Ring Ring Bell Episode 05

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Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.

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89 thoughts on “Ring Ring Bell Episode 05

  1. LOL at his attitude when he was speaking english and trying to get XX into the car. 
    for some reason I found it kind of funny…don’t know why…O_O

  2. any unemployed person should be quite happy that they have WORK but not xiao xiang. she is the opposite of the maxim” beggars can’t be choosers” hahaha.
    this series is so-so. i only don’t like the part wherein the guy doesn’t recognize xiao xiang after they meet again after the outbreak. it was as if he had amnesia. he knew ONLY LATER in the show but pretended not to know her still.

    • she was happier working by holding the placard than working in the office? in the previous episodes, she was desperate to find work by joining the lifting of the water pail contest?? but she was too proud to work in peter’s office?…….2nd minus point for this show

      • i feel that its because he helped her in so many incidents and that the mother asked for a job for her daughter. she will feel that she owes him alot alot and not able to repay him

  3. why there are some people who don’t like this? i’ll tell you 1 flaw. look at part 2( 4:24) she was sleeping in peter’s house after being soaked in the rain the day before. then the next scene, around 5:00, she was in the office receiving her pay/salary for her work(holding the placard) while going home, she got SPLASHED by a passing car. Next scene, she was at peter’s house, because she was wet,she decided to take a bath. Qustion: why didin’t she go to HER HOUSE to take a bath and change? why go back to peter’s house?don’t tell me, she still believes that it was her ex-fiance’s house(to get even, she jumped on the bed and wrecked the pipes, believing it was her fiance’s house). she must have KNOWN it was peter’s house after all after taking a GOOD SLEEP on peter’s bed and she had changed to go to the office to claim her salary. Don’t tell me she was SLEEPWALKING all the way to the office?

      • part 2(10:24) xiao xiang told herself,” so, this isn’t xiao-jie’s house afterall” HELLO!!! you were conscious when peter left and told you to sleep some more. Why would peter TUCK you into bed in xiao-jie’s house? he doesn’t know him from adam!!! so, how can you mumble such stupid words? so, there is a reason why some said this is NOT A NICE series… bad editing!

          • i watched again. my fault, mea culpa! it was really janine’s house. so,actions had been implied!. the viewers never saw that he had asked her where her house was located. had he been there before? what scene?

  4. i think there is no need to hold the placard under the rain. nobody would be noticing whatever is written on the placard on a rainy day.

  5. About 9 min into part 3, 鄭小襄 recognized that she screams, cries etc. whenever she faced a problem/issue.  So I think she will change for the better. 

  6. 哇靠, 原來看了5集, 每次似曾相似的對白, 每次同樣的cry cry cry scream scream scream yell yell yell的梗是在鋪陳啊…
    怪不得收視率這麼差…都播出5集了連1.0都不到, 真是他x的糟蹋了何潤東, 張鈞甯, 林美秀等這些好演員.

  7. 一個人的性格那可能在短時間內改變啊

  8. I started to find this show a bore and a pain to watch the lead actress since last episode (Don’t get me wrong, I agree she can act but I personally think she doesn’t fit well in the role in this show. Acting cute and animated ISN’T her forte at all). I thought I’ll give this episode one last try to see I should continue watching. Decided to stop watching it half way through part 3 as lead actress’s acting got even more annoying. Thumbs up for 我可能不會愛你 and 拜金女王 for storyline, art direction and good actors. Thumbs down for this show!

  9. I find the main girl in this drama much more likable than the girl in material queen.
    怎麼那麼多人不喜歡鄭小襄. 我覺得相較下來拜金女王裡的林楚曼更討人厭

    • 兩者的差別(把演員樣貌/口音/國籍等排除在外):
      一個是成事不足敗事有餘的白痴, 只會大哭大叫 (未來變成如何還不知道, 因為到了第5集還是老樣子)一個是目標很確定, 知道自己想要什麼, 該怎麼做, 還可以出賣愛情, 愛慕虛榮的拜金女 (現在也已為愛而”從良”了)
      前者反覆同樣的哭叫戲碼(以及耍白痴行為)到了第5集, 許多人開始感到很煩了
      後者雖然一開始讓人覺得很機車很賤, 但女主角的角色走向還不至於到了第5集還一直站在原地重覆著同樣的鬧劇, 其間全劇劇情雖然有點拖拖拉拉, 但就女主角角色設定而言還不至於給人很”煩”的感覺.
      總之大家都喜歡緊湊有進展有變化的劇情, 這才會讓人有一直想看下去的動力, 這當然就得考驗編劇及導演的功力了.

