Prince + Princess 2 Episode 13

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The second princess refers to the second sibling among three sisters. Being stuck in the middle, she’s not adored by her dad nor loved by her mom. This is a cause to her weird personality where she tends to feel inferior to others and yet puts up a very tough and strong personality in front of others. Things start to change when she falls in love with a rich male (Dylan’s character). He is a rich man who is often pranked because of his innocence and obliviousness towards things.

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  • [YT] 變成o&k春夏真愛發表會了 -口-”

  • [YT] 有相同的困惑….
    藍燈光 再加上轉來轉去 根本看不清楚衣服的樣式= =”

  • [YT] 對XDDD 我也看到了

  • [YT] not only is the lighting, the camera man had some probs too…

  • [YT] Ma Fan look like jamie teo 🙂

  • [YT] Ke Rou eyes is always big n pretty….

  • [YT] for god’s sake huan yu.. for one thing, barely anyone is successful on their first try, and he wasn’t interested in fashion in the first place until he fell for ke rou. so … -shrug-

  • [YT] 總監差一點弄到克柔的胸部了…..- -””

  • [YT] Actually this is quite a typical storyline.

  • [YT] thanks!

  • [YT] ummm….ke rou is fine….i mean..she was chosen from a modeling contest……it’s prolly just the way she is dressed…the way ppl dress can really change the appearance of a person.

  • [YT] i would like to c ke rou and huan yu to be together….that’s just my opinion…

  • [YT] mu fan is so pretty when she was talking to ke rou
    but the way she talks to her sister is so awkward.

  • [YT] is dis the last episode?

  • [YT] 煩死了~~
    戲裡如果一直都是 “直接” 衝突~


  • [YT] shouldn’t the feeling of being protected by someone make them like them??? i dont understand why ke rou doesn’t like zhong jian… i dont get why kerou likes huan yu, just because of the beginning of story ?? LAME!!!! kerou and zhongjian’s relationship is far more developed! It’s time for kerou to move on to someone better… like zhong jian =D

  • [YT] i dont think they’ve ever seen a fashion show befoer????

  • [YT] i will be sad if zhong jian and kerou do not end up together… i think mufan and huanyu should split up and realize that they are both naive and have a lot to learn in life. kerou needs someone like zhongjian to take care of her!

  • [YT] 杨丞琳 – 幸福的节拍

  • [YT] 煥宇豬頭一個!

  • [YT] eng subs please!

  • [YT] 真正看的時候只是看到一大片藍-_-

  • [YT] yeah….haha….would be awesome if 夏宽 suddenly come back….

    though we all know it’s not gonna happen 🙁

  • [YT] agree…. totally unrelated… if i were one of the ppl sitting there… i would probably be thinking “what kind of company is this?”

  • [YT] the lighting’s awful -_-”
    you can’t even see the colour of the clothes properly

  • [YT] did u guys notice ther was a bug on 慕凡 shirt when she was crying

  • [YT] 李晨曦到底誰派來的?好討厭。

  • [YT] he knows kerou would be upset if her sister is you idiot

  • [YT] this has officially become a korean soap opera. LOL : P

  • [YT] i wonder what the aim of the director is 🙁

  • [YT] 這一刻的慕凡最美。。。慘﹐晨曦要開始難過了。。。 :'(

  • [YT] haha money’s words are really sharp…

  • [YT] isn’t it sweet that designer-attitude zongjian only apologises to kerou and never to anyone else? hee…

  • [YT] are you serious? what’s wrong with you?

  • [YT] DIRECTOR DIRECTOR ! There’s no need to follow the name of the drama, it doesn’t have to be how it was meant to be !

    Ke Rou and HY was like “puppy love”. I wonder Ke Rou still has feelings for HY because she kept thinking “this is a man i can never love” so makes her want him more, or because she truly only loves him.
    But Chen Xi and Ke Rou, it’s so heart moving.

  • [YT] how i wish Ke Role and Mu Fan Swap Role Ke ROu too ugly….

  • [YT] omg…what’s going on? everything’s getting so confusing

  • [YT] their cakes looked so delicious.. im so hungry!!

