Prince + Princess 2 Episode 14

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The second princess refers to the second sibling among three sisters. Being stuck in the middle, she’s not adored by her dad nor loved by her mom. This is a cause to her weird personality where she tends to feel inferior to others and yet puts up a very tough and strong personality in front of others. Things start to change when she falls in love with a rich male (Dylan’s character). He is a rich man who is often pranked because of his innocence and obliviousness towards things.

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224 thoughts on “Prince + Princess 2 Episode 14

  1. I don’t understand these people, they shoulg have make things clear instead off stringing other along, it just make things worse for everyone and I thinks the mother is so selfish and childish.

  2. [YT] The loan sharks are weird, after so many years of chasing after the family, they finally got back the money and they borrowed money to the mum again.

  3. [YT] 这部剧的编剧真的很会扯,乱到要死,一直伤害来,伤害去!!已经懒惰看剧情的发展了!!wakao….where is the ending??

  4. [YT] 真不知道慕凡是怎样,她一定要弄到自己很可怜才甘心吗??这样克柔一定会内疚。。。以她的条件,根本不可能没人要,编剧不会用脑哦!!

  5. [YT] wow . this kinda pisses me off . ke rou does everything for the family… get money .. fight away da money loaners or w.e and all her parents care about is mu fan ? what did she ever do for the family . they take everything as if they’re suppose to have it -_-

  6. [YT] 鋼琴啊..雖然隻是鋼琴..可是也是一種才华啊..而且..漂亮的女生不是很多男人都很喜欢么..?一般相亲的都是嫁不出去或者年纪大了..你看看她妈妈拿的相亲照片就知道..都是一些老头..慕凡这种漂亮有气质的女生应该不少人抢着要的啊..

  7. [YT] if i were the girl, i’d be soooo very in love with the director…his personality is just flawless..there’s something about his confidence that makes u want to just fall for him. (:

  8. [YT] 当初寰宇说喜欢克柔的时候..就一直骂克柔勾引总经理..硬把2人拆散..自己把慕凡塞给别人..人家根本不喜欢慕凡的..现在好了..报应了..还说不是为了钱..却一直帮女儿找有钱人嫁

  9. [YT] 寰宇早就表明喜欢克柔的..当初还一直骂克柔勾引寰宇..

  10. [YT] Chenxi’s character has outshined the 2 main lead.
    this shouldnt be the case, as both the 2 main leads are not strong cast. They should have stronger characters to attract the viewers.

  11. [YT] after seeing them separated for so long, i’m already used to the fact that they might not be together. so even they are together now, i cant feel the connection like in the past anymore.

  12. [YT] mu fan likes huan yu so what? huan yu doesnt like her. that mum force huan yu and mu fan to be together at the 1st place. huan yu din like mu fan to start with. ke rou likes huan yu, huan yu like ke rou.. WHY CANT THEY be together? stupid show. stupid mum..treat daugthers unfairly..

  13. [YT] “who ever you want to escape from, where ever you want to escape from. I will be next to you.”
    okay…so my translation’s not that good… but still…
    How can you NOT fall for that?

  14. [YT] man!! The mom makes me so mad!! 克柔不是她的孩子吗?她也不是人吗??他不会苦吗??气死我!!! 现在,克柔的妈就当克柔做东西!


  15. [YT] Honestly wth is going on with this drama! It was because of the mom that Ke Rou had to rush to find a job to make enough money to pay off the debt and not she wants her daughter to quit! I wish Ke Rou can think of herself for once and accept HY. God I don’t like the big sis, no one ever liked her in the first place and HY was forced to be with her. And it’s Chen Xi that lend the money not HY!

