Prince + Princess 2 Episode 16

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The second princess refers to the second sibling among three sisters. Being stuck in the middle, she’s not adored by her dad nor loved by her mom. This is a cause to her weird personality where she tends to feel inferior to others and yet puts up a very tough and strong personality in front of others. Things start to change when she falls in love with a rich male (Dylan’s character). He is a rich man who is often pranked because of his innocence and obliviousness towards things.

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  • i really love these drama i buy a series movie of these i really angry coz it cut in part ten …..thank god you aploud these

  • [YT] i’m guessing that lady just have issues and not much sense of fashion.. she’s always suspecting the designs of ke rou.. not every girl likes being overly sexy like her and every designer have there own style like ke rou’s

  • [YT] 女主角以前演過什麼片阿?新人嗎?。

  • [YT] 對啊 真想知道如果夏寬還在的話 後面的劇情會怎麼發展~”~

  • [YT] sucks -__-

  • [YT] 我個人覺得這劇是因為洪卓立半路走了, 所以才會爛掉=.= 本來應該是洪卓立跟大公主一起… 我是這樣覺的

  • [YT] this show is messed up!

  • [YT] I agreed with you, this drama suitable to play in my grand ma century.

  • [YT] You’re right. Ke Rou & Huan Yu are living without own principle, poor couple! The dramatist make the story a bit boring and out of date.

  • [YT] Ending的接吻画面也太老土了吧!这可是五,六十年代所用的手法耶!

  • [YT] 女主角好像香港的歌星鄧穎之

  • [YT] wtfrik.

  • [YT] 下…. /0\

  • [YT] ohh.. really screwed up script.. makes us all so confused?!

  • [YT] 咁就睇完- -“…套戲後面真係好怪

  • [YT] 克柔本来就是被逼离开焕宇的,她对晨曦只有责任没有爱!!回到焕宇身边才是对的!!

  • [YT] honestly it’s a waste of time to watch this drama. It’s really leading to no where. sigh very disappointed but finally it’s Finished. phew~

  • [YT] 有人遲到,不打手機問? 白癡嗎?

  • [YT] yes…haha…i just remember i didnt finish this drama & come back to watch the ending…
    is this called ‘ tiger head snake tail’ ^^

  • [YT] i want to b manager in that company…..becos the office very nice and all the job got others to worry….and his only job is thinking how to chase his love…^^

  • [YT] it makes me wonder what was the original script and how Ken snatch kerou from huan yu. hehe

  • [YT] the actor Ken Hung became ill and was hospitalized seriously so he couldn’t continue filming and Michael Zhang was written into the story to replace + all the director problems screwed the story up

  • [YT] the ending is weird !!!!!!!!! why thats a sudden change in kerou ????and i think its a waste of time and money to shoot this drama ….

  • [YT] this drama is weird and the 内容 is very boring ….

  • [YT] 楊丞琳-幸福的節拍

  • [YT] 5:45的歌是誰的,,名字是什麼,,挺好聽的

  • [YT] she’s still quite young. a few years from now when she loses her baby fat maybe she’ll have a differen tlook

  • [YT] 其實是拍攝中間洪卓立肺積水住院了
    (以上只是個人意見,,別轟= =v)

  • [YT] 晨曦。。。

  • [YT] i agree.. the whole story changed ever since the change of the director..
    n it bcum so draggy..

  • [YT] doesnt the main character look like an asian version of molly ringwald when she was younger?

  • [YT] i’ve never watched a drama and felt sooooo frustrated before..i dunno since when, but i’ve been fast forwarding all the parts that i know would be a waste of i felt like i’ve fast forwarded almost the entire eps towards the end. that’s how bad it has gotten. eeks. btw, i like kerou and all..but her excessive considerations and indecisiveness just kinda gets on my nerves…poor director 🙁 he cried.

  • [YT] if it was the setting in the begining it would’ve been sooooo much better

  • [YT] i love xin an… aka ya zi

  • [YT] 克柔的唇蜜有點厚,不太好看 @@

  • [YT] it was quite exaggerated the way chen xi put his hand on ke rou’s XD

  • [YT] 這部戲都是用楊丞琳的歌??

  • [YT] I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] look at 0:29 ,
    i realised the director is Hot shot director too! is tht so?

