Absolute Boyfriend Episode 13 (English Subbed)

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Manga Synopsis – Riiko is a girl unlucky in love. One day a strange-looking salesman gives her a business card for a website that sells “love figures” (androids designed for love-making). On the spur of the moment and without really understanding the implications, Riiko orders one for a 3-day free trial. She forgets to return him before the deadline, and must then work out some way to return the one million debt she now owes without anyone discovering about this embarrassing secret.

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  • ana maria

    Love you

  • Gladys wong

    Zo in the end what happen? Did xiao fei married zhong shi?

  • Alyza

    i really love it .. this is a very nice show , im a Filipino fan :))

  • justloveit

    Love the ending, sad, but beautiful. 

    My hands are confused as they do not know weather to wipe the tears from my eyes or the snot from my nose, either way both are puffy and sore, as I sit next to an almost empty tissue box and a pile of wet tissues.

    I will watch it, many more times again 🙂

  • KLK♥

    What happened to the subs? They didn’t show up for the last part 🙁

  • Vanglily6

    I can’t stop my tears 🙁 this was so touching xoxoxox

  • Asinefa

    What a stuped! I expected more happiely final…It made me sad

    • Miriam

      because this was based on a japanese comic story, they have to follow the story, the comicbook has ni-te sleep forever. at least, in the taiwanese series, they changed it a little bit, offering solace to the fans, that ni-te might be back after xx years when the technology in making robots is more advanced/

  • Timothy

    so sad dont even get to see Nai Te come back:;(

  • Xwgrace

    What kind of lousy pillow is that? HAHAHAA

  • Chris Callender

    I can’t wait for Jiro’s next drama and I hope that he has better and much happier ending in that drama I think Jiro Aaron and Calvin are big kid at heart that’s why they know how to make jokes and any drama fun to watch if any of them are in it I will try to watch this drama again and because Jiro made it a really good drama to watch even with a kind of sad ending