  • [YT] It’s really so obvious that Chen Xi like Ke Rou lols. But Ke Rou is better if she’s wif Dylan.

  • [YT] yea me too. i can’t seem to like da main male char. 😛

  • [YT] wut?! not available?!?!

  • [YT] so i guess im not t e only person that wwants zong jian and ke rou together lol

  • [YT] i dont get the theme song…
    “I’m so sadly”?!
    does not make sense-,-

  • [YT] sup u

  • [YT] wht’s the song name in 8:40?
    It’s so good.
    Oh~ 總監 should be with the girl.
    They are cute.
    Why all the drama always be the oppoisite of ppl’s will.
    They main guy with the sis, 總監 with the girl.
    Happy ending! Everyone likes it. (well most)

  • [YT] 總監 just interest in ke rou since beginning, thats why letting her to be designer, steal other people’s love

  • [YT] from beginning till the end only 慕凡 falling in love by herself, we can’t blame 焕宇. And ke rou likes 焕宇, even though letting 慕凡 to go with 焕宇, 焕宇 doesn’t like her is the truth that can’t be change

  • [YT] 張勛傑 so cheap using elder sister as an excuse

  • [YT] 張勛傑 is too short compare to 郭品超, and his head always tilted upward

  • [YT] 誰想在發表會聼這個阿?

  • [YT] 總監的那個不是單單是名字,是口碑。不要只看到自己,別人也有在努力的阿

  • [YT] 這戲真的越來越爛..焕宇身為一个男人眞的很差劲..說為公司着想卻在發錶會上亂搞..從不顧別人感受很自私..眞不懂這個編劇搞什么

  • [YT] 发表会弄这种东西..还说为公司着想..

  • [YT] ‘Huang Yu’ didn’t even think of helping her in action only using ‘mouth’ to say ‘I XXX you ‘ rather ‘useless’ and not fit to be the one winning ‘Ke Rou’. Sigh… sorry for the sister, she was mislead by thinking ‘Ke Rou’ don’t like him thats why she try so hard.

  • [YT] Fully agree, it will be a good script if this is the ending. ‘Huan Yu’ finally be ‘moved’ by the sister and accept her. Then ‘Zhong Jian’ and ‘Ke Rou’ together (like what the mom wishes LOL….) He deserve ‘Ke Rou’ as he is the one that ‘explore’ her talent and fulfill her dream to become a designer. He fee sorry that she never been ‘pampered’ from her family or neither .

  • [YT] Sigh…………..

  • [YT] 好討厭 david… = =
    幼稚, 自大, 過份睇好自己..

  • [YT] luckily chen xi managed to stop ke rou from saying “YES’. otherwise, it’s the end of the show. we will be so lost as an audience.

  • [YT] oh “藍又時” is the singer name.. thanks . Like it.

  • [YT] 我要克柔和總監在一起啦!!!!!

  • [YT] I liked the show up to the ep. 8. Then it just got bad and unfunny. I use to root for Dylan. I now don’t like either Dylan or the new guy. I wish her friend came back and she chose him.

  • [YT] huan yu is a LOSER! LOSER!

  • [YT] ROFL!! money’s so funny~! so cute too!

  • [YT] Kerou mother’s is so biased! i cant stand her!!!!

  • [YT] 故事好像換了導演後變得很慢

  • [YT] haha imaginative
    though i prefer zong jian and kerou

  • [YT] or why can’t both the sisters are giving up huan yu for a moment. and starts again as new.

  • [YT] if i were allowed to write this story, i would continue as follows:

    mu fan is going to commit suicide but she did not die. she emphasize how much she really huan yu.

    ke rou, in order to support her sister, accepting chen xi’s love and marrying him.

    huan yu has no other choice, also marrying mu fan.

    then produce season 2:
    after some time of marriage that did not work out, the two pairs divorce. huan yu and ke rou get back together..

    just my imagination.
    for fun only.

  • [YT] Well if the director changed, then maybe the Ke Rou can not end up with the idiot. I mean, what’s the point right? That guy is better off being alone and not out hurting girls feelings.

