Skip-Beat! Episode 04

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Manga Synopsis – Sixteen year old Mogami Kyoko sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Sho, so he could become a successful singer. One day, Sho suddenly breaks up with Kyoko, leaving her with nothing, and Kyoko vows revenge. She decides to delve into the entertainment world and become even more successful than Sho to get back at him. Kyoko therein meets Ren, another actor in her agency, who helps motivate her to become a top entertainer.

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  • Alvin Teoh

    The director is Mr X in X Lies!

  • Guest7


  • mm


  • Bluebunny

    the girl who plays the movie star is so scary.  I mean her eyes.  they are super big and unnatural.  couldnt they find someone else better looking.

    • Beryl

      Are you kidding me? She’s freakin gorgeous please.

  • Gah


  • Gah

    …琉璃儿… 她的喜怒哀乐都要外加眼睛张超大。。。她的抬头纹应该也超多吧。。

  • Gah

    i think the manga/anime is prob not so popular in taiwan.. that’s prob why this drama doesnt get high ratings. i bet a lot more ppl watch it from overseas. like on HERE!! they should count the ratings here too. lol

  • Guest

    Awwwwww , so sweettt…….. 

  • Guest

    They should do like ” your beautiful ” , many people waiting to see the stars . 🙂 

  • Ah rou~

    To me, tis drama rawks bt nt merely becos of donghae n siwon. if u tink tis drama rawks becos of donghae n siwon, or u watch becos of them, is pretty alright. bt stop bitchin abt others actor’s acting! stop saying tat donghae n siwon acting rawks n others sux, I DUN TINK TATS TRUE. dun mean to offend any1, sry if i did…

    • Guest

      I TINK you should learn how to spell because I cannot understand a word you are saying

      • ah rou

        Sorry for the abbreviations… Just want to save time. Didn’t know that nowadays there is still people using proper English on media websites. Sorry

        • Gah

          we may not use PROPER english, but at least write in a way that we can understand…. unless u r 5 yrs old… that piece of writing is like for retards who cant type.

  • Taraneh_baran2050

    what is the the diffrence between the episodes with subs and without subs?????/ I can open the video  when there is no subs,however i cant open it when you add subs.I NEED SUB. PLEASE add videos with subs in the same way  as you add or upload   them without subs.I really want to wacth this serial.thanks

  • guest

    that’s weird though…I don’t know about the anime but the manga’s not even finished yet .__. is it already finished in japan? then there’s already a drama about it. Wonder how the ending’s gonna be. I hope this drama doesn’t ruin the manga for me like they did with twilight…omg >__>

  • Anonymous

    it’s sad to see this drama getting bad ratings, i hope it goes up in the future episodes. SJ-M is kinda depending on this to sky rocket their popularity and maybe change SM’s views of letting EXO-M take priority in China/Taiwan

  • Guest

    loving the casts in here! ivy and siwon are soo compatible and cute together~ and the manager is so funny and cute too. it’s a nice and relaxing way to spend a sunday afternoon watching… i don’t see why people are complaining so much about the drama; i haven’t read the manga or watched the anime either but i think it’s good… especially this episode! looking forward to the next one 🙂

  • 十八劃 哈哈哈

  • Taiwan

    Ivy is so cute 😀

  • I’m watching this to support ivy and bianca! xD esp. ivy~ she’s so pretty~ this drama’s getting better and better~

  • racheal

    Elfs, pls watch skip beat to support our oppas!

  • Jenny Cui

    siwon’s manager always plays the manager… and HE’S SO ADORABLE!!!

  • Anonymous

    siwon’s manager is so cute, especially in the first part. man i really want siwon to hold me!! jealous!! but they looks super cute together

  • Jen

    They shouldn’t try to put anime/manga into a drama. -___- just leave it separated god. They’re different things anyways. any real person trying to talk like they’re from an anime or something is just fake. I know someone like that in real life and they’re so annoying. Freaking weeaboos. 

