Rice Family Episode 54

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Family should be warm, tight knit, and always stick together… Just like a rice ball. At least that’s the goal for Mrs. Guan. Her husband, the very mellow, very optimistic Mr. Guan, is just happy to be brought along for the ride. Since the family is so close, every little thing that happens in and around the family becomes a major issue to be thoroughly dealt with.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • GigiH2o

    No one can sing on this show by the way

  • GigiH2o

    The fighting is really retarded.  The girl stands at the door, none of the bad guys have guns, and yet when he grabbed her, she doesn’t kick or scratch or bite, what the hell?!  Just because you are a girl that does not mean that you can’t teach the men a little lesson. 

  • [YT] 內容~越來越爛

  • [YT] “不做決定也是一種決定”?? 這應該是邱一武對心亞的一貫態度吧~~~

    認識顏心亞前的邱一武曾自認爛人, 新編劇筆下的邱一武倒是爛得越來越徹底呢…製作單位報復修之前微博發言?? 反正不在乎收視率啊~~

  • [YT] 跳舞那個女生到底是誰 = =

  • [YT] 其實一武跟小魚在一起也不錯阿(別砲轟我)ㄎㄎ

  • [YT] 60集就撥完了

  • [YT] 狗血劇情還要持續多久

  • [YT] PETER被威脅了…