  • [YT] Mu fan is so brave. Wow, I can’t believe she can encourage the guy she liked for so long to go after her sister. This is so strange.

  • [YT] I can’t believe the guy is so stupid. How can he date the girl’s sister and then ask the girl to stay with him? I understand how people can be fools in love but doing somethings like this in public? I can’t believe Ke Rou was going to say yes.

  • [YT] I agree. This guy is stupid. I don’t know what the director is thinking.

  • [YT] I agree with you. She already ask her sis. Not her fault then. love is mostly selfish. 克柔 不講清楚,可憐的是他姊. 克柔 都可憐….:(

  • [YT] never mind, i take that back.. she’s still whinny. HA

  • [YT] yay! finally 表白了! 在一起,在一起…!

    慕凡’s voice changed too! yay! not so whinny after she 面對現實.

  • [YT] omg… a bunch of kids! i kinda want to see this drama end sooner. Dunno what else ridiculous will happen next.. just let them get marry or something!

  • [YT] why the drama director has to fix ke rou with an idiot….

  • [YT] its ok cos he not interested to take over business from beginning so he only work for win his lover….
    but i agree the script got problem or deberate lower viewer’s IQ so twist story like this…

  • [YT] cos they didnt want u see so clear , dont you think last competition clothes so similar? cos they have no idea or didnt done proper research before film ^^

  • [YT] i didnt mind this drama change filming director in beginning but now i really dont like this drama floating like this….and i just notice he is ‘LOB’ director too…
    i like both dramas actor but ….. =.=

  • [YT] *is already

  • [YT] Yeah, me too 😀

  • [YT] aww… kerou and zhong jian are so sweet. :’)
    she needs to accept him!

  • [YT] hmms .. i think so . Cause wikipedia says that . [=

  • [YT] 同意!继续看下去只是因为开了头~不过至少李晨曦的出现挽回了一点把~

  • [YT] T~T

  • [YT] btw if i was ke rou i would have slaped him in the face for putting everyone in such an awkward situation so selfish and soooooo immature!!

  • [YT] and it was suppose to be that way before the script changed too haha~ when hong chuo li was the one who liked her! man i truly miss the old script they changed all the character’s personal!! its gonna ruin everyone’s image~ but at least not for the new guy!

  • [YT] wtf?!!! who ever purposes in a show like that?! not to mention the thinkness of his action!! why the fudge would he do that in front of mu fan and so many coworkers that knows about her? this is not romantic its just reckless!!


  • [YT] 他很無聊耶… 總監的名字也是他努力來的成果阿 他才剛起步 雖然…人家這樣說會不好受啦…可是也不能拿整傢公司來這樣亂搞得阿

  • [YT] 好lor! !慕凡, 終於想起自己是有家人的啊. 下次不要再這麼自私了.

  • [YT] hahahaha~~ 幼稚兒童~ 哈哈哈 可愛耶

  • [YT] 越来越不喜欢焕宇了,超幼稚. 衣服又不是他设计的,又不是只有他一个人努力,总监也是努力过来的啊.真希望克柔可以和他在一起.

  • [YT] ooo, i see… i hope he gets better soon as possible!

  • [YT] 覺得總監很成熟懂事

  • [YT] 這部戲好無聊喔= = 拍的也很爛

  • [YT] I feel so bad for mufan ! she is crying like crazy, sob. but i hate her anyways

  • [YT] hey anyone know whats the song at 2:05?

  • [YT] 還是總監好啊!!

  • [YT] 4:23 kerou’s eyes were so big!

  • [YT] 17 eps

  • [YT] ke rou’s eyes are so big! makes her look much prettier

  • [YT] The rating was not satisfactory before, but now it’s like sinking to the lowest….The switch of director and plot really makes 郭品超 unlikeable. I keep playing the computer games while I watched the later episodes~

  • [YT] lol i like his friend hahaha he said “i would pick him too if i were her” lol

  • [YT] I love that song =)

  • [YT] “have you got fatter recently” hahaha

  • [YT] Yalo….time and place…pleasure and business…Mufun and Kerou….timming, Huanyu’s timming sucks!!!

