Skip-Beat! Episode 05

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Manga Synopsis – Sixteen year old Mogami Kyoko sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Sho, so he could become a successful singer. One day, Sho suddenly breaks up with Kyoko, leaving her with nothing, and Kyoko vows revenge. She decides to delve into the entertainment world and become even more successful than Sho to get back at him. Kyoko therein meets Ren, another actor in her agency, who helps motivate her to become a top entertainer.

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  • Ckrated

    its so good that gong xi was brought up in the japanese family for like 10 odd years… if she wasnt injured, she would be in so much advantage right now

  • …匿名


  • guestloveshow123


    • SHINee★

      差蠻多的…  (汗

  • Ivy Oinks

    LOL omg Mari’s only impression of GongXi was that one moment from the auditions XD ..but that was a scary moment when GongXi kinda lost her sanity… i’d be scared if i were the little kid =__=;; 

  • Guest

    Lian is so sweet , Omg …….

  • dramaaddict

    i really wish donghae could come out more he has too little scene

    • Anonymous

      agree…i spent this week watching the anime and the manga…and he sho / donghae’s roll doesn’t have that much appearence as well. 

  • dramas24/7


  • Longlong


    • Enycrxt


    • Ann

      始源在韓國就被當地媒體評論為外表有餘, 演技不足的一般偶像明星, 所以想當然到台灣後還是一樣.

      • Ting

        “被當地媒體評論為外表有餘”  那是”蘋果報” 自己報導的好嘛……並不是韓國那邊媒體評論的~  更何況  韓國不會評這種傷到別人自尊心的沒品評論….只有 “蘋果報” 才會這樣評他們自己的想法亂報導…..

  • Guest

    Both versions are deleted! D:

  • anqi

    gosh! Gone!

    • Rebecca

      Try the english subbed version. It should be working.

  • Skippy

    I only saw till ep5 part5 and everywhere video is taken down arghhhhh!!! Upload it again pls..

    • Rebecca

      Try the english subbed version. It should be working.

  • guess!1

    video removed…. pls repost it again

    • Rebecca

      Try the english subbed version. It should be working.

  • Skip Beat My Heart

    NOOOOO…Where’s episode 5…. it was getting to the best part…   sniff sniff.. 

  • Kyoko

    am I the only one that feels this way or do others think that siwon and mark chao look super alike?

    • Rebecca

      Siwon got bigger eyes though. And i love him more. Haha

      • Guest

        I know! It’s the weirdest thing – he reminds me of Mark, yet he is so much hotter to me! It’s like he emits some kind of charming aura and that just makes him irresistible. Great casting for    Ren. I can’t think of anyone that will fit that role better.

      • Anonymous

        HAHA yes! bigger eyes, exactly what i wanted to say as well x) but to me, i think siwon gives off this HUGE gentlemen vibe whereas mark gives off more like the spy gone rogue x) haha maybe just haven’t watched many of his drama but ya. love the both of them, but si won stole my heart x) 

    • Smileygurl38

      Mark is wayyyy better tho! He can act!

  • Guest

    omg, another week to wait… oh no, it’s two T__T so sad. this drama is picking up its pace, liking it more and more!

  • dbskrawks

    theres no dl link fo this drama? 😀

  • Guest

    Pikachu!!!:D..Love Ivy!:D..Love all the songs in this drama! I’m so going to buy it when the OST is released!:D..Have to wait for 2 weeks for the next episode because of CNY..=.=..

  • Jh gean

    OMG!! siwon look SOOOOO CUTE when he wink into the camera!!!!!!!!!

  • Skittyella

    Is it me or does the background where the next episode take place in with kyokoi and sho looks like the one from 娱乐百分百?

    • eun

      it is

  • JT

    Part 6: Siwon: 害怕 😉

  • Lingtl20


  • Joker

    It would have been better if they stop beating about the bush. 