  • miu_miu

    when that self-fish actress took off her accessories, it reminds me of charlize theron’s dior commercial…

  • Guest


  • Love Siwon

    Siwon is really handsome ^.^ 

  • Karen

    Haha, Siwon called him a ba po X)

  • Blossom

    the only thing that I dislike is the fairies flying…….very scary!! 🙁

  • Guest

    你先衝浪 沒關係 lol 

  • Guest

    Seeing how Siwon being so concerned and caring about Ivy , made my heart melt ! 😀

  • Love Skip-beat

    原來他們所拍的是三滴阿凡茶:) 3D阿凡達 ^.^ 

  • Findthebee

    frankly i think all the actors are VERY fitting to the characters! like bianca bai in this one. hahaha. the least similar one is the guy that kyouko was pestering to get into the company… 

  • Green8


  • luiluilui

    donghae is really really cute:DD ja hey!!;D

  • JYHonly

    After watching the first episode, I, too, thought that her acting was very exaggerated, which then lead me to watch the anime, and read the manga to find out for myself how it really is. A lot of you guys are complaining about her acting, but she’s actually doing a pretty good job at portraying the female lead from the anime and manga. I can only assume that you guys have neither watched the anime, nor read the manga. Look on the bright side you guys, at least there are now a lot fewer and shorter senses of her and those ghost things than previously.

    • Abcd

      but some scenes are still horrible like the slow motion scenes when she bumps into the group or her riding the bike against superman… they should cut that out, because although I know the anime and manga I can’t understand how they could thought of this crap!
      I love her spirits/ghosts ^^ They are part of her personality 🙂

    • Gah

      i agree that she is doing a good job n all. but this level of over exaggerating is NOT suitable for dramas… it’s really the producers’ fault

  • Gsfreek

    She talk to her self way too much. And there’s also too much unnecessary side scenes. But siwon and that one picture of donghae looking hot!~

    • 旋風管家

      obviously you have not read the manga or watch the anime… that’s why you gave this comment…

  • Missmmha

    People who have read the manga or saw the anime would probably think that ivy is actually doing a really good job of portraying the character. I think she’s really entertaining and her acting is superb. 🙂

  • Savvyviper

    where are the English subs for episode 4?

  • 손님(‘ v ‘)?

    동해군은 이번에도 조금밖에 나오지 않는군요..ㅠ_ㅠ

    • Guest


  • Guest

    I think people will enjoy this drama more if they have read the comics first…
    I never liked too over or fake dramas but I looove this drama!!
    Ivy is doing a great job!! 🙂

    • Kyoko

      I just finished (the latest chapter of) the manga and that’s why I feel so sad. The manga is still ongoing (now I’ll be enslaved to waiting for update :'() I am curious about how they’ll wrap up this series though. I hope it doesn’t end where the anime ended because that would be such a cliffhanger!!

  • ahyen

    lol at the complaints for ivy being fake, i love her and her acting for all her dramas cuz she is very pro.
    etc 我要變成硬柿子 and Black and White


    from TO.

  • guest

    srsly.. i feel angry watching this drama because it’s too over and fake. I think i will stop here. lol.

    • Guestar

      if you have watched or read the manga before, then you would realise that they are not too over or fake….

    • 5376

      it was originally an anime, so the acting is supposed to be over

  • Janinepalomare

    thanks 😉

  • Olivia Tran

    what kind of girl complains when Siwon is carrying her in his arms?! lol

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, the story moves SO slowly…I kept on skipping…

    • Anno.

      What!? This is slow? The anime slower ok!? Im so glad they skipped some parts.

  • Guess


  • Sola

    omg can they stop stopping at the most exciting parts? -__- and every episode with her talking to herself and etc. is just really unnecessary to me -__- it’s kinda boring listening to her talk, seems fake too, like overly exaggerated >__>

    • 旋風管家

      please read the manga or watch the anime before you give such comments…

      • Sola

        I have watch the manga a long time ago and I’m still waiting for it to update. The manga’s funnier. I’ve never watch the anime, kinda bores me now. This is a drama but I think it would be better without if it focus more on her acting parts. That’s what I really want to watch. I keep skipping her talking to herself part and those fairies. -__-

        • guest

          it’s just dragging the show 

  • gong xi looks so damn pretty in that outfit<333 :33

  • Pearl

    to be honest; I’m only watching this b/c of siwon and donghae….

  • Pearl

    this episode is so much better than episode 2; although episode 1 was still the best; the opening always has to be…

  • Ruth

    LOVE THE FEMALE AND MALE LEAD! the male lead is soo sweet and caring! bless him!!! plus the female lead is the cutest thing ever!!!

  • Doggyloverlinda123

    Although this is popular in the US. ect.. but the ratings in Taiwan is extremely low 🙁 

  • Diana

    I love this drama 🙂 very different from other Taiwanese drama since it’s not focused on love/romance…
    ahhs love Ivy+Siwon together…cute! 😀
    Now we have to wait one more week…T_T
    Hopefully the ratings start to increase from this episode! Fighting!