  • [YT] how come such a small shop entrance got such a large warehouse behind?!?! Online store can do until so big in 1 mth? Her sister is also a designer now? What is this?!!? LAME!!!!

  • [YT] i think the ending is much better than certain other drama series . it has a cute ending even chen xi’s ending was bad ..

  • [YT] hmms dhis series is funny ._.

  • [YT] 這部戲好難看
    劇本也濫= =

  • [YT] 一个字烂!!!!剧本超烂。。是我第一次觉得烂到。。祸害全演员和导演。。。浪费时间!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] Xia Kuan just disappear and didnt came back?

  • [YT] 晨曦对克柔超好的..可怜的他,被伤害了 🙁

  • [YT] i dislike the ending!!!!!!!!!!! its so bad

  • [YT] where”re the other designers @ O&K…
    [email protected]#$%^

  • [YT] 怎麼已經結局了

  • [YT] awe it ended…..but i do agree that if they had kept the other director and if ken hadn’t gotten sick the story would have been a lot better T-T but i’m glad that she ended up with huan yu 😀 it was rushed they could have expanded it to another episode to space it all out and explain what happened to mu fan and ken’s character……

  • [YT] he should be with someone more mature and sure of herself then kerou.

  • [YT] The next drama is 敲敲愛上你
    Knock Knock Loving You or also known as: Quietly Falling in Love with You
    Same male lead Dylan Kuo… Ming Dao (of Frog prince) will also be there! really looking forward to it 🙂

  • [YT] 對阿 後面變好快真的有點瞎-.-

  • [YT] sigh…overall, rather disappointed with this show. yes, songs were great. happy ending’s gd & the re-enacted pervert & warehouse scene was cute. but somehow this show doesnt have that satisfying impact at the end. changes in chars’ personalities were too drastic. the issue with xiakuan too…granted he had to leave the show, at least give some conclusion…a phonecall or sth…even subbing the actor wld be better. i really love chenxi & all. its the lack of flow within the plot that irks me.

  • [YT] wg808(dot)blogspot(dot)com

  • [YT] 廖太太 is a bitch!! did u c the way she talks.. makes me pissed off.. i wanna punch her!!! bs….

  • [YT] how come two guys being nice to you never happens in real life? It only happens in dramas….

  • [YT] what drama is coming in after this

  • [YT] and it was worse since xia kuan left. I felt like he gave a lot of humor for the underlying sadness.

  • [YT] i know, but somehow everything went downhill since xia kuan left because he got sick and then the director switched as well…it was really good and humorous in the beginning, but ever since xi kuan left, the drama became really icky…

  • [YT] 这部剧看得我好像扁导演!!我要疯了!!

  • [YT] 真是越看越来气!我都要七窍生烟了!!

  • [YT] 爛女人

  • [YT] What a lousy drama… they should not have change the director at episode 6. This make the show very disconnected

  • [YT] 克柔你这个不要脸的bitch,伤害了我们的晨曦,看着晨曦流泪,好心疼~

  • [YT] finally it comes to an end-0-

  • [YT] The ironic thing about Ke Rou is that she tries her hardest to make everyone happy, but in the very end, she just does the very opposite. I mean, if she came clean about her feelings for Huan Yu from the very start, regardless of her big sis, everything could’ve been avoided. Sigh. This storyline could’ve been SO much better developed. Seriously..

  • [YT] What a lame ending…

  • [YT] i think the drama could be better,,, i mean ,,,, um ,,, dun reallt connected,, the whole drama,,, n i prefer her pick the other guy,,,,

  • [YT] poor 晨曦….看了好心疼他哦

  • [YT] o jesus waste of 16 hours….. fml.

  • [YT] I totally agree. I think they had to rewrite the story when Ken became really sick… too bad the drama ended like this.

  • [YT] 雖然晨曦很可憐﹐ 可是也要在乎克柔的感覺吧 。。
    他根本就不想開哪家店 。。

  • [YT] 克柔根本就没有想过晨曦,也没有想过丢下他一个人在发表会有多难堪.

  • [YT] Absolutely like the mom. She is so consistant. HAHA… 🙂

  • [YT] 我真的不知道还可以说什么,第一次这么讨厌主角.算了啦,反正克柔根本配不上晨曦

  • [YT] stupid ending. could had been done more tastfully. =( the casts are all good lookers, what a waste.

