Ring Ring Bell Episode 14

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  • wing


  • hello

    ughhhh….. 靠 小捷真的很賤 我好討厭他 他很難纏哎 叫他滾啦

  • Anonymous

    任家愷 PK 王克捷. 很好笑!!

  • vio

    groaaa…!!! i hate when xiao jie proposed to xiao xiang and why xiao xiang kiss xiao jie???noooo!!

    • sclam

      no, i think the one who kiss her is jia kai..

      • guest

        no i think she imagine xiao jie as jia kai. 

  • Love000000123


  • Love000000123

    可愛的吃醋鬼> <

  • Natalielurvebeatrice

    for the first time i dont like xiaoxiang

  • Anqi1234

    lol… like what’s the point of this ep… in 1 minute we found out that peter’s dad will probably accept xiaoxiang… and in 2 we know the 2 guys are fighting for her… and the rest…?

  • Anqi1234

    in part 2……. did they really text a pic from the film camera????? come on… that details hard to miss!   ugh. how they dont care about detail makes me mad

  • Jane

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  • guest


  • guest

    =v= 怎到這幾集的劇情…..感覺好拖拉哦…………

    • guest


  • :D

    哪招拉 是沒別種劇情可以演了嗎==?

  • Guest_Sunshine

    It must be JK who kisses her in the last shot but how come it doesn’t look like him…esp the hairstyle…Honestly….this episode is unnecessary but it’s very sweet though

  • Kirara

    Yes! It’s finally here.. can’t wait to watch Peter!! 🙂 

    • Kirara

      MAN TO MAN FACE OFF is PRICELESS! I’m Loving it! 🙂 

      • Kirara

        gah… ANOTHER WEEK! No fair… I hope everything works out. 🙁 

  • Boygirl