  • Yuri458

    whats the song at 14:46  in part 3 of skip beat this drma 

  • PENGUIN part 2 around 5:23….surfing and the waves…

  • Rinaako

    Yi Jin looks very pretty in here despite her character.. XD 

  • SbLover

    Ivy so cute struggling in a turtle shell! xD

  • abc123<3

    I am not a SuJu fan but I am surprisingly fond of the cast. I think this drama is getting pretty good as long as they dont go ANY slower than this and even better if they can pick up the pace a tad.  Ive never read of watch anything relating the original story before but i do know there are divided Ren and Sho shippers…and i am confused how there are ANY Sho shippers at all! His character seem to be an ass so far! Is it by shallow reasons? Or is his character more than meet the eyes?

    • LU

      Sho is hot in the original comic
      Of course, Donghae is, too 😉

    • Aliciaatann

      He is still shallow at this stage. (:

    • 旋風管家

      Sho in the comic does not have much story focus on him… Its only some parts between him and  gong xi…. the real focus lies more on gong xi and her showbiz and the inner feelings at later between ren and her…

  • Sammy

    Yay! This episode was really good! Go Ivy!

  • W Wu

    ahhhhh i want to see the next ep already 😛

  • Skipbeatlover!

    The ratings for this drama is getting lower each week..It was only 0.97 last week:(..Hoping it will get better..Ivy is really cute in a kimono!:)..Her acting is superb!:)..Really looking forward to the next episode!:)..Haha,loving those hot pink uniforms:)..

    • Guest

      How does the rating system work?

      • Skipbeatlover!

        I’m not very sure,but this is what i know(not very accurate)..A scale with 1 to 10,most of the idol dramas in Taiwan fall in between 2
        to 3 on average,which is pretty okay(E.g In Time with You got 2.80 on average,meaning the ratings were 2.80 for each episode),beyond that it’s not easy..Office Girls are enjoying
        good ratings between 4 to 5,or should i say dramas produced by 三立(SETTV)
        get good ratings most of the time(good advertising efforts/good scripts)..The
        highest rated drama of all time in Taiwan is Fated To Love
        You(SETTV) in 2008,the last few episodes’ ratings went beyond 10,highest was 13.64
        in one episode(excellent/rare),2nd was Autumn’s concerto(SETTV)..For dramas like Skip Beat!
        that’s produced by GTV or dramas by other tv stations,they mostly will get ratings
        between 2-3,worst scenario for dramas will fall beyond
        0(e.g,0.97,0.57),which is not good..From what i know,Skip Beat! will have more promotions
        and Donghae and Siwon might go to Taiwan and join the female leads for promotions:)..
        P.S: For mathematical calculations,i’m clueless…Anyway,please correct me if i’m wrong,i do want to know where i’m wrong..:) Thanks:)..Oops,getting lengthy!

    • MJ

      I’m not worried about the rating. So far the show is almost the samen as the anime and the anime starts to get better from today’s episode!

  • guest

    @[email protected] 那龜殼造得很漂亮呢….道具師好厲害….

  • 有無人知道插曲係邊個唱?

    • Helen Ng

      Super Junior! 東海的作曲!!! ^^

  • narni

    PART3琉璃兒那段是模仿DIOR的香水廣告嗎 LOL

    • Tt9801

      i think so LOL she did a good job because it instantly struck me as charlize theron in Dior commercial

  • Whenpigsfly

    I think Ivy really gave her best for this role.

  • Litobinnie

    yay its here!

  • Edwardlau925

    where’s subtitle??

    • Rebecca

      subtitle will be out soon, just wait a little tiny bit while more. Enjoy!

  • Jessie

    skip-beat is getting better! ^^ 🙂 Ivy is really pretty and shes a really great actor! 🙂 <3<3<3

  • Whenpigsfly

    yay! after one week!!

  • Rebecca

    is it just me or the player for this episode is different from the other? I thought i was always youtube

  • part 6 not available? T.T

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand anything but I don’t care hahaha
    Thank u for this!!! ^^ 

  • Guest

    thx for the upload !!! 😀

  • girl008


  • guest

    -v- 螢光粉紅色…………好刺眼的制服…..

  • GIRL008


  • yy


    • Shan

      funny how you typed in Chinese and are still asking for subtitles 🙂

  • Jungierythaifan

    thank you so much for super quick uploading ka.

  • XD

    First. 🙂