  • [YT] kerou and huanyu have no chemistry
    at least the director should try to make them have some by actually putting them together in some scenes
    they have stupid scenes like staring at each other which sucks
    i way prefer zhong jian with kerou

  • [YT] please let ke rou and chen xi end up together..PLEASE….PLEASE!!! *prays*

  • [YT] 我以為總監會告白=.=…


  • [YT] 他们换导演了。。

  • [YT] Ken Hung will already out of the group.
    Something serious happened to him and he is in the hospital. I don’t think he will come back to this show again. The Li Chen Xi is here to substitute him. I don’t know if Ken Hung is still in the hospital or not.

  • [YT] oh.. so short?! 🙁

  • [YT] I so agree, why do the main actresses don’t like the guy who are nice and always there for them?

  • [YT] OMFG i wana slap her face… i cant stand her 裝可愛 voice.. Annoying! She needs to get the F out of the way..

  • [YT] 因为焕宇的优柔寡断,连接伤害了两个女生。。

  • [YT] Mufan should just get lost. Such a burden with no common sense.

    Self centered, never bothering about others.
    Only want family to love her, put her in the center.
    Never think about ke rou, with only ke rou putting her in the first place.


  • [YT] 其實也不能怪他姊自私
    因為他姊每次問克柔 問她喜歡總經理嗎?
    既然不喜歡 他姊為甚麼不能喜歡
    我覺得最可憐的是他姊 不是克柔

  • [YT] why don’t the script get more screw up and get money into the love entanglement! lol

  • [YT] actually! so stupid rite? if i am the MD of the shopping center i will seriously reconsider working with such unstable GM of OnK

  • [YT] rubbish show. i think the script writter is so navie. how can hy. propose on his company’s “make or die” presentation? totally not professional!

  • [YT] I hate mufan -_- What a bitch.

  • [YT] ask mu fan get lost.

  • [YT] online sales! why didn’t they think of it?

  • [YT] 他們都喜歡對方﹗但是因為克柔的姐姐的關係


  • [YT] things will get confusing in the next episode! according to wiki. there are only 13 episodes… so how there’s more to it… talking about ken hung, he hasn’t been in the episodes for quite a long time! when will mu fan and ken be together? or mu fan is with some else?

  • [YT] i think there’s 16eps (:

  • [YT] omggggg mufan!~ you rock you finallllllly are able to move on! proud of you.

  • [YT] huan yu doesn’t make things clear with the older sister. and then he just like make use of her help.
    and he should make a clear line between love and work.

  • [YT] mu fan is such a slut and a bitch!

  • [YT] 拜托那样子动镜头是要掩饰衣服有多烂吗?还有你心里的话再怎样也跟服装发表会扯不上关系吧?瞎厄!

  • [YT] 唉…..慕凡終於想通了
    其實我一直覺得慕凡跟夏寬是最配 最登對, 不過可惜的是夏寬已經離開劇組了

  • [YT] next episode: chen xi spots ke rou with huan yu ….. must be hurt … poor chen xi.
    i wish ke rou give chen xi a chance and stay away from huan yu.

  • [YT] so dark who can see the clothes?

  • [YT] huan yu: how can he be double-sided all the time. can’t he be a little bit firm. the way he behaves, makes him look like a playboy. why did he worry that chen xi is playing with ke rou. isn’t he a bit unstable?

    mu fan: after spending one whole night with the boy friend, still not able to attach to the boy. clumsy little poor thing,

    chen xi: brilliant, smart, fine-looking young gentleman, being kind only to ke rou is not enough.

    ke rou: please choose the one that you love.

  • [YT] 雖然看了這麼多集.我還是比較喜歡瞿友寧導演導的王子看見二公主

  • [YT] =3=” 等了那么久的场面结果就用你在开玩笑吧?收场啊?失望~而且寰宇抱的也太假了吧?

  • [YT] 可憐的慕凡……..

  • [YT] 我比較喜歡以前的煥宇……….

  • [YT] 克柔是不是變胖了

  • [YT] what’s wrong with mufan, she should already know that huanyu doesn’t like her. remember the episode where huanu kissed kerou and mufan run away crying and hurt herself and the mom blame kerou for it….i just can’t stand mufan’s stupidity!!

