Prince + Princess 2 Episode 10 (English Subbed)

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The second princess refers to the second sibling among three sisters. Being stuck in the middle, she’s not adored by her dad nor loved by her mom. This is a cause to her weird personality where she tends to feel inferior to others and yet puts up a very tough and strong personality in front of others. Things start to change when she falls in love with a rich male (Dylan’s character). He is a rich man who is often pranked because of his innocence and obliviousness towards things.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • cha-cha

    i wonder why the designer director not a lead character??? i desperately want him to end up with the the second princess,,lol i forgot her name,,,

  • cha-cha

    i’m really pissed off with the oldest sister,,,all she can do is cry,,,i just want to slap her face and throw her on the river.

  • cha-cha

    I slept 4:30 to finish episode 9 ^^ lol

  • i never sleep in these movie