Rainbow Sweetheart Episode 35 The End

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Jolin

    i prefer my lucky star script more then this lo ~~~~~~~

  • Naoki

    Even though Jimmy’s really good, others’ acting cannot carry me.

  • Haha, finally finished the drama. :)) 

  • bubujinxinaddict

    really liked jimmy lin with yoo ha na in my lucky star…

  • MissdonutGurl

    I like the korean style better… remakes aren’t as good as the first. 

  • Cherrie super duper overacted, not convincing at ALL… Jimmy is good!

    • Krystabel

      She is just following what the director tells her to do.. 

  • Jbear8

    last ep la……..

    • Pearl

      shu kuai is always like that , hao de la….. eh…….. lol love his style; almost cried when he cried

  • Guest


  • guest

    this is stupid! skipped to the ending, and it still wasn’t good 🙁

    • jimmylover


  • Rainie


  • hahahahhaa

    1st 😀