Ring Ring Bell Episode 10

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Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.

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  • Chuiwen89

    I like Peter ho ,the way he speak the acene …oh I like it so much and
    The warm smile oh I think I killed by his smile ady 🙁

  • vicky


  • woooow. now kelly is as low as the father… disappointed in her tsktsktsk

  • haha, 修杰楷 has this habit of shaking… a lot… when he talks and looking at the ground a lot xP but i still love him xD

  • JK


  • MIN1-_-XB


  • guest

    seriously!! the father!! hate him so much!! and the ex wife!! *****

  • ME

    多多is so cute!!

  • Guest

    i would say xiao xiang’s wound is pretty close to the womb? i mean yeah maybe the father is just making use of the fact to create a lie that will convince xiaoxiang. but maybe (a small chance) it is real cause its always duoduo and both of them. so what if they don’t have kids? adopted kids are still their kids.

  • 123

    EP10 的 Part2 不能看, 謝謝!

  • Ham

    Stupid preview!

  • Charlie


  • ketchup

    argh actually sympathise with kelly.. after watching the preview, STUPID BITCH! 

  • GuestQQ

    哈哈哈哈哈哈 SAY HI…..笑死我

  • infiniti

    院長為免背後動太多手腳了吧. 一下要前妻拿掉孩子, 一下又因為新妻不能生,要她分手.
    我還是覺得凱莉蠻可憐的. 聽公公的話,換來的是離婚. 她當然會不甘心.

    • 22aaa2


      • Cherry Luk

        我希望是,因該會是 happy ending 吧~

        • infiniti

          不是呀, 會不會生有那麼重要嗎? 反正已經有多多了

    • guest5

      guess it’s due to his family sickness history….something related to JK’s blood and gene….it mentioned before….

  • Bobo


  • Ring

    5 more eps left!

  • Xbb

    Dont want to see the next episode…probably really depressing…

  • WHOA, finally reached the climax and everything just happens at once..O_O I wonder what really happened with xiao jie though….poor guy 

  • Ring

    kelly u f*ckin bitch. just let go of JiaKai already ughhh…

  • 123abc

    LOLOLOL. What a friggin eventful wedding.  There’s like 50 things going on all at once.  Xiao Jie’s sickness, Kelly, Jia Kai’s dad, to name a few.  They should be exhausted after handling all this, who has energy for the evening reception?

  • guest

    Guess the medical report of XS might be faked and made up by JK’s dad…..

    • Findthebee

      I won’t say DUH… cos the possibility of that happening is 80% hahaha. ok… make it 85%.

  • Nickybbjx

    im actually not tht looking forward to the next ep, all the sweetness is going to end 🙁

  • guest


  • Awsome4everLOL

    修杰楷 你好棒!何润东你也是

  • Kirara

    OMG.. SOO SWEET! Peter is just so CUTE and HOT, of course! 🙂 

    • Kirara

      UGH.. ONE MORE WEEK.. Why dont they make each episode longer??

      This Episode by far but the best.. But I”m afraid ahead for what’s going to come…. 🙁

  • Kirara

    OMG.. SO SWEET!! Peter.. You are just too cute! and HOT! 🙂 

  • whiibaby

    first to comment! hope this episode is good! peter ho and janine chang forever~

  • Tinatgt

    thanks. ^^3