Rice Family Episode 45

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Family should be warm, tight knit, and always stick together… Just like a rice ball. At least that’s the goal for Mrs. Guan. Her husband, the very mellow, very optimistic Mr. Guan, is just happy to be brought along for the ride. Since the family is so close, every little thing that happens in and around the family becomes a major issue to be thoroughly dealt with.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • 剪刀这个误会设计得太刻意而显得不合理了。

  • [YT] PETER有問題的這個梗~由關陳2人這樣討論出來覺得不是很好的安排

  • [YT] 为什么不能就坦白剪刀坏掉了呢?

  • [YT] 球球好機車

  • [YT] PETER笑裡藏刀

  • [YT] 球球很愛挑撥離間

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  • [YT] 每次我看他們兩個吃飯好香的樣子 都會肚子餓…

  • [YT] 説話這麼含糊,劇情反覆得太牽強了吧。

  • [YT] thank you thank you thank you!!!!