Prince + Princess 2 Episode 08

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The second princess refers to the second sibling among three sisters. Being stuck in the middle, she’s not adored by her dad nor loved by her mom. This is a cause to her weird personality where she tends to feel inferior to others and yet puts up a very tough and strong personality in front of others. Things start to change when she falls in love with a rich male (Dylan’s character). He is a rich man who is often pranked because of his innocence and obliviousness towards things.

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158 thoughts on “Prince + Princess 2 Episode 08

  1. [YT] omg!! the aunt n the mom r the same they keep butting into their lives nd their both so blind nd have no empathy nd allways deciding their futures !!!!
    ke ruo should really learn to be more selfish!!!

  2. [YT] her mom is so fricken blind she’s so f***ing stupid why the f*** does she have to butt into their buissness!!!! she has no empathy she should really get her brain checked like its not even ke ruos fault!!!
    frichen bitch!!!
    mu fan is so weak!!

  3. [YT] Ya zi so sweet to her 2nd sis.
    But wasnt 2nd sis fault.
    Is the guy like her not she like the guy.
    She still reject him because of her sister.

  4. [YT] Her mum is always so biasedddd! wt…. & please, mufan still ask david dont be biased to her.. but when everything is kerou always let her! omg.. cannt stand it.

  5. [YT] 改篇太滥了拉!要是我我就会告诉他你没了解过她又怎能把两人相比?还有阿~这部戏现在没了亲情没了事业只剩下超白痴的爱情剧情!一部超棒的剧就这样难产了*sigh*

  6. [YT] poor thing- i heard the hk actor, ke rou’s best friend has to be written off and there’s no more eps after this cause of the director that quit?!?! ): ): i hope its continuing… its only just gotten better…

  7. [YT] 怎麼變的跟以前八點檔連續劇一樣,實在很不想看下去,而且劇情改的亂七八糟,之前他們不是有在上課而且還有評比嗎,怎麼這段完全不見了

  8. [YT] “可能我有被虐倾向..”,”越是被她打到鼻青脸肿越是想接近她 “..怎么会有这种对白啊.?之前告别不是说过”虽然你外表很暴 力可是心思却很细腻”之类的话..对大姨妈说的话根本就是让大姨 妈生气而已啊..为了让剧情更加曲折有必要用那么白痴的对白么..-_-!!

  9. [YT] i like the young sister….
    and the mother suppose happy…cos she always want her daughter marry rich guy and now she got more chance has 2 rich son-in-law…
    just find another one for elder sister then..

  10. [YT] does the big sister dunno dat kerou like huanyu?
    she doesnt know kerou because of her dat why nv accept huanyu?
    pls be sensible as a big sister la.
    love cant be forced or gif way de lorz.
    pls lah!!!

  11. [YT] Agree. It’s always the wolves in lambs’ skin that are the scariest.

    Those that tend to act weak, good, and innocent and causes all the problems for everybody else are the most despicable.

  12. [YT] 當初角色設定總經理走的是蔣小花路線.他要到後期才會變成型男,沒想到這快就變成型男了啊,我想可能是換了導演才讓他提前出現的吧

  13. [YT] 每当我看完一集,我都觉的有无数的感触在胸口。。。



  14. [YT] yes!! it’ll jux make HuenYue become scared of her=v= she’s sooo selfish!!! she should know that KeRou like HuenYue as well,,, and she kno tht Ke Rou would not want to hurt her so she wont go out with HuenYue~~ so mean , so selfish!!!

  15. [YT] So like his attitude towards his true feelings, he does not beat around the bush and even when Ke rou “puts him down” like that, he did not use “spike” technique, but he “showed” the world that he “likes” her and her only….so romantic…ahhh.

  16. [YT] I’m sorry, but I can’t stand the sister any longer. Talk about spoiled, inconsiderate, selfish, and sissy of a OLDER sister. Geez, girls like her are really a problem/burden in disguise. No offense to the actress – I actually sorta liked her when she went on Xing Guang – but her voice, face, and character is just too darn annoying.

    Did the mom give birth to Ke Rou? I can’t stop being suspicious with the total biased treatment of the 2 daughters.

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