Qing Shi Huang Fei Episode 21

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Fu Ya was an exiled princess who married three ambitious kings. The first marriage protected her from being executed with her family. The second marriage gave her shelter to heal her broken heart. The third marriage saved her people, but killed the man she loved. Although her husbands loved her, they were equally keen on using her to consolidate power. Their betrayals pushed her to become an avenging angel who would kill anyone in her way.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Vivi

    their LAUGHs…. @[email protected] 

  • 皇上和儿子抢女人!

  • Qee

    每集都重複前一集大概5分鐘的戲 35集的電視劇大概只有31-32集的內容吧

  • Gues

    can someone answer a question for me? I don’t get why fu ya ‘s sister/friend went to send a msg to her father? Like the night she found out that fu ya is the princess why did she write a letter to her dad telling him that fu ya didn’t die? Is she against fu ya ?

    • hadeion

      prob to ask him for info if the bad guy is still looking for fu ya. She’s a good friend

    • linda

      I think Fu Ya’s friend is a spy from North Han.

  • Aliciaatann

    actually, the queen loves Qiyou much more than Qixing. Sighs. 

    • Gues

      then why does it seem like she hates qiyou?

      • Guest

        Because qiyou don’t ask her for help…like a child asking parent for help and he wasn’t raised by her

      • Aliciaatann

        Hahah! According to novel’s storyline, she love her sons very much. In fact she loves Qiyou more than Qixing. She is sorta’ like ” protecting” her son from the king. 🙂 and yup, because Qiyou is too independent, so she really never got a chance to get Qiyou to ask anything from her unlike Qixing. :/ so it just seemed like she is a cold mum towards Qiyou.

        Sighs. This is getting more complicated than expected.

    • linda

      Yeah, hatred comes from love…

  • Tiff

    Yay 🙂 THANKS