Qing Shi Huang Fei Episode 33

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Fu Ya was an exiled princess who married three ambitious kings. The first marriage protected her from being executed with her family. The second marriage gave her shelter to heal her broken heart. The third marriage saved her people, but killed the man she loved. Although her husbands loved her, they were equally keen on using her to consolidate power. Their betrayals pushed her to become an avenging angel who would kill anyone in her way.

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  • Lovetvxqforever22

    i thought lian cheng was the good character…but guess he’s not

  • Andiey2k

    雖說傾世皇妃劇情荒謬 不合邏輯 但這這這 也太扯了
    連城竟然是馥雅公主殺父仇人 一點都不合邏輯 如果連城不殺馥雅公主的情人 怕他傷心 怎會殺他父親 當時楚國打算跟北漢聯姻 有必要殺楚國皇帝嗎
    殺了皇帝 讓其他人繼位 這有何用 聯姻不就可以達成他要的效果 如果是因為公主不願意下嫁 要殺他父親 讓公主無依靠 更可笑

    大可運用政治力量娶FY 這種事情有需要弒君嗎

  • Trang_tien3

    Man…at the start of the movie I though that FY is a resonable princess with bubbly characteristic. I thought that she just want to be free and have fun.. But she have been through quite a bit and I was expecting that once she married Lian Cheng she would be a great wife but it turn out that she is a cheater…. that is kind of disturbing after Lian Cheng love her with all of this heart….
    This princess is nothing but a …..person

    • ahyen

      isnt a princess a person as well?

      and from the start she is in love with QY, marrying someone else wont change her heart.

    • Lovetvxqforever22

      i think she’s the most reasonable in this show
      she “married” lian cheng because she didn’t want war between the two kingdoms
      shes not a cheater.   she doesnt love him at all, only qi you

  • Lis

    I really don’t like FY…. she’s already married, what a slut. There’s no chemistry between her and QY anyways.

    • Qq457260483

      Wow, I bet you are a slut that is infatuated by LC…..

  • 没想到连城是她的杀父仇人!!!

  • doria

    这是我看過上傳最勤快的電視劇了 感謝你哈哈哈哈 兩集連播真好!!

    • ROCKffa

      哈哈 真的很快..

  • Hannah

    the part when QY and FY were hugging is so touching… I cant stop crying

  • err…really bad excuse for the queen’s ugly hands………..even if her son was biting on it why would she have scars all over both of her hands??? she let him bite different spots? LOL…

  • Guest

    Thanks for the fast upload today! 🙂

  • Wei