Ring Ring Bell Episode 12

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Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.

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  • Luciachow668

    拍攝手法超老土,成日slow motion, 一個鏡頭唔同角度重覆又重覆。

  • Rebecca


  • wing

    張鈞甯跟何潤東都演地超棒的!! 看的人好心痛啊唉唉

  • yiu


  • Istarberries

    Xiao Jie left and came back with the same outfit LMFAO.

  • mika

    xiao xiang is so fucking weak. GET A GRIP. wow.

  • Grace Luen

    小襄is totally a rubbish, not even worst a bit to 同情佢, 百痴自私到無倫,完完全全侮辱了愛情,她根本攞嚟殘,搵野嚟攪!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 凜茜


  • bunny2zi

    anyone know what is the song name thats playing when kaili is at the church flashback of her childhood??:))

    • Stitch


      • bunny2zi

        thankss ^^

  • LOVE

    這集…對我來說 好有感觸…

  • Gigi_tsl

    Acting in this soap… is amazing.. I would vote the best actor award to Peter Ho

  • S0988095702

    so touching!

  • Doris

    like…. so good ^ ^

  • Owanchen

    The Song is

  • 1232148719801

    It is actually a huge deal when you can’t have children in a marriage, but then again she should’ve at least told him so he has a choice.

    • Tongsum

       but she already knows which choice he will make and she doesn’t want him to have any regret….=/

  • Aliciaatann

    Does anyone realise how irritating Tianxin is?

    • Htu


    • hotheart

      where got tianxin?

  • Bachfifi

    Can anyone tell me what is the name of the song?

    • anon

      which one?

  • Starry

    I must say the script just pulled the acting cast down. Good cast but poor script…

    • 1232148719801

      Your absolutely right, but to its defense.  There is almost no more original stories out there anymore, everything has been done, whether it’s a novel, drama, anime, tv series, a show, or anything .  And remember, if it’s not chinese, there are many other languages out there.
      So the best you can hope for is, something new, that YOU, yourself haven’t seen before

  • Snowlotus

    omg what a crying ep. damnn

  • Ash

    i CAN”T wait till next ep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kirara

      aaaah… good thing we dont have to wait too long for happiness to come but Its another WEEK!!! 🙁

  • Guest


  • Wahahaha

    Tats the problem with a lot of ppl, esp women. Why can’t they just say out the truth/reasons they have? In the end, they are just selfish ppl who thought they are noble.

    • Guest

      Its not selfish, if women were to tell the truth then/reason me would always find other reason to blame back…

  • AutumnLeaves

    That slap from JiaKai is unacceptable. It shouldn’t be on screen. Damn Asian Men

  • Nicky4eve

    oh snap! JiaKai is taking a revenge from his dad lol

  • Saiyukigs

    just so you know…you spelt ‘female dog’ wrong… replace ish with itch haha

    • guest

      Google it, noob.

  • Gay123

    again..kelly is a bish

  • guest5

    3 more episodes??? Will XS suffer from temporarily memory loss to drag to the ending????????

    • Nick

      lets really hope not

    • guestanon

      Ughhhhh that’s what I’m afraid of….these drama always end up that way… 🙁

  • Koh796

    like xiao xiang very much.hopefully jia kai go back to her.

  • Ah_anonymous

    i was soo mad when he slapped her…starting not to like him anymore

    • guest5

      chill out…it’s just a fetitious drama……

  • infiniti

    Now the truth is revealed.  It’s that “Xiao zi” bitch over 10 years ago that caused all of the evil things that Kelly is doing now.  Other than the part contributed by JiaKai’s dad, Xiao Zi made everyone’s life miserable.

    • Nick

      whos XiaoZi?

      • guest5

        the little girl who asked Kelly to teach her how to play piano in the orphanage. It’s understandable how an orphan is so eager to get adopted in order to obtain parental affiliations and affections

  • guest

    靠…一個兩個的因病裝變心來分手….真是的 -v-

  • Guest

    dude, NEVER HIT A GIRL…. 

    • trinity

      I wouldn’t mind a guy slapping me.  Lately women are always talking about equality and crap.  If we can slap guys and they can’t slap us back, how is that equality?  

  • i never failed to cry every episode T.T

  • Loveinanime1

    The father finally got his retribution…XP *sounds kinda evil*

  • guest5

    guess XJ’s ex is still loving him

  • guest5

    cant stop weeping when XS cant confess the truth….

  • armoi

    a guy should never slap a girl!!! 

  • guest5


  • pep