  • [YT] I wang Ke Rou and Zong Jian to be together, he’s really kind and caring <3

    Nin Huan Yu is kind of selfish and don't care about other's feelings... and he never explains his feelings clearly to others...ugh

  • [YT] huh i wish ke rou wasn’t that nice to her sister at times.

  • [YT] wha the hell .. 2 lovers who are madly in love with one another are like staring to each other while the people who love them are trying to break them up .. That’s so sucky

  • [YT] 完了

  • [YT] who knows how many episodes are there in total?:D

  • [YT] Is this the last episode?

  • [YT] yah this hua biao hui is so messed up…wtf talking about love/asking out a girl in front of all the other designer professionals/ manager..? uhh

  • [YT] LOL haha i know ehh.. -__-?

  • [YT] 煥宇告白的方式錯了

  • [YT] O&K明明是平價成衣服裝公司
    可是發表會上秀的衣服卻都是high fashion runway上的衣服
    採購經理 看到的跟他要為百貨公司採購的衣服根本不同 怎麼會輕易下單?

  • [YT] 煥宇 應該要為公司想阿
    而且說真的 他那套衣服 是克柔設計的阿

  • [YT] 我不懂大姐。。 煥宇的心都不在她那兒, 為什麽就是不放手呢?

  • [YT] 哈哈對呀

  • [YT] ppl all say how horrible they are…
    but love u get in return never equals the love given..

  • [YT] 對阿 大僵局
    這集有點算拖戲拖出來的= =

  • [YT] 这部戏的讨论区里有很多观众联名提议让总监和克柔在结尾的时候在一起~ 而不是总经理和克柔~ 也不知道编剧有没有因为大家的意见而改变结尾呢

  • [YT] 煥宇 衝啦~~ 把總監踢掉 把克柔追到手0.0+!!!!

  • [YT] 雖然我好喜歡看這些二男爭一女的劇

  • [YT] 好好喔…
    有一個人這樣扶持著自己. 默默的做了好多

  • [YT] 克柔太ㄍㄧㄥ了啦 喜歡煥宇就講啊!!

  • [YT] 在這麼正經的發表會變了煥宇的個人表白..=,=”’ 在真實世界會不會發生呢..=,=”

  • [YT] The mother is so unfair to 克柔=[

  • [YT] 焕宇的设计其实不是克柔的设计,不是克柔帮他做的吗? 又不是他自己原创,赢了也没有功劳啊

  • [YT] 哈哈 敏盛醫院發了 到處有分院

  • [YT] 這一集都沒看到媽媽
    雖然有事後很討厭 不過他不在就少了一些情緒 = =

  • [YT] 煥宇 is such a dick
    and so is 克柔….
    godamnit u ppl can’t u see who’s the one that’s like always there when u needed??

  • [YT] 人就是賤啊….對他好就絕得是理所當然….一點都不珍惜

  • [YT] can she plz just be with 總監

  • [YT] 總監根本適職場性騷擾

  • [YT] 煥宇的潤唇膏很反光…

  • [YT] 戏剧不就是这个样子的嘛,如果克柔改变初衷喜欢总监的话,那主角就不是寰宇了。。。

  • [YT] it use to be him but he and the producer had some problem so he quit

  • [YT] 不是很喜歡克柔這樣,誰對她有感覺,誰最關心她,一點都不知道。本小姐最討厭窩囊的男人,連喜歡一個人都不敢說,還跟她姐姐一對?我寧願要嘴壞心腸軟的男人…..

  • [YT] chen xi looks so tired and a little bit old in this part of the episode.

  • [YT] 藍又時 的 那天

  • [YT] what is the song that starts playing around 8:47?

  • [YT] thanks SO much!!!! 😀

  • [YT] the photographer is very handsome.
    even money had changed his hairstyle. this made him looks better.

  • [YT] how embarrasing.
    the two of them coming out of the same bedroom.

  • [YT] here goes.
    the one that i’ve been waiting for.
    this week ought to be more and more interesting.

  • [YT] thanks 😀