Starlit Episode 13

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Cheng Yue (Jerry Yan) and Rui Shan (Alice Ceng) are pianist and cellist. They are the most high-profile golden couple in the music industry. One day, Cheng Yue tried to save Xiao Lu (Terri Kwan) from car accident. But unfortunately he break his arm and can’t play piano. Devastated Cheng Yue give up music and chose to travel. 2 years later, Cheng Yue arrives in Shanghai, and meet Xiao Lu (Terri Kwan). The 2 become colleagues, and due to work interactions, they gradually establish a friendship. At this time, Rui Shan finally tracks down Cheng Yue. She tries her hardest to get Cheng Yue to return to the music world. However, Xiao Lu encourages him to face life with a postive attitude, and Cheng Yue realises that he is impacted by Xiao Lu’s kidness and enthusiasm. From being a person who has hit rock-bottom, wallowing in self-pity, he has re-ignited the passion in life.

Cheng Yue falls in love with Xiao Lu, but he is rejected by her, why? Is their love fated to be a tragedy? Although they are not blessed, although they do not have a future, Cheng Yue still bravely loves Xiao Lu…

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50 thoughts on “Starlit Episode 13

  1. [YT] i know why the mother is acting like a bitch cz she wants her son to have a good future and stuff but she doesn’t understand what her son wants and what he likes.

  2. [YT] i like the story of Starlit…i been watching it from the start and the story is quite romantic between Ah Ye and Sue Yan but i can’t finish watching the enitre episode because the english subtitle stops only in 9th episode…so i don’t understand if there’s no english subtitle…i really want to finish watching it.. so pls. i beg pls put an english subtitle of the “Starlit” ‘coz i’ve been following it since the beginning…

  3. [YT] that kid is cute 🙂 him and his grandma so cute together, they love each other so much even if they are not related by blood… in comparison to Cheng Yue’s mother, gosh, why can’t she understand that Xiao Lu makes him happy so she should supoort him, I can understand she loves him a lot, but totally in the wrong way which just makes him suffer

  4. [YT] I understand why the mother acted like that. His mother really loves Cheng Yue, but in different way. My parents are like that. Anyway, it’s drama, a little bit too over.

  5. [YT] Cheng Yue’s mother is too much! Cheng Yue said to her “As long as you’re happy, I’m happy”…she should feel that way about him too. He’s obviously happy with Xiao Lu, so she should be happy for him. How can she ask him to choose between her and Xiao Lu? She acts like his girlfriend or something, all needy and clingy.

  6. [YT] According to dramawiki, it is supposed to have 22. But if there are a lot of supporters, hopefully they’ll extend it. This is the first drama I’ve liked in a while, and definitely my favorite for ’09.

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