Ring Ring Bell Episode 06 (English Subbed)

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Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.

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2 thoughts on “Ring Ring Bell Episode 06 (English Subbed)

  1. I have yet to see a drama, where they don’t say something like: “This only happens in dramas!” or “This is not a drama!” or “Our lives resemble a drama!” etc. etc. etc.
    The line is being used by everyone, and it is starting to get boring (the line)

    I’ve only just realized that Zhi Zhi is the sister in Fated to Love you… It looks like everybody is here, save for a few.. :p

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