  16. [YT] 这个媽媽怎么從頭到尾都这么偏心于慕凡啊?!两个都是女儿,为什么可以让慕凡被喜欢,而克柔,就不能被喜歡呢?而且跟不喜歡 的人在一起也不会幸福啊。其实配不配年轻人自己最清楚。家长们太操心只会累到自己。

  17. [YT] I have watched this show from ep1 to this one in 3 days. I like this show, but the three daughters’ mom drives me crazy. OMG! She is the person creates the chaos for her own daughters. She always put the blame on others except herself and her baby first daughter. What the… The design CEO is quite selfish in a way. He maybe talented but basically mean. And the older sister is just not that naive. She has been created as a selfish and irresponsible barbie doll by her mom. What a pity.

  18. [YT] 如结局是焕宇和克柔就太乏味了。根本太明显啊况且两人代沟太大,没火花。相反总监就不一样因为新,所以伸缩性很好,带给观众的惊喜也会更多。坦白说剧情刚开始很不错,所以百忙抽空的连追,可是越来越怪和乏味,渐渐的就很怕结局会像平凡剧本,让它彻底扁值。结局是剧本的高潮之一耶。抱歉啊如话太直了。。。

  19. [YT] 多次观看偶像剧,结局都一样,好无聊无趣太死板( 闷!!)。难道就不能创意一点??让人预想不到的惊喜才是重点。虽这样评语很伤不过对不起都是实言哦。

  20. [YT] 果然是灰姑娘的后妈, 她女儿只有慕凡吗? 家里只有慕凡是宝吗?好像克柔是别人的小孩, 太过分~~剧本写得太离谱了。

  21. [YT] i really really hate the mother!!! such preferential treatment…what about kerou??? am i the only one who feel like slapping her? sigh…even her tears seem kind of fake here…

  22. [YT] 哈哈我跟你一樣喜歡煥宇今集的表演期待很久了….愛煥宇好可愛的男生,為愛情可以已變自已真,偉大!我也想為愛的人付出改變但真的不容易!

  23. [YT] 煥宇好情深!跟我吃早餐吃得這樣開心的男生我也期待快來到!喜歡看王子看見二公主第十四集煥宇加油!煥宇送的公仔電話吊繩好可愛呵呵!so cute!!!

  24. [YT] Sigh, out of everything. “Now” the mom decide to not force MF to HY, and just “now” Yi Ma realize to let HY go. I swear the only reason I still watch this is because of Chen Xi. Cause if I stop now I’ll feel like i’ve wasted my time on my drama.

  25. [YT] mother is so stupid to borrow money from loan shark again when they can slowly pay back the money.

    arent she had enough of days loan shark raiding their house for years


  26. [YT] can somebody slap some sense of the mom?

    mu fan oni experienced sadness and kept from everyone the 1st time.

    ke rou always experience sadness but the mom just kept an eyes closed all da time.

    roar. i hate the mom to bits.

  27. [YT] he had a lung infection and he went to the hospital. so chen xi replaced him instead but then the whole script had to be changed
    i love chen xi but then the change of script is so crap…

  28. [YT] haha 李晨曦&趙克柔 can’t think of a worse name
    the crew doesn’t seem to be very interesting… they don’t have that many interactions and all the ‘funny’ bits were the ngs

  29. [YT] yes. she is faking it badly.
    i don’t understand why is that they are not able to fake it the way the japanese did.
    if you have watched “nodame cantabile”, i’m sure you will say “sugoi”.

  30. [YT] b/c kerou is weird… donno what is she thinking…. she can just move out of the house and do whatever she wants….. she is the one with most ability in that stupid house

  31. [YT] That’s exactly how I feel!! We’ve already sat through 13/14 eps……we can’t just stop now……….we have to at least finish this…….. I can’t believe we wasted 14 weeks on this drama……

  32. [YT] I’m finding it harder and harder to watch this series……the story isn’t going anywhere……..I’m getting tired of watching this……..
    It’s such a shame because I really liked it at the beginning…….

  33. [YT] Maybe 克柔 is adopted?!…. That’s why the mother cares about the oldest daughter 慕凡 more than her………..surely there must be a reason why the mother is so biased….

