Ring Ring Bell Episode 11

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Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.

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  • roxy

    Freakinn KELLY just get lost ! ='( you ruin everything

  • hello:)


  • wing


  • jw


  • Joy85313

    i hate that father he’s acting really sad to stop their wedding !

  • vicky


  • J_fan413

    I like this show and I know Peter is hot and all. But…
    She spent 8 years with the sick dude and all she could think about is running back to the new guy after finding out her ex’s condition? (yea yea, I know they met first and all that).
    I also thought the plot is odd because the sick guy seemed annoyed at his domestic lifestyle at first and all of sudden he decided to be the biggest martyr for love? C’mon now.
    Flawed but entertaining. I will still watch this show like a sucker but they really need to fine tune the details before making us watch the actors cry 20 minutes on each episode.

  • i get the feeling that the father totally rigged this. if he actually did, he has no right to be a doctor >:( and i don’t even get what he wants. she is the only person that actually made his son happy. what does he want? maybe he should just marry his son. @[email protected] since he’s not gonna let him go… jeezus… assholes. i’m still really disappointed in kelly. she stooped to the father’s level. *sigh*

  • Gay123

    kelly is a bish;.

  • S19751225

     為什麼覺得劇情快要進入爛高潮啦>”< 現在偶像劇還這麼拍的話 卡斯再怎麼好也沒用吧 至少我就覺得民視剛結束的那部比這部好多了 雖然最後一集男女主角突然的在一起了 又 後半段一直在親嘴 但也沒這麼爛到要靠前妻的下流步數 跟 壞爸的矯情卑鄙 醫院的病歷真能這麼容易就取得 變造 我也只能說是想回到古老又遙遠的瓊瑤年代嗎=  =?

  • Cool_orange

    what kind of disease did Xiao Jie get??

  • Guest


  • wing

    不要!我不要!!! 我要他們一起!! 家愷他老爸跟前妻壞慘了!! 可是小捷又很可憐….哎喲好亂啊!!!


    不過 院長真的好白目壓…I will kill you.




    • Fwoe


  • Mel


    • Mel


  • Molly

    i wonder if Ren Jia Kai knows that Xiao Xiang cannot give birth and KaiLi took away his child because of his father, at the same time, who will he choose???

  • JK


  • Shinobi225

    Th father cant act in a sad scene, it looks sooo fake >:O

  • Cannot even watch the next episode because Peter is getting hurt so badly. Hope everything get a better explaination behalf of both ends

  • dolphine

    arghhhhhhhh crazy photographer…… Kelly is so mean!!!

  • Dean

    整部戲就是為了拍偶像劇而拍的偶像劇 沒有甚麼內容和意義

  • Xoney0972104004


  • Kylie

    should just go to different hospital to do the exam! thats basic and simple!

  • so sad U___U

  • kwonminkyung

    why is jia kai’s dad doing all this?

  • Chinagirl1314

    If I was XIao Xiang I would choose to share her mishap w/Jia Kai… There shouldn’t be secrets like this if they plan to share their lives together! Unable to bear child is too painful to be kept a secret w/your partner! Need to rewrite this script… LOL!!! 

  • infiniti

    Hey did any of you realize what the dad was saying to XS.
    He was like “Jiakai’s ex-wife was selfish enough to choose to have abortion on her own”
    He’s just full of crap…

  • guest

    好老套的劇情, 編劇可以參考一下”我可能不會愛上你”, 時代進步囉, 觀眾期待更好的作品~

    • 可乐

      说得好 (y)

  • Bab3r3d208

    Can I just bitch slap kelly and the dad?! -_____-

  • Nickybbjx

    this ep is such a bitch lol

  • MIN1-_-XB

    哈哈哈 小襄仆街啦~~

  • Fairyprincess300

    I cannot STAND Kelly’s whining. HER VOICE IS SO ANNOYING.

  • Viewer

    Xiao Xiang’s character is so weak.  I agree with everyone regarding Jia Kai’s dad and Kelly.  How could Kelly do such a thing?  She doesn’t deserve Jia Kai’s love because she is so selfish!

  • omg so touching….. 🙁

  • Sango112000

    Kelly is a b**** and should go die so should the dad

  • Anna


  • Sandy

    And I just finished part one too. 

    • Kirara

      I know, same here.. I’m a bit scared to continue through the end… 🙁 

      • Kirara

        UGH, this episode, too short.. and full of sadness, its only going to keep going down.. I wish it would stop!!!! 🙁 

  • Nikki

    Omg both the dad and kelly are awful!! How could they do that to people, xiao jie is sick already!!

  • Ah_anonymous

    His dad is such a jerk!! I mean… He said bad stuff to her but acted like he is the innocent, nice one… It makes me angry!!

  • guest5

    XS should undergo another test to prove herself whether she is infertility due to the injury before dumping this relationship

  • Guest

    Kelly is a b****!

  • Aaa


  • Anonymous

    別難過啊…還有4集就 happy ending 🙂 偶像劇都是這樣..

  • Silverlady953

    back to square one: dad controlling everything. 

  • KronikaZ


  • 12


  • Guest


    • Loveinanime1

      He even act pitiful… >.<

  • infiniti

    OMG OMG so painful to watch.
    That dad is ruining everything

  • Iceycream1979