  • Heehanlie

    I really like how close to the manga this show is!! Cant wait to see how they end this!

  • anon

    omg sho and bo :)))))) cant wait for the nxt epp

  • Guest

    finally no one talking to herself over exaggerated acting -__- they would end at the part where she starts to act again lol 

  • FsJvV

    I just watched the anime version of this drama, and I think all the actors are doing very well, especially the leading actor and actress.

  • Et

    I can’t wait until next week’s episode! D:

    • JTL

      actually…there wont be any next week, its chinese new year 🙁

      • Guest

        so we have to wait 2 weeks? 🙁

        • Lunchboxthermos

          yep.  so no siwon or donghae for a week. 🙁

  • Maggs1992

    lol she went nuts on pikachu

  • Anonymous

    whats the song at part 3 –8:20? (ep 5)

    • Purple_rose99_ca

      I know me too 

  • Naoki

    I found that the little girl likes GongXI who has a different dimension to think.

  • yingying

    ahhhh each episode is getting BETTER AND BETTER !!!!!!

  • 5376

    pika pika pikaCHU!!!

  • :)

    ivy is so beautfiul ! 🙂


  • <3

    Ivy is the most cutest actress(plus Gui Gui as well ! :P) and shes so hyper love her so much.! 🙂

  • Sackjt1

    can anyone tell me what’s the song in episode 5 part 3 at 7:44?
    i like that song!!!

    • Chan_khy

      I have been looking everywhere for that song as well…  finally found it…
      爱你没有太多理由 by Roomie的貝貝 

  • Ycc264

    Ivy was like the most hyper actress I’ve seen in my whole life :DDD

    • guest

      that’s how she’s suppose to be o_O

  • Diana

    Ivy is so hyper!!! 😀 hehes so cute PIKACHU!!! PIKA PIKA…:)
    Gong Xi&Lian<3!! next episode, hehes the chicken is finally out…funny XD
    Too bad we have to wait 2 weeks now for the next episode…
    gahhs Chinese New Year special shows…

  • LOL pika pika pikaCHU!!!

  • FsJvV

    PIKACHU! Ivy is so funny! xD

  • Lunchboxthermos

    improvement!  i’m enjoying each new episode more than the last. 🙂

  • michi

    the OST’s for this drama are A M A Z I N G !
    btw does everyone know the song in the middle of part3?:)

    • makeawish93

      I want to know as well! its so gooood!

    • Sackjt1

      me too!!!

  • YI


  • grace

    i want more scenes with donghae and siwon ~

  • I laugh so much when Donghae says “You will die” in Taiwanese!

    • Jennii_0701

      where about did doghae say that?

  • ahyen


  • QT

    Ivy was so cute when she said Pikachu in the behind the scenes! ^^ her voice was so cute :P..
    gotta love her in this drama! <3

  • Hohliu

    First it was the New Year, now the CNY. We have to wait 2 more weeks?

    • dbskrawks

      new year it broadcasted only cny eve never broadcast. 🙁

  • IsabellaK

    汤匙那段超好笑 xD

  • Jk

    cant wait for next epsiode..! 🙂
    have to wait for 2 weeks sighh 🙁 its getting so much better! 
    i love this drama and the main actors! ^^ <3 supportsupport!!

    • Eckah18

      Is it really 2 weeks? 

  • Shi_tingtz

    Did you all realize. When in part 5, ther say that this show will be stop for 2 ep because they need to show the CNY programme

    • Westsidegirl_91


  • Tracytsly

    haha the phone!!! <3 so cute!

  • Anonymous

    Finally!!!! haha thanks

  • 12345


  • dbskrawks


  • Foobeegaik

    Waited so long finally

  • Guest <3

    It’s worth the wait 😀

  • Shi_tingtz


  • ahyen

    yayyy just in time before i leave for work : ) this will nake me happy for the rest of the day.


  • Yujoyce

    Yay! Im the first one!

  • Anonymous