Prince + Princess 2 Episode 09

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The second princess refers to the second sibling among three sisters. Being stuck in the middle, she’s not adored by her dad nor loved by her mom. This is a cause to her weird personality where she tends to feel inferior to others and yet puts up a very tough and strong personality in front of others. Things start to change when she falls in love with a rich male (Dylan’s character). He is a rich man who is often pranked because of his innocence and obliviousness towards things.

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141 thoughts on “Prince + Princess 2 Episode 09

  1. [YT] lol dylan annoys me in almost every drama…though he is HOT n tall n model like …butt his comment..why they give him such annoying characters LOL i always like the second lead more

  2. [YT] 拜託,這編劇也太離譜了.一個玻璃娃娃的大姐,難道她以後永遠生活在玻璃屋中.至於劇情中媽媽,我相信世界上也不少,向錢看齊.總經理,哇!只適合在恐龍谷生活.

  3. [YT] 谁不定大姐不是亲生的,克柔爸妈对她父母做了对不起的事,然后希望大姐嫁给wealth guy 来补偿。 而惜身了克柔. just guessing

  4. [YT] 呵呵~~

  5. [YT] 這種戀情好可憐喔…
    現在好了…多一個情敵= =+

  6. [YT] SHEESH her family
    the first thing mom want to ask kerou is does the guy still worth something
    the first thing Mufan asks kerou is is hows the guy doing.

    why doesnt’ anyone care about Kerou hows she doing in the job
    it pisses me off that KeRou have to care for everybody

  7. [YT] 克柔她姐姐



  8. [YT] Maybe....有些” 守旧"的父母会因为小孩选"错东西"而决定他们的"命运啦. Sigh.................T_T

  9. [YT] 除了她妹妹以外,我真的很討厭克柔的家庭。 媽媽是個賣女兒還有不合理到一個瞎的地步。然後爸爸沒有主見, 每一次都是站在他老婆的那邊。 姐姐呢,有是個沒有主見還有沒有觀察力的人。 克柔好明顯喜歡寰宇,可是她竟然沒有察覺。 太瞎了吧!

  10. [YT] Such a mother is not fit to be one. Money minded as if the children are all like ‘invested stocks’. Such a useless father is the same too. ‘Afraid of wife’ and never help to ‘balance’ the family relationship. 🙁

  11. [YT] Wa lao…what kind of mother do you call that…her favourtism is so undiscrete. What about Kerou’s feelings? She jolly well know that Kerou is feeling rotten inside….(How/why she “quits” her Job???). Too much!!

  12. [YT] She’s the typical “I’m-innocent-and-weak-and-sweet-looking-so-you-must-consider-my-feelings-regardless-of-how-it-will-affect-those-around-me” type of female characters. I find them very annoying in reel and real life. lolz…

  13. [YT] Why is that all the females in here – other than the female lead & her 3rd sister – are all despicable?!

    Gosh, it’s so aggravating to see such annoyingly frustrating female characters.

  14. [YT] i agree.. and the mother… doesn’t ever bother to think of ke rou’s feelings… man my life is like hers, but i am the eldest, my feelings are nothing compared to my younger sisters…. which is why i can so sympathize with ke rou and how she feels in situations…. jia you!

  15. [YT] 劇情走向變成晨曦跟煥宇在爭克柔????
    不過時尚總監李晨曦,這個角色比煥宇還man 感覺比較像王子

  16. [YT] 2009年2月4日,洪卓立於農曆新年期間因肺積水復發留醫,可惜手術後未有好轉,更有惡化跡象,所有工作停工。因《王子看見二公主》是邊拍邊播,以洪卓立現時情況復工無期,故洪的戲份要臨時抽起,劇本需要重寫。[2]而劇組表示已另闢新角色,由張勛傑演出。 from wikipedia

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