  • [YT] everyone is so HAPPY because its the LAST EP.. haha

  • [YT] I have stopped watching after episode 3, now i just want to know the ending.hope it’s not disappointing.

  • [YT] chen xi looked so sad without kerou and there was noone in his shop 🙁

  • [YT] I think Ke rou should have a twin lol one for each guy then they will be happy lol hahahahaa

  • [YT] 廖太太也是靠對人的

  • [YT] I think he should have been the one to lift his leg at the end. That would have been more funny. When people do that it reminds me of when dogs mark their territory.

  • [YT] and she ditches him like that….. sigh…
    he kinda opened the store for her and she just backs out of their ‘partnership’ like that. he has to continue running the store which kinda has no meaning for him anymore except bad memories

  • [YT] Damn funny.!
    Somehow lame too.

  • [YT] 現在連我都被總監感動了…

  • [YT] 克柔從頭到尾都沒喜歡過晨曦~晨曦是一相情願的

  • [YT] 好爛的結局

  • [YT] chenxi can do better!!! no worries :DDD

    stupid ke rou

  • [YT] ugh this drama was not bad in the beginning. now it’s just ridic…:(

  • [YT] Ke rou couldn’t help herself to love chen xi, and her no show & didn’t answer chen xi’s call were unacceptable … she did not deserve chen xi ….. poor chen xi …it was sad to be rejected, even it hurt so bad (he cried in front of ke rou), he accepted it like a man (not like huan yu … ) chen xi will be better off without ke rou who will never love him.

  • [YT] 只能說是偶像劇的宿命:『男女主角最後會一起的』


  • [YT] damn. that was kinda stupid. aside from the fact that they finally got kissed, how they all ended up was sad. as well as how those two got together. i mean..those are some lame lines.

  • [YT] At least the ending song is really good.

  • [YT] HAIII…

  • [YT] the ending is lame.. and the ending, the kiss, the legs’ actiong is the same as in the “prince turn into frog” show…

  • [YT] 對阿

  • [YT] haii hopes this end well..

  • [YT] 虽然觉得结局有点怪怪的,但还是不错啦!

  • [YT] 我觉得晨曦蛮可怜的!付出了那么多竟然没有得到他想要的

  • [YT] lame ending!!!
    and she never wore the blue dress that was in the theme song…the dress was displayed in the shop but never worn =(

  • [YT] 奇怪也~~看到最后就越看越奇怪~~怎么那么多人物没交代啊~~都无故失踪的啊~~还有~~后半段好像已经开始离题啦吧~~最后个结局也太勉强了吧~~

  • [YT] love the ending song

  • [YT] Yeah, finally it’s the last episode. The drama started pretty good, but had really gone done the hill. It’s hard to stop watching a drama after you have invested some time in it. Hope next drama will be good!

  • [YT] 超有同感

  • [YT] 我只能說柴智屏把瞿導換掉 真的是一個錯誤的決定………

  • [YT] so danerously cheesy

  • [YT] 老實說我不太喜歡這個結局
    我在想要是瞿導沒有離開的話 瞿導的結局版本, 應該會比這個新導演來的好

  • [YT] I’ve hated ke rou from the beginning. She shouldn’t even get near chen xi if she’s just going to hurt him and like huan yu instead. uhh…shes messin with both guys.

  • [YT] I had enjoyed the drama from begining till the end….thank you!!

  • [YT] 李晨曦真的是個好男人 放心啦李晨曦這麼有才華又帥氣,要找到比克柔還要好的女孩應該是非常容易的事

  • [YT] 唉…..克柔真的是吼.

  • [YT] what kind of fuking ending is this?

  • [YT] same here.

  • [YT] hate this ending.

  • [YT] 媽媽總算說了一句人話"自己做的決定就不要後悔"。。看來克柔卻學不了。一直一直的反悔自己的決定。。。

  • [YT] This was one of the crappiest ending ever. This drama was okay in the beginning, but it just kept getting lamer and lamer in the end. glad it’s over.

  • [YT] 克柔 is such a bitch~~~~

  • [YT] 我觉得我要亲口跟你说’对不起’
    现在说对不起还有用吗? 李晨曦早就应该放弃克柔,她根本就不值得晨曦一次一次的原谅

  • [YT] 晨曦……………….

