Ring Ring Bell Episode 09

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Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.

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  • 喜歡Peter的人

    為什麼家愷會愛上小襄? 一個成事不足敗事有餘的人。沒有說服力。Peter 演得很好。

    • Nyx.


    • k


  • Josephinechong8399

    this is a very good show.

  • JT

    LOL na wei xun finally got kissing scene! LOL hilarious =x

  • :D

    WOAHH Peter is soooo FINE!!! HE HAS SUCH A HOT BODY!!!!! XD

  • Ruby

    一言弊之, 大卡司, 爛劇本.

  • Charlie


  • Ching

    I really like this show.   Peter 演活了家愷這個角色.  一個聰明又複雜的男人往往喜歡一個簡單又有愛心的女人.    對她而言可以毫不考慮的付出真心.    對他而言只希望有個真正願意無怨無悔呆在他身邊為他分擔心事的人.    偶像劇本就是夢幻的.   在這部戲裏我找到了我的夢中王子.    家愷感動到我.  這就夠了.   祝 Peter一切順利.   在演技上能一次又一次的突破.

  • aurora

    张钧甯真的不能再演这样“类小三”的片子了, 这和“幸福最晴天”的剧情人设也太类似。她算是偶像剧女主比较有气质的,应该演一些更有深度的角色。

  • Jbear8

    “i hate doctor”…..lol

  • W_in95

    I think the song is this 為自己加油 by 大囍門
    But it can’t be found….so if anyone has this song, please let me know.
    Thank you

  • Maureen123

    why did no one reply to “Heha”?! I too, also wish to know the song!!! 12:22 Part 2!!

  • Annabella

    I’m sure in the next episode, kelly will become a bitch who’s going to expose xiao jie’s illness to xiao xiang, making her feel guilty and all. SHE.BETTER.NOT.DO.THAT.
    and I knew it! xiao jie had some illness, and is not heartless and all like whoever who commented on him earlier in the drama. 😀

  • Nickybbjx

    omg i really need the next ep, i kept on repeating this ep 🙁

  • Mel


  • Mel

    dunno why, Kelly just looks so so so….FAKE….

  • Guest

    this drama is good at least it keeps me coming back. I like peter. He isn’t that type who will give in to his father unreasonable demands. Don’t you realise peter doesn’t like his father in the first place. The ex-wife could have discussed with peter and not take things into her own hands. its a pity but you lose him. she didn’t expect that to happen did she? she thought peter will come back to her one day.  serve her right. 

  • love the drama♥

    love the drama so much♥ 
    OMG waiting for a week is a long long time

  • Guest

    so wanna kiss peter>3<

  • Spillsunshine

    the acting is decent, the actors are good-looking, and some parts of the script are genuinely tear-jerking, but the plot captures too many typical drama scenes. abortion? check. makeover? check. kidnap? check. disease/terminal illness? check.

    • snowplum

      lets not for the the matching blood type, always out of blood in the blood bank, and alway someone will match, please take as much you can from me……. can we come up with new lines people

      • sssss

        if your gonna bitch about this drama then dont watch it and gtfo . theres still other watchers that would like to enjoy this drama kthx.

        • Tttttttt

          oh wow… look who’s b**ching… ppl are just trying to express their opinions okay?… chillax…

      • infiniti

        If those “typical drama scenes” are good, and fit this story, then I don’t mind them at all.
        Better than coming up with something original but bad.

  • tis drama is getting bored…

    • snowplum

      watch office girl, its too funny,

      • Carina_tea

        Do u have a link to “office girl”? Thx.

        • Anqi1234

          its on the homepage

  • Kzarkxxx

    我反而覺得任家凱在面對前一段感情的態度其實很可取, 如果拖拖拉拉的不是更惹人討厭!

  • guest

    It’s obvious that JK has some genetic issues and sickness on his blood….that’s why his ex has to undergo aborption and can’t have their offspring….that’s very sad…..but I don’t think his ex is that simple and she is kinda aggressive and calculative…..so..let’s see what’s gonna happen to these relationships amongst 4 of them….

  • 123abc

    I really don’t know Kelly’s “內心有多痛苦” cause watching her act i am the one 痛苦. On top of that, the sister overacts. Put the two together in an emotional scene and (x.x)
    The best asset of this drama is the mom and of course three leads in the main triangle: Peter Ho, Janine Chang, and Xiu Jie Kai.  I feel like they went to waste because of the mediocre-at-best and cliche-galore writing. They are definitely the reason i am still holding on to this drama.

  • Heha

    does anyone know the background music started playing around 12:22 part 2?

  • 支持宋楚瑜, 無能馬英九下台


  • sabriel

    what is the song that always come with hold住姊 ad?

    • Jennifer Cui

      it’s weird, but catchy, no?

    • found it! 😀 it took a while, but just needed to type in the right lyrics xD

  • HAHAHAHA with the bloopers! especially the part where Peter shook his butt when he was introducing his….HAHAHA 
    the staff were like “why did you have to shake?” LOL!

  • ling’er

    next episode will be not so happy about  ex boy-friend  and ex-girl friend … :-/ 

  • Kirara

    gosh dang it! Every week’s episode is SOOO short.. I have to wait a week to get the next episode!!! 🙁 

  • Nick327

    ughhhh one more week….):

  • ling’er

    他们在拍NG 小襄 和 家凯 在洗澡的时候 小死我了 

    • ling’er

      他们在拍NG 小襄 和 家凯 在洗澡的时候 笑死我了

  • Wahahaha

    Its all excuses, when his dad ask her to abort child why she listens to him? If kai li loves jia kai, she won’t do it. There is something wrong with her at the 1st place.

    • infiniti

      I think there’s something wrong with the dad.  She said something about, if it’s her father-in-law’s orders, she must obey.  Wonder why.

      • Wahahaha

        Tat’s not the point, wat can be bigger and more serious den ur baby? Unless the baby is her father-in-law’s?

        • infiniti

          A lot of families have hierarchy. 
          In such a case, nothing is bigger than the orders from father-in-law.

  • Nick327

    JiaKai’s sis is s sucha bitch

  • Anon93

    I KNEW IT! I knew that guy was sick! Typical drama plot…

  • Babyangel1317

    Now I do not know who janine should be with I like peter but i love xiu jie kai as well

    • Kylie

       me 2…but like Xiu Jie Kai’s role…is just…if he trusts Janine, he should tell her the truth…

  • infiniti

    小襄跟家愷在一起好甜蜜, 可是又覺得他們的幸福建立在小捷跟凱莉的痛苦上.我本來就蠻喜歡凱莉, 過了這集又覺得她更可憐.可是小襄跟家愷在一起的時候的表情又好好可愛

  • v-o

    the place in part 4 minute 4+ is it the same with the love you’s movie when xiao gui cry?(the hotel)

  • guest

    serena looks better with her hair down…anyone agree with me?

  • best of series ^_^

  • Wendi02786

    first here 🙂