Qing Shi Huang Fei Episode 39

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Fu Ya was an exiled princess who married three ambitious kings. The first marriage protected her from being executed with her family. The second marriage gave her shelter to heal her broken heart. The third marriage saved her people, but killed the man she loved. Although her husbands loved her, they were equally keen on using her to consolidate power. Their betrayals pushed her to become an avenging angel who would kill anyone in her way.

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  • Milasry

    how i get English subtitle for this tv series Qing shi Huang fei ep 20

  • Milasary

    how i get english sub for this drama tv

  • Andiey2k

    後宮好像後花園 男人隨意進出

  • Sun_tan5


    成都,整顿吏治,减少苛税,境内渐安。长兴三年(932),知祥杀东川节度使董璋,得东川地。四年,封为蜀王。后唐闵帝应顺元年 (934)知祥称帝,年号明德,国号蜀,史称后蜀。同年,孟知祥死,子孟昶(919~965年)继位,仍用明德年号,明德五年(938)改元广政。


    • Ezzychan

      It doesn’t matter as we’re not watching the drama for gaining knowledge in ancient China history. We are watching it for the plot and the actors/actresses we support. Chill and peace. =D

  • katie

    MFY is pregnant too isnt she? and how can QY do this to her?! she should be the queen!

  • momo

    whose baby is it?

    • Wow

      It’s QY’s as FY said before she never slept with LC and they only married for the title….FY decided to exercise her right as a “couple” when QY was still in the imprisonment at Ding Bei Gong….couple days before she begged LS for help to rescue QY..

    • hey

      FY and the han princess both pregnant with QY’s child.. i don’t really like the han princess

  • Wow

    finally love you more….thx