  • [YT] 克柔 is such a bitch

  • [YT] 雖然說克柔可能是給那個廖太太的說話影響到,不過她還真的是太容易被別人影響了吧!晨曦都已經多次跟她心理輔導了,她都是這樣。。還有她以為不聽電話就ok嗎?一點交代都沒有,就算不是因為發表會,別人也會擔心她啊

  • [YT] this drama is beginning to tick me off…’s gotten so pointless….i wan’t to know the ending but it’s really dragging

  • [YT] 其實克柔真的是有點自私

  • [YT] 晨曦真的好可憐。。。

  • [YT] didn’t know they changed the director….that’s why the technique is so familiar and same old lousy ending directed by hot tempered dude….

  • [YT] what a lousy ending…..fine…looking forward to watching next drama…..sigh!!!!

  • [YT] 慕凡啊慕凡

  • [YT] sighs the ending is so predictable…wished it to be something new…

  • [YT] she doesn’t deserve neither one of them

  • [YT] i truly believe that if Ke Rou didn’t hear those bitches’ gossip in the ladies room…she won’t perceive herself and become low self-esteem…..

  • [YT] Chen xi is such a sweetheart. i dont even think that ke rou and any of the guys are compatiable.

  • [YT] i think I enjoyed their NG scenes more than the drama. especially the ending. little disappointed.

  • [YT] pls , it wouldn’t end up Chenxi hooked up with Mu Fan ??????

  • [YT] wtf was that! bs ending..

  • [YT] great…it’s time to stop dragging and see how Ke You makes the final decision……

  • [YT] WAH!!! It’s the last episode!!! T_T

  • [YT] i don’t know why i watched this drama until the end.. man… it better have a good ending.. chenxi better not be hurt..

  • [YT] ke rou is a stupid bitch

  • [YT] 自己都说晨曦和那家店对她来说都太美好了 还不知道珍惜 赵克柔真的白痴

  • [YT] well, maybe she needs to learn that a person cannot always get all he/she wants/wishes for, there needs to be sacrifices made.
    chen xi or huan yu, that’s a tradeoff, she cannot please both side, there’s no way, and she doesn’t understant that apparently.

  • [YT] does any one know what drama is airing after this?

  • [YT] exactly my point~!
    chen xi deserves better

  • [YT] pooooor ending!!!!

  • [YT] chenxi and kerou ftw!!! kerou u have to choose chenxi! hes so much better than huanyu!!!

  • [YT] 感觉如果没换导演和演夏宽的男演员没生病的话,结局会更好吧?!至少,就不会有那么多的拖戏和受不了的情节。。这结局太瞎了。。

  • [YT] watta hell 0.O wat kind of ending is this??
    so stupid lame…i rather she is single than being with HuanYu just for the sake of being with him…

  • [YT] chen xi is so nice to ke rou… if i were her, i’ll choose chen xi….

  • [YT] sad ending

  • [YT] crap kiss crap ending

  • [YT] the ending is like jumping to the conclusion.

  • [YT] this is so sad…

  • [YT] maybe ke rou is wrong treating chen xi like that
    but chen xi doesn’t really understand ke rou
    ke rou is becoming someone else now
    and it’s all becuz that’s what chen xi wants not ke rou
    a lot of ppl think they are doing good things to others but it may not turn out to be like that
    i feel sad for ke rou~ she juz wants everyone to be happy neglecting her own happiness

  • [YT] it seems that ke rou is never under her mother’s control.

  • [YT] ke rou really doesn’t deserve chen xi to be so nice to her >:(

  • [YT] 1:17 後面的海報是換換愛

  • [YT] ke rou is still a child.
    as changeable as the wind.
    poor chen xi.

  • [YT] 晨曦好可憐

  • [YT] i dont like how she treats xun yi
    it’s ok if she prefers o&k over her own brand…
    but she should at least call and inform xun yi she’s going to be no show!!

  • [YT] huan yu’s reactions were too over…

  • [YT] i feel so saad for xun xi

  • [YT] kerou and huanyu have no chemistry

  • [YT] oh it’s the last episode..

  • [YT] i started to realise that chen xi deserves a better mature girl.

  • [YT] me too

  • [YT] come on. ke rou. make up your mind please.

  • [YT] thank you for the good show.

  • [YT] i hope this is a happy ending.

  • [YT] thaxs!!!! but i prefer to see first parta 1 the the others