  34. [YT] Come on, give him a break…for his character…he was meant to be a “virgin” man…simple, innocent, true/pure…it is rare to have someone like this and also good-looking at the same time!!!

  35. [YT] 她妈很自私耶!

  36. [YT] Geeezzz shouldn’t they be together already? This is getting so draggy…

    I like Huan Yu in his geeky look…the hair is good, keep it this way, just add the glasses!

    Anyone knows where I can find the ending song?

  37. [YT] many of us are going to feel sorry for chen xi soon. right??

    he sure is going to be hurt.
    although, he said he is willing to be “used” by ke rou, yet he is the one to be hurt definitely. unless, he did something mostly unreasonable to convince us that he abused ke rou. otherwise, it must be very painful to see him being hurt.

  38. [YT] alright, ke rou, you did the right thing.
    pay the debt and leave o&k.
    this is a very good test to huan yu.
    to find out how much he really loves her.
    not just, two-sided all the time.

  39. [YT] very good. the mother talked a lot with a mother’s feel.
    do you know how mu fan is being cherished at home?? she is the treasure of our home.

    how about ke rou? isn’t she also her daughter?

  40. [YT] WTF……….. i would hate a man like him………….. living a life for another girl. thats really retarded. i wouldnt be a bit touched even if im that girl.

  41. [YT] ugh why is this soooo stupid? who rewrote the script?! fire him!! (or her) and what kind of name is that?!晨曦&赵克柔!给点创意好不好?气死我了啦!

  42. [YT] 對野
    我都忘了ken了..聰明! 如果是ken的話..應該會合理一點, 因為至少是青梅竹馬..不像現在突然彈一個人出來. 條件還要差不多的. 不過總監也好~

  43. [YT] thats a good move to get her back! but man i feel like i really don’t wanna watch this anymore~ grrrr…. i want my prince+2 princess back!! i want the old script the old characters without them all turning into a different person!! everyone was soooooo favorable before!! now its just i wanna smack all of them

  44. [YT] 這套劇好慢….
    讓我繼續看的原因是因為我開始了就不想停, 不看白不看..
    慕凡跟媽媽都很討人厭..劇情又慢到死………..本來兩男爭一女的idea滿好的, 而且裡面男生跟克柔說的話有的真是好sweet的…但是..唉..

  45. [YT] 對呀!!!那個媽媽怎么對二女兒那么不公平啊!!!!!~ 都是自己的女兒 當初人家本來都已經說了喜歡的是二女兒 是他們自己硬要把那個自私的大姐姐塞給他 還怪二女兒不懂事…都什么亂七八糟的 世界上真的有這種媽媽嗎?

  46. [YT] 慕凡這樣所謂”偉大”的付出
    愛一個人都不對. 明明對方也愛他.
    死死的守著她 卻又甚麼都得不到. 只因為那個慕凡..還要背上耍女人的罪名..

  47. [YT] 可能是因為演夏寬的洪卓立病了 不能演了 臨時要張勛杰來擋 然后劇情都改了..都是瞎擠出來的東西..感覺的確很麻煩,,而且導演也換了 唉 還是比較喜歡瞿友寧導演 lol

  48. [YT] 自虐狂…慕凡…
    好了, 總經理多次對克柔表白,
    終於肯放手了. 別人根本由始至終都沒有辜負她騙她
    卻要弄到好像總經理跟克柔不對了, 開始要自虐. 所謂放棄自己

  49. [YT] 為甚麼慕凡硬要把自己弄得好想很偉大很慘的樣子. 明明都已經不需要還債
    那個死媽媽又發病了. 還了錢又去借. 還不是又要克柔去解決.
    為了慕凡, 就又弄一攤債給克柔, 而且又要克柔放棄自己的事業. 要是我, 我早就離家出走了.

  50. [YT] 不知道大家有沒有同感
    看又不過癮, 不看又白看了這麼久..

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