Ring Ring Bell Episode 08

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Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.

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63 thoughts on “Ring Ring Bell Episode 08

  1. 郑小襄在现实生活中应该是活不下去的吧。可以说她天真,可是也不能一点儿都不专业,跟个弱智的女人一样,在工作场合闹情绪,一点儿都不符合现实。而且,以她这种个性,我就不相信任家恺会喜欢上她。

  2. it’s the spot that laid down the airbed for stunt and the angle XS and JK where they can lay on….yes, thank god Peter is very much like an action star…otherwise, he would get injected from the explosion scene…

    • don’t forget that XS doesn’t have much education……but she realized that she should speak too much with a stranger….didn’t you hear before she hung up????

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