Startling by Each Step Episode 26

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Zhang Xiao, a contemporary, ethnically Han Chinese young woman from the 21st century, accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty period during the reign of Kangxi Emperor after experiencing a deadly combination of traffic collision and electrocution, resulting her somehow reliving the life of one of her previous incarnations and forcing her to assumes the identity belongs to her past avatar: Maertai Rexi, teenage daughter of a Manchu nobleman, who also had a near-fatal incident in her own time which Zhang awakes from.

Being stranded in the past, in the body of a centuries earlier incarnation of herself, and believe by many of Maertai’s family and friends that the sudden change of her behavior and memory loss is resulted of her head injury, Zhang Xiao awares that there will be a dangerous power struggle known to history between the scheming princes for the throne, which will results Aisin-Gioro Yinzhen to succeed as the Yongzheng Emperor after his father’s death. Zhang Xiao tries to change the future outcomes for the better, hoping to prevents any casualty as written in the future without interfering a man’s destiny, while trying to find a way to return to her time period. However, Zhang ultimately realizes that, not only she fails to alter the course of the approaching events, but also, under a predestination paradox, she is fated to become an instigator of the tragedy she tries to prevent resulted by her actions in the past and the princess’ romantic affections towards her.

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  • moogie

    although its cute seeing RX and 4th “in bed” Lol but comon! you dont have to be that shy?! they havent even kiss yet and their on bed together… well the escalated quickly. LOL remember when she was rolling on the ground kissing 8th xD hahaha

  • GM


  • GM


  • Gummybear4949

    i think i’m in love with 14th prince…go to hell  with 4th prince!

  • ilovebubujingxin<3

    Poor 13.. To be cooped up in a tiny house with little ground to walk on for TEN YEARS.. and then coming back to the Palace.. 🙁

  • cabbagewins

    Why is RX and 4 always so embarrassed in bed together.. why is RX so hesitant?

  • 543


    • ilovebubujingxin<3

      haha 🙂

  • guest

    14th prince is too soft to be emperor. if he were to be emperor, he will be easily manipulated by 8th prince.   when that happens, 4th and 13th prince will probably suffer the same way the 8th, 9th and 14th princes suffer at the moment.  4th prince needed to take the throne in order to save himself and the people he loved.  it wasn’t as if he didn’t give his brothers chances to back off, he definitely did, but they continue to sabotage his rule and so 4th prince needed to act accordingly.

  • Catherine Tan

    i feel so sorry for the 4th prince.. he only was SO EAGER because of what 8th did to him, and he HAS to be the emperor in order to be with the one he loves. after he became the emperor, he puts in SO MUCH EFFORT for the people in his country, not selfish, no playing around. and he is still feeling insecure inside because ALL he has, is Ruo Xi. 🙁 Poor thing.

  • charon86

    why after 4th prince become emperor like become crazy like that, everyone also guard…. what’s the point….?!

  • gg

    騎馬一開始  我還以為姑姑在玩電動玩具

  • night

    Wow, the passage of time is really quick in this drama. For some other dramas the entire drama takes place over a few months or around a year. Just an episode ago Ruoxi was at the cleaning station and 4th brought her the baby, and now the baby girl is like 8 years old! How old is Ruoxi?

  • Guest

    明的暗的都幫過她, 甚至為了若曦去求雍正


    • Go Nicholas

      YOu have to understand that if 李德全 disclosed the dialogues of the emperor with the Prince 4th to the Queen, Prince 4th might have to step down from the throne….so Prince 4th has killed 李德全 to ensure that this secret will be sealed from his mouth ….I just don’t understand why Wang Gong Gong died??? Just because of this reason too or depressed when he knew RX’s death???

      • Guest


        君要臣死, 臣不得不死.

  • Naana

    i feel bad for li gong gong. he the good one :T

  • Happyrain

    十四爺演得出眾! 一出現在螢幕上 就令觀眾離不開視線

    • Tongsum

      and it’s his first time acting too! ^^ such a cutie!

  • Guest

    因为你是我的女人,我留你在身边, 是来享福的,不是来受苦的


      4-ye might not have that many lines.. but all of them are amazing 🙂

  • guest

    They left out the bit about Ruoxi re-inventing the account ledgers – what a shame. i always thought this bit in the book is the only contribution made by ruoxi that harks back to her modern/timetravel origins.

  • Anonymous

    I cant resist – after Ep26 I watched Ep35 – haizzzz I really feel bad for poor 4-age. I hope that R’Xi n 4Age will develop a good ending story after meeting in muzeum – in current modern era! In a sequel………. Please PLease PLEAse PLEASE!  

  • <3

    why is this drama so amazing? TELL MEEEE!

  • Guest


  • Silver

    从别后  盼相逢
    几回魂梦 与君同

  • Lilianwu95

    i dun get it now so 4 killed the king and inherited the throne himself rather than follwing the will of the passed king and give it to 14? he’s such a jerk ass.

    • Go to wikipedia u’ll understand better Yongzheng ! 

      • W Wu

        I wikki’ed it.. and i did not see any explanation.. I”m so interested!!! can you help me?

        • Southpaw

          he didn’t kill the king.

        • Catherine Tan

          I think according to the history there can be three possibilities and no one is sure.
          1. 4th brother changed the will.
          2. the throne is to be passed to the 4th brother and the rumours of him changing the will came about from all the enemies in the palace.
          3. throne is to be passed to the 4th brother because the emperor likes the son of 4th brother (the next king after 4th brother).

          or something like that.

  • momo

    did 4 really kill 康熙???

    • Scorpiojt93

      no in this novel, he didn’t. kang xi died naturally of actually a weak heart. but hedid grab the best timing and opportunity.

      • Xxx

        historically he did though, right? ><

        • Tmt_tyr

          no he didn’t. kangxi died naturally of illness. 

  • Guest

    这骑马的动画… 我觉得我自己一个晚上也能做出来…

    • Guest

      you r so funny 🙂

  • Guest

    盖被子纯聊天? 雍正你是男人吗? 禽兽不如

  • ja[ypvn bapo8

    why the emperor’s mother so irritating. argh…. …..

  • Xxhearts_luvnxx

    i cant believe fourth prince did that to li gong gong!!!!

    HORRIBLE i hate him now.

    • Getting rid of every threat is essential, especially if he wants to keep his throne!

      • Yi Ling41

        Yeah. Right now he is the emperor and he needs to show that he has the power. After all, the emperor can’t be nice to everyone.

        • guest

          soft hearted people cannot run a country. 4th prince needed to ensure his throne in order to tackle the more important things like running a country. li gong gong is a huge threat and an unloyal servant. he needed to go.

  • Yes! Episode 28!
    I heard there are 35 episodes?  Anyone can verify?

    • Guest

      错了, 湖南台 40, dvd版 35

  • Dawn

    wow. what happened? So quick all of the sudden. I was studying in the middle of the night. Good that I have this show with me.