      • 對耶。可能是在職場上工作很久的關係,忍不住會想若和這種人工作日子會不會很難過。林楚曼有心機,會耍小手段,可能會踩著我往上爬,但不致於危害我的未來。若她能得到我想得到的,我反而會佩服她,因為她有我可能沒有的勇氣和智慧。但和鄭小襄工作我會隨時擔心哪天會因為她臨時的衝動而被拖下水失了工作。她有命中的貴人一直幫她擦屁股但我可沒有。這種人會讓我想遠離。

  10. I dont get it . Why do they don’t like Janine ? Go watch Sunshine Happiness and then you’ll love her ! She’s so pretty !!!

  11. i think this drama is really nice to watch… so funny and can brighten the day up… i think those that give negative comments are of the same person just posting with different names… how std… hahahaz… 

    • That may be so, but each IP address can only ‘like’ a comment once. So judging by the number of likes on comments that think this drama is getting really stupid, there are at least 20 people who hold that opinion.

      Also, you know that argument can be applied to the other side right? As in “I think all those ‘OMG Janine and this drama is so heart-warming blah’ comments are posted by the same loser who can’t stand the fact that this is a pretty mediocre show and wants to bully those who are expressing critical opinions into silence”.

  12. wonder why janine and peter ho act in this bad drama. The story line just another cinderella story, no depth. skip most part and out of here. Good luck!.

  13. Although there seem to be negative comments about this show.. I think i will still continue to watch because of future chemistry btw the lead actors and also how xiao sa become a more strong lady. 😀

  14. I don’t understand why there are so many haters.  this has been such a good show.  there are so many amazing, touching moments.  Peter is doing a great job and Janine is as well.  Janine’s character is SUPPOSED to be crazy pathetic and sad but with a good heart.  I think she is doing a great job with it.  You really do get a feel for her heart.  People in hard circumstances…this really is how life is for them.  One bad thing happens after another.  It’s like bad things follow them…I’ve met a lot of people who are down and out and this is how life is for them.  But I bet this will turn around.  She will change.  And she will change him.  She already IS.    He is changing.  His neat and tidy life is getting more colorful.  The thing is she seems messed up on the outside, but he is as well…he just doesn’t show it.  

    I am loving this show.  It’s done SOOO well…and i am loving the chemistry between the two leads.  

    • I wanted to add…Janine’s character is SUPPOSED to be frustrating.  That’s partly why Peter’s character screams in the beginning of this episode.  He’s usually SUCH a levelheaded guy, but even he is getting shaken out of his comfort zone.  
      I find Janine to be a wonderful actress actually.  She can play such different roles with such nuance.  She’s not this docile little girl. She’s playing a multi-faceted, interesting, broken woman.

      • Seriously, Taiwanese dramas need more independent female characters and not pathetic dumpee cinderella stories.

        And no, this is not how ppl in hard circumstances are, usally, they dont have a rich handsome prince waiting to pick up the pieces, and have to work through their own problems themselves slowly. In real life, a guy like him would not stop to look at her twice because there are plenty of better options. She’s not hot, she’s not smart, she’s not tough, she’s useless and basically a doormat, with a kid.

        If Peter wasnt so cute, no one would still be here.

        • Yup and another thing would be their convo kept repeating on the same thing (you need to trust yourself more, all you need to do is smile bla bla bla) It’s not the worst drama yet not the best either. Will keep on watching it but only the other 2.

    • the part wherein peter does not recognize janine is already a DISASTER. it is so unbelievable. if there is a reason why it is like that, the viewers aren’t buying it.

  15. 唉, 原本以為小襄會靠自己爬起來, 結果又是靠Peter, 真是受不了這種”麻雀變鳳凰”的劇情, 太爛了!

  16. 本來也覺得鄭媽媽闖進公司很丟人, 
    可是聽了 “有媽媽替自己雞婆, 就算在丟臉也應該覺得幸福”又覺得好感動


    • 可是不能因為自己不怕丟臉就去騷擾到別人吧=.= 這樣子反而會讓人誤以為只是種只顧自己不顧他人的行為…在現實生活裡是行不通的…

    • i believe it is the little boy’s mom taught him and so he brought that magazine to the kindergarten…..otherwise, how can a kindergarten have such kinda reading materials….for sure he is such a trouble maker…

  17. 樓下一堆愛鬼吼鬼叫的人 麻煩不爽就不要看了好嗎?
    人家劇本就是這樣寫的 演員當然也只能照演
    那麼不爽的話 你們來寫劇本啊 來當導演 當演員啊

    • 沒人在罵演員…而是在罵劇中角色…

      這種不分青紅皂白 動不動就說”不爽就不要看”的lamers

  18. 鄭小襄,what a loser. 舉牌子的那段是想讓觀眾覺得她很可憐嗎?杜詩梅舉更久耶,她還只是代班,難道只是力氣不大,就值得同情嗎?

    • 難道她不可憐嗎?

  19. all she does is scream scream scream, cry cry cry, shout shout shout, rely rely rely.
    so annoying…
    if it isnt for peter, wouldnt carry on watching this..

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