4. [YT] 唉~
    我其實一開始看的原因是因為楊丞琳的歌是片頭跟插曲 其實不錯看的 只是這集劇情發展太快 怪怪的

  5. [YT] 沒有了可愛的夏寬,沒那麼好看了。

  6. [YT] i heard about the Ken Hung’s incident.

    quoted from DramaWiki:
    Actor Ken Hung relapsed from pleural effusion during the Lunar New Year holidays and had to back out from the drama. Since the drama filmed while it was airing, the script had to be rewritten.

  7. [YT] …dylan is kinda slow…-,- i mean ke ruo don’t want to say that she like him because she care for her sister nd does he not understand that -.- but <3 this drama~ getting more interesting

  8. [YT] 洪卓立好象不能再演

  9. [YT] 【明報專訊】洪卓立 (Ken)被指肺積水入醫院,而且更一度傳出危殆。昨日他的經理人霍汶希 (Mani)亮相新城活動,Mani表示阿Ken仍留院,目前的情况令人滿意。

  10. [YT] 她指阿Ken病倒,令公司要將他的片酬還給台灣,亦推掉了不少工作,公司損失6位數字,所以阿Ken連日來都對她說「對不起」。Mani指為了讓阿Ken健康着想,之後半年會安排較輕鬆的工作給他。

  11. [YT] Mani說阿Ken向來有肺積水毛病,但因之前到台灣 趕拍偶像劇,疲勞過度引致復發要回港入院,3天前開刀做手術,現時已經好了許多。她指阿Ken要繼續留院,不能再回台灣拍劇,所以絕非外間所傳洪卓立是因演出不理想而給人中斷戲分。

  12. [YT] Producers complained that he is slow in developing the story and productions.
    Since production & filming started in he has only filmed 9 esp. , it’s running the costs up the roof. They took the initiative to change Director Winnie and bring in Director Lin.

  13. [YT] 瞿導因為對劇情內容想法與柴智屏不太一致出現歧異.瞿導想走溫馨、平實路線.柴智屏想走重一點的口味,所以瞿導只好離開…

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