Ring Ring Bell Episode 08

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Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.

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  • Elise416

    Yah! Such person sure die in real world…but it still makes the story nice… 

  • Anonymous

    There was seriously no point of that kidnapping…

    • Aliceentzu

      i know so pointless

  • :)

    OMG. the stab scene was totally autumn concerto moment. LOL. this drama has all the cliches of tw dramas~

  • guest


  • My15173

    老實說 越看越不想看==   太無聊了吧..

    • Aliceentzu

      I agree 這一級太扯了,真的越來越不想看了

  • Hammy

    The guys that kidnapped her are shorter then her! xD

  • Min1-_-xb


  • Loveinanime1

    So nice!!! XD

  • Guest

    Beauty is in the eye of beholder. I think this is a great drama.

  • Zoro

    not gonna lie, i’m starting to lose interest in this drama…..

  • I think zheng xiao xiang 演戏演的太 over 了….有点不好看! No offence

  • minzy

    Haha the male actor could have just carried xiaoxiang away when he has freed himself.. and saved all the panic hahas

  • qqq qqq

    every drama gt kidnap after tat actor go save actress den injured… in the end married…..

  • bluecats


  • Love000000123

    第一次看到任家愷哭得那麼傷心耶!   感動~

  • Na2s2o3


    • Esther


    • only got one brother and sister-in-law. she got one best friend too.

  • Na2s2o3


  • AutumnLeaves

    Why would he get out of the car and talk to that lady????? how dumb is that

  • Tokkicutie

    wait so the preview……does xiao zheng DIE!?!??!???!? wth! im confused and if she does die then so does the drama!

    • AutumnLeaves

      She’s not gonna die.. =)

  • Selina

    the kidnap part reminds me of my lucky star and the stabbing scene reminds me of Autumn concerto!

    • Mel

      omgosh, same 😀 high 5 xDD

    • Findthebee

      oh for me the kidnapping part reminded me of 就想赖着你… and the source of all plotlines—- meteor garden:) 

  • shuting

    Nice and touching episode! love Peter Ho max! <3

  • Jennifer Cui

    張鈞甯 gets prettier and prettier the more you look at her.

  • Aaaa




  • Zhao_yanhua88

    kinda boring,, but still keep watching

  • Ash

    LOVE IT! That is all i can say

  • melody

    好好看喔! ~

  • guest

    it’s the spot that laid down the airbed for stunt and the angle XS and JK where they can lay on….yes, thank god Peter is very much like an action star…otherwise, he would get injected from the explosion scene…

    • guest

      oops *injured

  • Nick327

    who is that girl standing next to him when hes making the wish? (at the preview)

    • Melodyylinn

      Totally… I’m curious too!

    • YS

      I think it is her short chubby friend with a make-over.

      • mao

        isnt it just his little sister?

  • miru

    I’m confused. What exactly is Peter Ho’s job? What does his company do? 

    • Nick327

      public relation 

  • Pearl

     all I can say is huo gai

  • Pearl

    she’s so dumb! why would she tell them where she’s at first? who does that when calling?

    • guest

      don’t forget that XS doesn’t have much education……but she realized that she should speak too much with a stranger….didn’t you hear before she hung up????

      • heyos

        she actually did go to college. refer to ep with the relay race (she sed something bout college clubs)

  • Ivyshaaa

    Can’t wait for next episode!!! OMG!! :/

  • every drama just has to have kidnaps…to prove how much they love each other.

    • guest

      not only that, but there must always be a major surgery moment too lol

      • Ataa

        and a shower scene where either the guy or the girl walk in on each other.

        • Findthebee

          and a makeover for the girl when she is initially depicted as a normal/ not so pretty girl. 

          • infiniti

            Who would want to watch an unpretty girl for an entire drama


    great gotta wait ANOTHER WEEK. just great -_-

  • Tieuphuonghp_88


  • guest

    the preview sucks….how can XS die???? it’s very misleading….

    • ivyleaf~

      i don’t think she died…maybe she’s in coma? idk 😛

      • guest

        definitely she is not dead cos she still has to break up with JK for his ex to reunion….i am just saying the director or the person who handled the preview clips is really lousy…..

  • Mel


  • Anonymous

    I think it sucks to wait a week for this drama! Why must it be once a week?! Sigh ;(

  • Loveavenue

    唐艾薇 from love u? wtf.

  • Kirara

    They get to touch Peter! No fair! I want to TOO! 🙂 

    • Kirara

      UGH… ANOTHER WEEK TO WAIT..after this HEAVY cliffhanger!!! IT’s too short every week.. 🙁

  • -3-