Qing Shi Huang Fei Episode 24

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Fu Ya was an exiled princess who married three ambitious kings. The first marriage protected her from being executed with her family. The second marriage gave her shelter to heal her broken heart. The third marriage saved her people, but killed the man she loved. Although her husbands loved her, they were equally keen on using her to consolidate power. Their betrayals pushed her to become an avenging angel who would kill anyone in her way.

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15 thoughts on “Qing Shi Huang Fei Episode 24

  1.  the first one she married saved her from execution…so someone has to discover her identity (and threaten to execute her mother) first, obviously the marriage is not to the now dead king

    • The description is according to the novel. I cant remember why her marriage with Qiyou is to protect her from execution. Maybe she was so-called being the criminal because she “poison” the old king. The Qiyou saved her. Afterwards Qiyou will make use of her then she will leave the country and somehow or another, she will be married to Liancheng again.

      According to the novel, she married to Liancheng first, Qiyou, Liancheng (use another identity) then married to Lianxi.

      And yes, she never really married to the old king.

  2. i think the description is wrong cuz she really only married once with wallace. the other ones she never really completed the marriage

    • In all the previews i don’t see her getting friendly enough with any other males beside qiyou and Wallace for there to even be a hint at a 3rd marriage. In the book, is it that freaky gothic dude that is all mysterious and is always in black with long hair?

      • Hahah, an the freaky gothic black hair dude is Lianxi, who is Liancheng’s younger bro. The last one is the least expected one.

      • Sorry, I didnt read it properly. Yes. It Is the FREAKY Black hair dude. But I think Rey changed the storyline about the Lianxi & Fuya’s marriage.

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